RECRUITING LAW: Intelligence is Underrated

Stop me if you’ve heard me say this before,  the world of college football recruiting is very competitive.  Being on point in all aspects of your recruiting profile is in your best interest.  Unfortunately,  one of the aspects of the profile that gets overlooked the most is intelligence.  This article is here to tell you that this is a mistake.

When it comes to the upper-echelon of college football recruiting meaning the Power 5  and Top 25 teams,  thoughts on the academics tends to stray towards get a “good enough” GPA and get the score you need to pass the test (SAT, ACT).  On the face of it,  sure,  you need the proper GPA and score to even be offered a scholarship.  However,  if that is the extent or prevailing opinion that you have regarding your academics,  you may be setting yourself up for failure.

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Recruiting Law: Develop Your Athleticism

If you’ve been in recruiting for any amount of time,  you have learned that it is not an exact science.  What works for one recruit,  may not work for another.  What one college likes,  another college may not.  However,  there are somethings in college football recruiting that hold true no matter who you are or where you want to go.  Today,   we will discuss one of those things.

Football is a rough game played by mostly big people.  So,  it stands to reason that college football recruiters every year head out on the trail looking for big and tall prospects.  You can not fault colleges for pursuing these prospects as you can never have too many large people in a big man’s game.  Let’s face it,  this is not horse racing and they aren’t searching for jockeys.

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5 Things We Learned from Rivals Final Class of 2020 Rankings

Rivals released their final 2020 rankings recently and outside of discovering that this event will really make the tears flow on Twitter,  there are some other more important things that we can learn here.

Many will say that rankings don’t matter.  I am not one of them.  The recruiting media will protect,  defend and applaud their ranked players and the schools that land them like a mother hen.  Before you criticize that,  you should realize that anyone of you would do the same in their shoes.  In this age of social media,  we are in a constant daily battle to not only be right but proclaim it loudly.  This practice will catapult one college football player over another,  at times without merit,  simply because the wave has moved in that direction.

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College Football RECRUITING Law : Discipline is A Must

If you have ever heard me talk about recruiting or read an article by me about college football recruiting then you’ve likely heard me talk about how competitive it is.  When something is competitive the basic understanding is that only the strong will succeed and survive.

One of the hardest things for young college football prospects to understand is just how competitive the game of recruiting is is.  Many feel that since they are the best at their school or in their district or their city they are automatically a prime prospect.  Depending on where you are,  this is not necessarily the case.  College football recruiting, since the advent of the Internet and with the acceleration of social media,  has become a nationwide operation for every college football team.

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Recruiting 101: Develop A Competitive Spirit

We often hear the word compete in the world of sports.  We can make the argument that it’s overused but the truth of the matter is that once the game starts,  all that is going on on the field,  court or diamond is competition.  Where we don’t hear the word compete enough is in the world of recruiting.

On the high school gridiron you are competing against one team comprised of 11 people.  In the world of recruiting you are competing against 1,00’s upon 1,000’s of other prospects.  Sometimes,  that is very hard for a college football prospect to understand.  Most prospects can only think about what’s around them locally.  Many don’t consider that their competition for the scholarship from the schools that they want extends beyond their region and onto a national scale.  What also happens,  especially to kids in what are considered “hot beds” for talent,  is that those prospects in those areas become delusional about their level of worthiness.  It’s easy for kids from Florida, Texas, Georgia or California to think that if I am good locally,  then I am the better than mostly everyone else in the country.  That’s faulty thinking.

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COMMIT QUICK: Florida Gators – Issiah Walker Jr. 2020 OL – Norland HS, FL

The Florida Gators most recent commit comes from South Florida in the form of an offensive lineman.  Issiah Walker Jr. hails out of Norland High School in Miami.  He is the 158th ranked prospect in the country,  the 18th ranked lineman and 26th best prospect in the state of Florida.  He currently holds in the neighborhood of 17 offers with five of those teams currently being ranked in the AP Top 25.

The Gators secured Walker’s commitment on October 5th and it’s easy to see why he is highly pursued by college programs.  One of the first things that jump out about Walker on film is his movement.  Walker has feet and many coaches will tell you that for offensive linemen,  especially tackles,  feet are a premium.  Walker shows the athleticism for a big man that you like to see.  He’s quick off the snap to reach his intended target on the line of scrimmage on zone run plays and nimble enough to kick out and mirror a smaller and quicker defensive and trying to get to the quarterback on pass plays.

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