GridironStuds Show College Football and NFL Picks Week 7 of 2014

By: Chad Wilson – Editor –
Twitter: @GridironStuds

As we do every week, Emil Calomino and gave out our top picks to our listeners on the GridironStuds Show.  This week we gave out our selections on Thursday as Friday is a travel day for me. Off to Jacksonville to watch American Heritage HS, Plantation take on Jacksonville Bolles HS in a 5A vs 4A Florida high school battle.  Then Saturday I will be traveling to Gainesville, Florida to Watch the LSU Tigers take on the Florida Gators in a SEC clash.

In college football Emil Calomino, is currently 10-7-2 going into week 7 action.  Here is who he likes this week:

Baylor (-7.5) over TCU
Oregon (-1.5) over UCLA
Texas A& M (-2) over Mississippi

In college football I am currently 12-5-2 going into week 7 action.  Here’s who I like this week:

Auburn (-3) over Mississippi St.
USC (-2.5) over Arizona
Texas A&M (-2) over Mississippi

To hear both Emil and I’s reason for each one of these picks,  click on the following link to listen to Our Football Thursday Show

In the NFL Emil is 9-6 on the season through five weeks.  Here are his NFL picks for week six of the season

Houston (+3) over Indianapolis
Buffalo (+3) over New England
Dallas (+8.5) over Seattle

In  the NFL I am currently 6-9.  I am certainly looking to do better.  That’s for sure. Here are my NFL picks for week six of the season

Green Bay (-3) over Miami
Atlanta (-3) over Chicago
NY Giants (+3) over Philadelphia

To hear both Emil and I’s reasons for each one of these picks, click on the follow link to listen to our Football Thursday Show on BlogTalkRadio

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Power Up Your Running Game with the Short Back I Formation

It’s football season again. Many youth football programs are in full swing, high schools have already started district play and college football’s quest for the playoffs is off and running. For all of you youth and high school football coaches that are trying to establish a run game and it’s just not happening or to you coaches that have established a run game but would like to see a little more umph, I have just the thing for you.

The short back offensive package can power up your run game and help you punch the defense in the mouth. It’s a great short yardage & goal line weapon. It can also be used at the end of the game when you have a lead and want to run the clock out. It’s also good coming out of deep in your own territory or as your primary offense if you don’t have the necessary amount of skill players to spread the field and get big plays. I have detailed a few key plays below and have the entire series of plays from this offense available in a playbook that you can order right now.

Here’s what the short back formation looks like:

I short right formation

I short right formation

The short back is depicted as the ‘4’ back in the illustration above.  He’s also know as ‘Z’ when he’s involved in pass plays.  This is basically the Power I formation but we are taking the offset back and moving him up right behind the line of scrimmage.  The advantage that gives the offense is allowing the back to reach the point of attack sooner and head off penetration by blitzing linebackers.  It also hides the back which gives him advantages on certain blocks, runs and pass routes.  There is a World of things you can do out of this formation even with as basic as it may look.

Below,  I will show you a couple of basic plays you can run to start yourself off in this offensive package.

I short right 22 dive

I short right 22 dive

Most defenses will see this double tight, three back formation and will play you with a 5-3 look to start.  If you get a 50 front with tackles playing head up on your tackles then the dive play to the fullback can be a killer.  If the other team’s middle linebacker is not a head banger then get your P.A.T. team ready.  The reach block by the playside tackle is crucial to keep the running lane open.  The center and playside guard,  at the very least need to stall the noseguard.  If they can get movement on him,  all the better.  Your short back comes through hole and tries to ruin the MLB’s life.  The short back must be a powerful player who likes to block.  Playside tightend must work hard inside to try to reach the strong side linebacker (SAM).  If the Sam consistently runs away from him and can make the play then we have a remedy for that.

