SEC Florida Football Signees in 2013

For those of you who care, the state of Florida has been called the hotbed of recruiting in college football and the SEC is widely regarded as the top conference in the game.  So draw your own conclusions from the following information.  The SEC had a total of 359 signees for the class of 2013.  Of those 359, 64 of them were from the state of Florida.  That’s roughly 18% of the SEC signees coming from the Sunshine State.  Obviously, the Gators led the way with 19 of their 30 signees coming from the state of Florida.  Behind the Gators was Kentucky with 10 of their 23 signees coming from Florida.  Remove Florida from the equation and 13.6% of the SEC signees were from Florida.  A complete table of each schools’ total signees and Florida signees is included below:

SEC State of Florida Signees
School Fla. Signees Total
Florida 19 30
kentucky 10 23
Georgia 6 33
Auburn 5 23
South Carolina 4 22
Vanderbilt 4 27
Tennessee 3 23
LSU 3 27
Alabama 2 25
Mississippi 2 28
Missouri 1 20
Mississippi St. 1 23
Texas A&M 0 32

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