High School Football Players Broadcast Their Accomplishments on GridironStuds App

IMG_0376By: Chad Wilson – Editor – GridironStuds Blog
Twitter: @GridironStuds

The 2016 high school football season is finally here.  Some schools have already played two games and some take to the field for the first time this week.  By Monday morning,  every high school football team in the country would have gotten at least one football game under their belt for the new season.

Amidst the shuffle of all the wins and losses in the on field battles,  the battle still remains in another area and that is recruiting.  There’s no way around it,  recruiting is becoming a bigger and bigger part of the high school football game with each passing calendar year.  The word “exposure” has become a part of every young high schoolers vocabulary.  Now,  more than ever,  there are many ways for an athlete to get exposure.   However,  there is a catch-22 to the increase in ways to broadcast your talent.  The more ways to get exposure,  the harder it is to be seen.  Now,  virtually everyone can get their highlights on social media outlets where some coaches may have the opportunity to see it but the more videos that are available for coaches to see on social media,  the less of a chance they have to see yours.

The GridironStuds App was created,  in part,  to help with the exposure quandary.  GridironStuds created the app to allow high school football players to control their own flow of information.  The athletes enter their profile details, add images and most importantly,  add their highlight video.  Through relationships built over the last decade,  I have been able to send college coaches to the app to find the athletes they want to attend their university.  Most every high school player wants the opportunity to play football at the next level.  The GridironStuds App was created to increase the chances of that happening by allowing the players to present their information to key decision makers in the college football scholarship process,  the coaches.

If you are a high school football player and you have not yet,  downloaded and created a profile on the GridironStuds App,  you are behind in the process.  Take a moment now,  to download the app (which is only available for iPhone and iPad users) by clicking on the following link.  GridironStuds App in the App Store.  If you are an Android user,  we do have a modified version of our site in the Google Play Store that you can use to create a profile, add images and your highlight video.  Download that app here.  If you are on a desktop,  you can visit our site,  GridironStuds.com and create your profile there.  Over 900 high school football players have downloaded and created a profile on the GridironStuds App in the four months since the app was launched.  Make sure you are the next one to do so.

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