I short right 36 lead

I short right 36 lead

Once you have begun assaulting the middle of your opponent’s defense, their adjustment may be to either (a) slant their tackles into the gap you keep hitting them in or align their tackles in a ‘3’ technique which basically means in the B gaps. Your best play to counter this is the 36 lead.  Now, your short back, who is in great position in his alignment, can slide down the line and kick out the playside end.  He acts as a pulling guard on a ‘G’ block.  Remember that SAM backer that keeps chasing down inside?  Now we take him where he wants to go with a down block by the tight end.  The fullback goes through the six hole and cleans up the garbage or goes and finds the cornerback.  He should win this blocking mismatch.  The tailback takes an open step,  then lead step to the six hole and should hit it hard.  Once he passes the first line of defense,  he should be gone or getting a massive chunk of yards. If not,  make him aware of the start date of the next track and field season.


I short right 36 lead pass

Now that you have them off balance  the next step for the defense is to either blitz or line up in some type of 6 man or goal line front. Whether it’s a goal line / 6-2 front of they are blitzing,  it’s all the same.  They are committing 8 men to the line of scrimmage to stop you from pounding them into a flat steak.  Now that they are leaning forward,  we have to make them fall flat on their face.  That’s where the 36 lead pass comes in.  Everything looks like the 36 lead.  However,  now the TE on the playside is releasing on a 10 yard corner route,  passing all of those defenders with their eyes in the backfield screaming forward to stop the run play.  The short back is now coming down the line and instead of kicking out the END,  turns up through hole and releases into the flat.  Your fullback makes a hard charge at the line of scrimmage and picks up the end while the tailback picks up any rusher who may appear outside of the DEFENSIVE END.    Your quarterback must carry out a solid fake,  set up behind the tailback, set his feet and read the corner route back down to the flat route.  It is important that your backside TE handle the defensive end from the QB’s blind side.  If you are a high school coach with an experienced line,  you can consider releasing the backside TE on a crossing route and slide your protection to the left.  On the goal line,  inside the 5 yard line,  this play is going to be open more than 90% of the time.

That is just a handful of many plays that you can use in this offensive package.  I a nice playbook of 13 quality plays you can use out of this formation that will drive the defense into the ground and send them home with a loss. If you are interested dominating the opposition with a powerful run game you can order my Short Back Offense  now only $10.  Hit the button below.  Playbook delivered to you via email in PDF format within 24 hours.


Get the Entire I Short Back Playbook Now Only $10 – Click Here

 Trouble ordering?  Send email to:

Some Thoughts on I Short Playbook

” My name is Jeff  Vonglis and I coach the jr pee wee Happy Valley Warriors here in East Tennesse. Last Sat. night we used your Short I formation for the first time. We had great success with it! I have ran the power I before, but moving the 4 back up really made the difference, especially with this team. If you have any more plays, i would really like to see them if at all possible.
Thank you for the posting of the plays.  A true fan of power football”
J. Vonglis
“I came across your blog almost by chance but now seems like fate.  I’d be very much interested in acquiring A Short Back Playbook. I have a smaller, tough quick player that I think would love that position (as opposed to WB). I’m a first time Youth Coach struggling to find an offense suited to my team. I think this one might be it. Much thanks in advance for your gracious sharing”
L. Cirillo
I run a standard I Formation offense and often times go Power I with the Z lining up next to the fullback (Rip or Liz). I’m very interested in receiving your short back offense playbook.Many thanks,

Class of 2016 Top College Football Prospects via

Here are The Top 10 2016 Recruits in the Country according to our friends at  For the entire list, please visit their website by clicking here

1 Nate Craig WR FL Tampa Catholic 34 14
2 Parker Boudreaux OL FL Bishop Moore 37 2
3 Robert Washington RB NC Southlake Christian Academy 33 7
4 Deontay Anderson DB TX Manvel 29 16
5 Cedrick Wright ATH FL Gulliver Prep 29 12
6 Shane Simmons DE MD DeMatha 27 11
7 Brandon Jones DB TX Nacogdoches 26 14
8 Scott Bracey WR VA Benedictine School 28 9
9 Dionte Mullins WR FL Gulliver Prep 27 12
10 Isaac Nauta TE GA Buford 25 13

South Florida Out of State College Report

Here are some your former South Florida high school football players making plays and a name for themselves at out of state colleges from Week 2 of the college football season.

