’18 Freshman FS Hunter Goetz is Appropriately Named

’18 DB Hunter Goetz

By Chad Wilson – Editor – Gridiron Studs Blog
Twitter: @GridironStuds

Some times a name just fits like a young man named Colt playing for a team in Texas or a player named Gunnar being the quarterback for a major division I football team.  If you’ve watched 2018 freshman free safety Hunter Goetz patrol the deep middle of the Chaminade defense then you know the name fits the action.

To start as a freshman on varsity,  you have to be doing something right and Hunter Goetz does a whole lot of that.  Not your typical freshman,  Goetz seeks out the opposing ball carriers with intensity and puts an end to their hopes.  His highlight tape is a collage of stopped runs, fearless encounters and extinguished big plays.  Goetz takes his last line of defense responsibilities very seriously and will playa hate on a momentum turning offensive play with the best of them.  He is equally effective as the lone wolf 15 to 20 yards deep as he is at linebacker depth.  This is not a skill that many safeties have and certainly a skill rarely found in freshman competitors who are usually trying to find their mark on a JV team.

Standing 6’1″ already,  Goetz is for sure a prospect to watch going forward.  He already possesses a frame that catches the eye of college scouts to go along with the fearlessness, IQ and athleticism that top programs covet. If you are a recruiter putting together a 2018 watch list,  you would do well to put Goetz’s name near the top.  He has the pedigree (Father Chris played several years in the NFL and brother Tyler is a standout on Chaminade at multiple positions).  He has been groomed from a young age to affect football games with his skilled play and that ability has only increased with age.  It will be interesting to watch his development for the next three season as he grows physically and mentally.  There’s no doubt that as time wears on,  a free safety named Hunter will be one that the opposition can’t afford to miss.

Watch Hunter Goetz’s Freshman Highlight Video – Click Here



Chaminade Madonna ’16 Prospect Tyler Goetz Owns the Space You Are In

’16 Prospect Tyler Goetz

By Chad Wilson – Editor – Gridiron Studs Blog
Twitter: @GridironStuds

Ask a high school football player that’s not on the offensive line to block and most will attack it with same fire they attack an English term paper that’s due in six weeks.  For the guys who fancy themselves as running backs, tight ends or wide receivers,  their concern falls heavily into the other more “fun” duties of their position.  Don’t include Chaminade Madonna’s Tyler Goetz on such a list.  Goetz is a two player for the Lions and he excels at all aspects of all positions he takes part in.  However, one look at his film and you realize few players pack up an opponents things and moves him out of space like he does.

Goetz plays outside linebacker, defensive end and H back for the Lions.  From a recruiting stand point,  he seems picture perfect at the college level as a fullback.  From the word go on his highlight video,  you can see that Goetz has mastered the art of blocking a defender.  Goetz’ dad Chris was an All American guard at the University of Pittsburgh and played a couple of years in the NFL before an injury forced retirement.  It seems that Tyler’s a serious “chunk’ off the ole block.  Clip after clip displays Goetz’s ability to remove man from space against his own will.  His use of body positioning, driving his feet and hand placement are skills top level division I players and sadly some NFL players are still trying to master.  Goetz also displays great feet for a 6’0″ 210 lb. athlete.  You can’t deny his hands as well when watching him snag passes with ease from his H back spot.

Defensively,  Goetz disrupts the flow of commerce for offenses from his defensive end spot.  His combination of strength and quickness acts as swiss army knife on offensive lineman who are never sure what’s coming.  It would be interesting to see how much damage he could cause as a true stand up outside linebacker but that does not fit the needs for Chaminade right now.  Either way,  Goetz is a college prospect that will undoubtedly do a great service to any program that eventually lands him.  There’s so much good on his film that at some point it should be a training reel for blockers at all positions.  Good fullbacks these days are hard to find but look no further than Goetz’s tape for that.  His potential at a linebacker spot is also apparent from his athleticism.  There is much to consider when watching him on tape. However opponents considering occupying a spot on the field that he does not wish to have you in,  are in for a ride to a new location.

