The Real Price of Becoming a Recruited College Football Prospect?

I was in my senior season at the University of Miami.  As luck would have it,  the Super Bowl was in Miami that year.  The San Diego Chargers were taking on the San Francisco 49ers.  Even more luck was upon me as the 49ers were using our facilities to prepare for the big game.  What I learned from that experience stayed with me for a lifetime.

We weren’t allowed to see the 49ers practice as those things,  for the most part,  were top secret.  However,  on one day,  a couple of us players stepped into our head coach’s office where we could see the practice field.  Already legendary for his work ethic,  I expected to see Jerry Rice working up a sweat.  I did not expect to see a maniac.  Rice sprinted to the end zone on every pass he caught and as you could imagine,  he was thrown many of them.  He would then turn around and run back down to catch his next rep.  When the first team came out,  guys grabbed Gatorade.  Rice grabbed a trainer who threw him balls continuously until the first team was back in again.  It was insane to watch.  Rice was in his 11th year as a pro and nowhere close to getting cut but was behaving like he was told he was on the chopping block.

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How to Get Recruited During the Coronavirus

You were finally coming around.  Things were starting to fall in place.  You had a plan for your spring semester as well as summer trips planned to the colleges.  The only thing that could mess this up would be a virus that affects the entire World and causes our entire country to shut down putting the football season in jeopardy.   There’s no chance that could happen.  Oh well guess what?

With the college football season being an uncertainty and the 2020 high school football season in many states being on life support,  the 2021 class is getting one heck of a raw deal as it pertains to college football recruiting.  Those highly ranked and with solid offers in place are not feeling the pinch. However,  prospects who are on the bubble and still waiting for their first committable offer have their hands nervously hovering over the panic button.

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Recruiting Law: Teach Them How to Be Loyal

Finding a good program to play football can be tough.  I am not just talking about a college football program.  I am talking about a high school football program.  Not only am I talking about a college football program and a high school football program but I am also talking about a youth football program.  However,  making the right choices concerning the latter two will certainly make the choice on the first one easier.  When the choice is made,  it is then about teaching the prospect to be loyal.

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Recruiting Law: Develop Decision Making Skills

In the next part of my recruiting law series,  I move onto one that is the essence of the recruiting process and that is decision making.  Everything in recruiting is about decisions.  When to workout,  what high school to go to,  what camps to go to,  etc.  Every level of the process and every aspect of the process involves making decisions so it only stands to reason that being good at making decisions should be a key emphasis as you go through this process.

Start Early

This article is as much for parents as it is for prospects.  The reason I say this is that the earlier a prospect can develop decision making skills the better.  As much as I may think I am good at writing,  I know a kid playing youth football is not likely to read this article.  So to the parent or mentor that is reading this,  make making decisions a key part of a child’s development.  Don’t make all the decisions for them.  Give them options and observe their choices.  Review with them the results and give praise when a good decision was made with positive results.  Likewise,  point out the negative results when a poor decision is made.  However,  do not forget to point out when a poor decision was made and through fortune (aka luck) a good result was achieved.  This is very important!  Explain to your young titan how he “got away with one” and how he may not be so fortunate next time.  Believe me,  the opportunity will come where you can show him how he attempted to make the same type of decision and it didn’t work out for him.  Bottom line though,  like anything else you want your kid to be good at,  making decisions needs practice.

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Your High School Football Coach Hates All Star 7on7. Here’s What it’s Really About

It’s the annual struggle.  Kids leave the “real” high school football season in December and immediately turn their attention to the all important 7on7 season.  Some do this against the best wishes of their high school football coach.  Others are forbidden from participating in it because their coach is 100% not in favor of it.  Your high school coach hates All Star 7on7 and here’s why.

There are a ton of fast food restaurants out there that started off serving just one item.  There are even more that just served dinner or just breakfast.  Many of them now serve multiple items streaming across a wide pallet of tastes and are open 24 hours delivering breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the snacks in between.  Why do you think that happened?  It happened because they just couldn’t stand to see you go to another place to have your needs fulfilled.  Those restaurants wanted total control of your dining experience every time you wanted to eat.

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The Fastest 40 Yard Dash Ever

What Research Found Out On This Very Important Topic

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Football fans across America continue to obsess over the most simple drill in the game of football. Is there anything more discussed than the 40 yard dash? Every Spring, this drill takes center stage and undoubtedly the question is asked 1,o00’s of times. What’s the fastest 40 yard dash?

Just as sure as you get the question asked 1,000 times, you will get dozens of ridiculous answers. For starters, let’s find out why the 40 yard dash? When and why did 40 yards become so significant? It started in the 1960’s with the NFL team that had the most developed and comprehensive scouting department and that was the Dallas Cowboys. Prior to this time period, NFL coaches chose the 50 yard dash as the mark of measure to determine a player speed worthiness. In 1960, Gil Brandt, the director scouting for the Cowboys along with his department came up with the 40/20/10 measurement. The 40 was used for all players. The 20 yard split time of the 40 was of great significance for linemen since the thought was that they rarely run 40 yards in a game. The 10 yard split was important for wide receivers as a measure of their burst off of the line of scrimmage. With this, a drill was born and almost 50 years later, it has become the center piece of info on a prospective high school, college or professional football player.

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