– Former North Broward Prep QB Brandon Doughty passed for 297 yards for Western Kentucky in a 42-35 loss to Illinois
– St. Thomas Aquinas alum QB Jake Ruddock engineered a 4th quarter comeback for Iowa over Ball St. and put up 322 yards passing in the process
– Former University School kicker Andrew DiRocco is the starting kicker for Tulane as a true freshman
– Former Cypress Bay Lightning RB Matt Dayes put up 186 total yards for NC State including 79 rushing, 32 receiving and 75 returning kicks.
– Killian Cougars alum D’Andre Mann was Kansas’ leading rusher this past weekend gaining 121 yards on 15 carries
– Amari Cooper had a big day for Alabama.  The former Northwestern HS Bull had 13 catches for 189 yards
– Former South Plantation Paladin Alex Collins was Arkansas’ leading rusher with 131 yards on 13 carries.

Who did I miss.  Let me know in the comments below

2015 DB Nick Peart Making a Strong Impact at American Heritage


2015 DB Nick Peart

For every high school senior,  entering your senior year is filled with a ton of emotions.  They can range from anxiety to sadness to joy.  Whatever emotions are running through 2015 DB Nick Peart they are being used to his utmost benefit.  The senior safety for American Heritage Plantation has come up big in three huge games to start the 2014 season for the Patriots.  Peart has put together quite the highlight of big hits, caused fumbles, interceptions and INT returns.  Not to mention great open field tackles and solid coverage.  In three games, Peart has put together what amounts to a season worth of big plays for many others playing the position.

In the season opener vs. Dwyer which was televised nationally on ESPN,  Peart snagged an interception which he returned 47 yards, caused a fumble on a big hit against a receiver over the middle and recovered a block punt.  In another televised contest vs. national power St. Thomas Aquinas,  Peart tallied several important open field tackles against Aquinas’ talented backfield and then last week in a thrilling win vs. Miramar,  Peart had a 98 yard interception return for a touchdown.

Peart brings toughness, instincts and outstanding footwork to the party as a defensive back.  The transfer from University School in Ft. Lauderale, Florida has made an impact on a strong defense that won a state title in 2013.  Look for more big plays from the senior as the season goes on.  For now,  enjoy his exploits thus far on the season by clicking on the link below.

Nick Peart’s 2014 Season 3 Game Highlight Video



Gridiron Studs Show Picks Week 2


Chad’s Records

CFB: 3-1

NFL: 0-0

Week 2 Picks


Arkansas St. +17

N. Illinois +7

Michigan St. +11.5


Carolina +2.5

Kansas City -3.5

New England -4.5


CFB: 2-2

NFL: 0-0

This Week’s Picks


Michigan St. +11.5

Fresno St. +11.5

UCLA -23.5



St. Louis -3.5

San Francisco -4.5

Denver -4.5

You can listen to all the reasons why on this rebroadcast of the Gridiron Studs Show:–cfb-and-nfl-talk-picks

Servite High School’s Travis Waller Looking to Be the Next Marcus Mariota

By Chad Wilson – Editor in Chief – Blog
Twitter: @GridironStuds

There’s no doubt that the Oregon Ducks are taking high school quarterbacks and turning them into college football stars.  I detailed in a previous article how current Ducks quarterback Marcus Mariota came from Hawaii to the front pages of all sporting publications around the country.  Down in California,  there’s another high schooler looking to follow in his foot steps.

Servite is a nationally recognized football power hailing from Southern California.  They have certainly had a long line of college prospects file through the hallways and through campus.  This season, their signal caller Travis Waller is looking to go out and show the country why he is so highly rated.  Waller is the #4 ranked dual threat quarterback according to and in July he committed to the Oregon Ducks.  No other program makes a dual threat quarterback look better than Oregon.  So it seems Waller and Oregon are a great fit.