Check out Tyler Goetz’s Junior Highlight Video – Click Here


Lake Nona’s 2015 QB Tucker Israel Has Rewritten the Florida Record Books

Israel is Florida Prep All Time Leading Passer

Chad Wilson – Editor – Gridiron Studs Blog
Twitter: @GridironStuds

In case you have been asleep for the last two high school football seasons,  there’s a new owner of virtually every meaningful passing record in Florida high school football.  When you leave the high school game owning the record for single game passing yards, career passing yards, career completions, career passing touchdowns, single season passing touchdowns and, now, single season passing yards you’ve pretty much done things right.  That’s exactly what you can say about about Lake Nona HS, Florida’s Tucker Israel.

Israel completed his high school career last Friday night when his Lake Nona team was eliminated from the playoffs with a 48-38 loss to Lakeland High School in the 7A playoffs.  Of course disappointed,  Israel has nothing to be sorry about from a personal standpoint.  Standing 5’11”,  Israel does not possess the 6’4″ height that most college football QB coaches covet but that meant nothing on Friday nights when he torched Florida high school defenses for over 13,o0o yards during his prep career.  Sure, Israel’s numbers are a product of a pass happy system run by Lake Nona but pass happy spread offenses are all the craze across Florida and the United States.  With that said,  no one in the state has ever done it like Israel.  In addition to the 13,000 plus yards passing,  Israel dropped 157 passes into opponents’ end zones.  That is truly a staggering stat when you realize that is an average of 39 per season.

We could go on and on about all of the records he has rewritten during his career but it should be pointed out that Israel is not just your typical record breaking QB that doesn’t have the goods for the next level.  Israel juggled offers from many major division I programs like Florida, LSU and UCLA before settling on Clemson in February of this year.  A look at his film and you can see why Israel is a legit prospect.  He has a smooth delivery, is comfortable in the pocket and has laser accuracy.  Defenses were truly outmatched each Friday Night as was Lakeland in last week’s playoff contest.   Israel lead Lake Nona to a lead late in the game vs. the perennial powerhouse but could not hold it as Lakeland battled back for the 48-38 win.   Only the Dreadnaughts win could pull the pen out of Israel’s hand and prevent him from writing quarterbacking records for prep excellence in a spot where no one could ever touch them.

Check out Tucker Israel’s Highlight Video



American Heritage’s ’15 DB Prospect Christian Irving is a Destructive Force

By: Chad Wilson – Editor Gridiron Studs Blog
Twitter: @GridironStuds

Ever been the fan of a football team and been totally frustrated watching the offense try to move down the field with no apparent luck.  Every time you turn around a pass is getting batted down,  the quarterback is getting sacked or a running back is getting thumped in the backfield.  There could be a number of reasons for that but most often it is because someone or some people on defense are making life miserable for your team’s offense.  2015 American Heritage Plantation defensive back Christian Irving makes a living doing that.

One look at Irving’s highlight video and you will quickly realize that he’s that guy that ruins the flow of offense.  Irving’s physical similarity to the Honey Badger does not stop there.  His appearance where the ball is on many plays draws comparisons to Tyrann Mathieu the former LSU and current Arizona Cardinals defensive back.  If Irving is not running down a receiver who thought he was off to the races,  he’s storming through a block on a screen to wreck the play for a substantial loss.  Irving uses a rare combo of speed and strength to defeat the opposition and find the football.  His highlight video is also packed with a number of well timed blitzes that have either resulted in sacks or tackles for losses.

Irving and his defensive mates have been on a roll the last few weeks shutting down opponents including an opening round 52-0 shutout vs. Immokalee high school in the Florida 5A state playoffs.  Irving’s physical abilities allow him to cover a slot receiver, blitz the quarterback or be heavy in run support.  He’s a prospect that bring to the table the versatility that so many of today’s defenses require.  Several schools are showing strong interest (Georgia Tech and USF offers) with many more likely to take notice as Irving and his defensive mates at American Heritage continue their strong defensive performances.

