’15 RB Prospect Daniel Ramos III Will Take You Where You Want to Go

By Chad Wilson – Editor – Gridiron Studs Blog
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Football is a physical game.  How many times have you heard that?  Even with all of the new rules that have been implemented in recent history,  football,  at it’s core, is a test of manhood and power.  Physical is the word that comes to mind when you pop in the tape of Timberview HS, Texas’ Daniel Ramos III.

I love to see power in the game of football and most coaches do too.  So if you’re a coach or a fan of power,  Ramos’ highlight video will bring you much pleasure.  His quick steps will remind you of Darren Sproles but he is bringing more punch to the defense.  If you want a more accurate comparison you would have to look to former Atlanta Falcons running back Michael Turner.  Ramos will flash some subtle moves to avoid the big hit from a defender when necessary but when there’s no way out,  he’s going to punish the defender that made the poor choice of trying to tackle him.  You will classify many of his runs as nifty while others will be described as violent.  Ramos also possesses one of the more ruthless stiff arms that I have ever witnessed at the high school level.  Clip after clip will show him doling out the punishment and gobbling up yards like Pac-Man after he has eaten a power pellet.

Lovers of the running game will take a quick liking to Ramos’ style as it suits many different situations.  He can break out on an opponent and turn a game around and he can also close out a game with multiple carries to run out the clock.  Ramos’ strength is also on display on film as well.  Numerous clips will show him dragging would be carriers who think holding onto cloth will be a solution.  It’s a bus ride for some defenders and Ramos is the driver.  Ramos is the kind of running back that makes defensive coordinators say “we have to rally to the ball men”.  Tackling the 2015 prospect is not a job for one man,  maybe not even two.  College coaches should see a prospect in Ramos that can fill many different roles in an offense and give their team an edge.  Ramos led Timberview in rushing this year with 1,054 yards, 14 TDs and a 7 yards per carry average.  If production is what you want,  Ramos can take you there.

Check Out Daniel Ramos III’s Senior Year Highlight Video

Author: Chad Wilson

Chad Wilson is a college football recruiting expert and creator of the GridironStudsApp which allows high school football players to gain exposure to college football coaches and fans. Wilson is a former college football player for the University of Miami (92-94) and Long Beach St. (’90-’91) and played briefly for the Seattle Seahawks (’95). He is also a former youth and high school football coach for over 15 years. Wilson’s older son Quincy plays in the NFL for the Indianapolis Colts and his younger son plays cornerback for the University of Florida. Email: cwilson@gridironstuds.com.

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