Check Out Christian Irving’s Senior Highlights – Click here



Coral Springs 2015 QB Jake Bofshever Trying to Pass His Way Into Consciousness

By: Chad Wilson – Editor Gridiron Studs Blog
Twitter: @Gridironstuds

Thousands upon thousands of high school football players lace up for their senior seasons every year in hopes of securing a college scholarship.  The opportunity to continue playing the game they would almost die for gives them the passion  to live on Friday nights.  For those without offers from college football programs,  every game is a virtual do or die situation.  Some thrive in that situation, other do not.  Coral Springs high school quarterback Jake Bofshever eats that situation up like a bowl to go from Chipotle.

One season after throwing for over 1200 yards and rushing for 529 yards with 23 total touchdowns,  the 2015 prospect is at it again.  So far on the season,  Bofshever has tallied 2,280 yards passing with 24 touchdowns to go with 695 yards and nine rushing touchdowns.  How does he do it?  One look at his film and you can see that it is done with a lot of heart, skill and determination.  Watching Bofshever,  one name for a person my age comes to mind and that is Steve Young.  For those who remember him playing the game,  Young was long on skill and even longer on heart.  Many will remember his miraculous run vs. the Minnesota Vikings that lives in NFL infamy.  Bofshever put together a similar play this season that ended with a throw to a wide open receiver.  It’s a play you will surely rewind to watch more than once.

Bofshever possess the tools every spread quarterback needs to thrive in this pass happy era.  He has very good feet in the pocket to along with great awareness.  He will scramble out of trouble but will keep his eyes downfield to locate a receiver in the clear.  However,  should an opportunity not present itself throwing the ball,  Bofshever has the athleticism to gut the defense with his legs as evidenced by his over 1,100 rushing yards over the last two seasons.  His poise is a major reason why the Coral Springs Colts find themselves in the post season after a year of handling the heavyweights of Florida’s biggest high school classification,  8A.

Spread offenses were made for quarterbacks like Bofshever who has the pinpoint accuracy needed to hit receivers in windows and extend drives with precision throws on third down.  He’s a major headache for the opposition who must allocate quite a few defenders to cover the spaces he may fire a pass into while also having enough troops to prevent him from running the yard markers down the field.  At some point,  you just run out of players.  With the rise of Sunshine State quarterbacks of late,  it seems some talented signal callers could get lost in the mix.  Bofshever is certainly one that should remain on the brain of many college football programs searching for prospects under the Florida sun.

Check Out Jake Bofshever’s Senior Highlight Video – Click Here



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Forfeited Game Costs State Champ Champagnat Lions A Chance to Defend Title

FHSAA Has Eliminated Head Coach Mike Tunsil’s Lions squad

By: Chad Wilson – Editor GridironStuds Blog
Twitter: @GridironStuds

Witnesses at the IMG Academy vs. Champagnat Catholic game last week said that some of the Champagnat Catholic players were laughing as they walked off the field during their forfeit in the second quarter.  Today,  the joke was on them.  Unaware of Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) rules prohibiting a team that forfeits a game during the regular season to participate in the post season,  Champagnat was dealt the bad news early Thursday morning.

Champagnat, who advanced through the Florida Class 2A bracket last year with all double digit wins before getting to the championship game and winning it,  was favored to make another appearance in the championship game.  They were scheduled to take on Jupiter Christian in the first round on Friday but instead will be rushing to appeal the FHSAA’s decision bright and early on Friday morning.  It would appear that the Lions don’t have a preverbal leg to stand on in this situation as the rule is clear.

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 8.57.23 PM


I am not sure on what grounds Champagnat can appeal the ruling by the FHSAA on Friday morning but the governing body does provide for an appeal which Champagnat attempts to make use of.  The odds are on Champagnat’s last minute hail mary getting batted down to the ground.  This would make the second southern region Florida team to lose a playoff game before they suit up.  On Wednesday,  the Broward County School Board elected to remove 8A contestant Miramar high school from their playoff bracket amidst an investigation into allegations by former coach Matt Strout concerning an assortment of illegal actions by the school.   Miramar’s situation is a bit more cloudy than that of Champagnat’s.  Either way, it seems that hardworking, determined and impressionable young athletes have been adversely affected by poor decisions of adults.  It’s a story that repeats itself quite often these days and makes you wonder,  when will it stop?

Earlier this season,  Champagnat had games scheduled against Cocoa high school and Jacksonville’s Trinity Catholic and elected to cancel those contests.  It was a bizarre and tumultuous season for the Lions. It began this summer when their top recruit Chidi Okeke Valentine was “abducted” by his African Tribal leaders and ushered to another high school in the Atlanta area.  Champagnat’s actions have drawn the ire of many in social media and put a spot light on the tiny Catholic school in Hialeah.  It would seem, given the roller coaster that their season has been,  this would be a fitting end. Rumors are now swirling that the school may terminate it’s football program.  This is certainly a developing situation that will likely have additional information in the future.

Celebrity Shock Jock Calls in Prank to Gridiron Studs Show

sternwilsonCelebrity shock jock Howard Stern is no stranger to pranks and public mayhem.  Many can call themselves victims of his wide array of pranks and you can add Gridiron Studs Show hosts Chad Wilson and Emil Calomino to the list.

On Monday’s Gridiron Studs Show,  Wilson and Calomino fielded a call from a caller who asked the hosts “if they’ve ever sucked their own breasts”.   Obviously not your normal topic for a sports radio show, Wilson and Calomino were unaware that the caller was Stern.  Wilson commented how the prank caller had a professional sounding voice but then added that Stern sounded like he was obese and that he probably had not seen his shoes since the Reagan Administration.   The call was dropped and Stern called back in making references to masturbation which prompted Calomino to comment that he (Stern) probably was living in his mother’s basement.

Stern replayed the prank call on his daily radio show on Wednesday drawing comments from his co-host Robin Quivers who added “I wanted to hear more.”  Stern has been known to call into internet radio shows and razz the hosts.  This time, the Gridiron Studs Show became a victim.  No word on whether Wilson and Calomino plan on avenging this prank.

You can listen to the entire segment from the Howard Sterns Show by clicking below:


2015 Athlete Nevelle Clarke Gives You Your Money’s Worth on the Gridiron

By: Chad Wilson – Editor GridironStuds Blog
Twitter: @GridironStuds

Ever heard the term worth the price of admission.  Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Michael Vick have all fallen into that category during their careers.  Well he’s not named Michael but 2015 Taravella High School prospect Nevelle Clarke will never make you feel sorry you paid to get into a football game.

Clarke’s highlight video is choc-full of the good stuff you want to see on a Friday Night.  When he lines up at cornerback,  Clarke is a heart in your throat kind of defender.  He’s the type that quarterbacks are tempted to throw at but usually come away feeling sorry they did.  Clarke has that rare ability to defend both the short and the deep pass with equal ferocity.  Try to throw the slant and Clarke has cut the route off like FPL shuts the lights off.  Send your wide receiver on the fade and he’s up over the top of your guy playa hatin on reception count.  Clarke’s length is a real asset as he can reach out and touch anyone at the line of scrimmage.  The 6’2″ defender either disrupts you at the line or makes the QB have to drop the ball out of the sky to get it into his intended target.  Clarke is no slouch vs. the run either.  There is no fear when the ball carrier shows up with football in hand.  Clarke brings the helmet and shoulder pass without hesitation and makes his statement.

Offensively,  Clarke shows up in a variety of ways.  You want the short pass turned into a long gain,  he’s your guy.  You want to throw the 9 route from the middle of the field,  Clarke can leak behind defenders and if you have to have 7 in the red zone,  he’ll reach up high and snag the fade route.  Viewers of Clarke’s highlight video may be most entertained,  however,  by his jet sweep runs.  Despite his slender build,  the determined prospect will fight off would be tacklers like Tony Montana shrugged off bullets in the climax of the movie Scarface.  It is truly equally amazing and hilarious.  What’s not funny is despite all of his exploits,  Clarke is holding a mere two offers from division I schools (Marshall & Alcorn St.)  He has definitely been underexposed and will make the school he chooses certainly feel that he was worth the price of admission.

Check out Nevelle Clarke’s Senior Highlights



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Underrated Gun Slinger Alexander Keeps the Wins Rolling at Miami Booker T Washington

By: Chad Wilson – Editor GridironStuds Blog
Twitter: @GridironStuds

Everybody wants to be a quarterback.  Few people want to follow a legend.  As you tune into college football each weekend and watch freshman quarterback Treon Harris lead the Florida Gators to victory, keep in mind that he led his high school football team back to back state championships.  Harris and his pals at Booker T. Washington were also MaxPreps National Champions and Harris was named Gatorade player of the year.  You would think after losing a talent like Harris and many key seniors,  Booker T would suffer some kind of decline.  Well just hold on a minute there Swami,  enter Maurice Alexander.

Alexander entered Booker T. Washington this past spring and was already an accomplished quarterback.  Alexander threw for 1900 yards and 24 touchdowns as a junior.  However,  much of his accomplishments were overshadowed by the attention paid to 5 star wide receiver Ermon Lane.  Some questioned whether Alexander could keep the ball rolling at Booker T.   Ten wins later Alexander and Booker T have tucked doubt into bed and put it to sleep.   Alexander,  like Harris before him has spent his entire football career giving doubt a healthy stiff arm.  Recruiting circles have not surrounded him with praise as they have other 2015 quarterback prospects.  Where many of those prospects have tallied up offers in excess of 30 to 40 from programs across the country,  Alexander sits on just two and committed to Florida International University on June 13th.  Alexander at 5’11” does not possess the ideal height and at 170 lbs. not the ideal weight.  You’ve heard this story before and it always amazes me when programs are willing to pass up on production for their ideas of ideal measureables.  Such was the case for Treon Harris and you see what he is doing as true freshman for one of the premier teams in the SEC.  Alexander has scorched defenses all season long as Booker T. enters the playoffs averaging roughly 38 points per game.

Alexander on film possess poise, escapability, accuracy and a strong arm.  His go get it attitude comes across in his play and rises his teammates to elite levels. When you go to buy a car,  people urge you to check the car fax.  Well if you are interested in Maurice Alexander,  check his highlights.  You’ll quickly see that he comes up with a clean title and he has his Booker T. teammates in prime position to collect their third straight Florida state 4A title.

Check Out Maurice Alexander’s Senior Year Highlights



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’15 Prospect Has the Wisdom to Play Many Positions for Dade Christian

’15 DB Malik Wisdom also plays QB, RB and K

Chad Wilson – Editor GridironStuds Blog
Twitter: @GridironStuds

Two way players in high school are not all that rare.  For some teams it’s just the reality that you have to get your best athletes on the field.  Many wide receivers also play defensive back.  Many running backs also play linebacker and many defensive lineman also double up as offensive linemen.  However,  it’s not often that your best defensive back is also at quarterback,  running back and the team’s kicker.  Such is the case for 2015 DB/ATH Malik Wisdom at Miami’s Dade Christian.

Wisdom transferred from Hollywood’s McArthur High School this offseason and has been a God send for the Crusaders.  So far this year,  he has been a lockdown cornerback on defense shutting down wide receivers trying to find the end zone vs. the Crusaders.  The Dade Christian staff was also wise enough to recognize Wisdom’s athletic talents and put them to use on offense where he has been adept at both running the football and throwing the football at the quarterback position.  Seeking to get the max out of Wisdom’s abilities,  the Crusaders’ staff also lined him up in the backfield at running back and turned him loose on some opponents.  It has all equated into high production for the Crusaders who will begin play in Florida’s State 2A championship series this Friday vs. Glades Day.

As if lining up at cornerback, quarterback and running back was not enough,  Wisdom also kicks the extra points after he leads his team to the end zone or hits a field goal when they come up short. Wisdom’s soccer background has come in handy for Dade Christian.  So as you take in the view of Dade Christian’s battle with Glades Day this Friday,  look for plenty of action in all three phases of the game from this underrated star wearing #2, Malik Wisdom.

Check out Malik Wisdom’s 2014 Season Highlights Click Here



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