You can be the judge of Waller’s exploits and fit for Oregon yourself by taking a look at his highlight tape created by our friends at Under the Radar Sports Media.  They did an outstanding job of capturing the essence of what makes Waller so exciting.  As always,  Under the Radar drops the hard hitting beat that makes it all that more an exciting viewing experience.  Check out Travis Waller’s highlight video click on it below:

Travis Waller Junior Year Highlights

Heisman Trophy Candidate Marcus Mariota Was A GridironStud in High School

By: Chad Wilson – Editor in Chief – Blog
Twitter: @GridironStuds

The Oregon Ducks have been one of the biggest names in college football over the last half decade plus.  So one would have to wonder why a program this successful would have to leave the continental United States to find a man to play their most important position, quarterback.  The answer is great recruiting.

Since his junior season, Marcus Mariota was a member of  One look at his high school highlight video and you will realize that Mariota was perfect for the Oregon Duck’s offense. Mariota was executing the Oregon offense in high school and doing it with greatness.  The very same Mariota you see making precision passes, exciting runs and organizing a devastating attack on Saturdays is the same one that was operating for St. Louis School on the island of Hawaii as a high schooler.

There’s just something about being comfortable with what you’re doing and Mariota has been doing what you see now for quite some time. His highlight video on GridironStuds will show you all of the very same tools that Oregon fans and the media alike have fallen in love with.  Mariota combined with current Texas A&M and GridironStud WR Jeremy Tabuyo in 2010 to destroy the opposition in Hawaii.  Mariota and Tabuyo are major reasons why St. Louis school was able to secure a big game this season in California vs. St. John Bosco.

Mariota’s recruitment is a lesson in recruiting for both programs and prospects alike as both sides united to provide each other what they needed.  Mariota needed a system that was fit for his skill set and that was similar to what he had grown comfortable with in his high school years.  Oregon went out and found the ideal candidate to run their very unique offense.  They did not opt for molding a drop back passer into what they needed.

Enjoy watching Mariota’s exploits on the high school field by visiting his profile.  Click here for Marcus Mariota highlight video.

2015 DE AJ Taylor featured on GridironStuds Show on 9/03/14

photo-10By: Chad Wilson – Editor in Chief – Blog  
Twitter: @GridironStuds

We love underdogs and we also love talent. With IMG Academy’s 2015 DE AJ Taylor we get both.  Taylor is still in search of his first major Division I offer but he’s not sitting around sulking. Taylor has started off the 2015 season with a bang.  Through two games he has accumulated 4.5 sacks, several QB hurries and has been a total menace to the opposition.  IMG kicked off the season against state of Florida power Godby High School and Taylor went to work against their talented offensive line.  Taylor displays a quick first step, good work with his hands and a nice motor.  Those are the winning weapons of a successful defensive lineman and Taylor makes good use of them.  Taylor is definitely a prospect to keep an eye on during this 2014 season.  With 4.5 sacks through two games,  he is putting himself in position for All State honors along with some healthy attention from college programs across the country.

Check out AJ Taylor’s Junior Highlights – Click here

University of Miami QB Brad Kaaya High School Highlight Video

Chad Wilson – Editor in Chief GridironStuds Blog
Twitter: @Gridironstuds

Before he won the starting quarterback job at the University of Miami,  Brad Kaaya was dropping touchdowns on overmatched defenses in Southern California.  As always in this day in age, there is video to prove it.  Kaaya’s video of his high school exploits is at the end of this article.

The 6’4″ Kayaa was not heavily recruited by modern day recruiting standards. lists only six offers for Kaaya: USC, UCLA, San Diego St., Maryland, Boise St. and the University of Miami who he committed to in January of 2014.  Kaaya went 23-3 in his career at Chaminade High School in West Hills, California and rounded off his time at Chaminade with a state championship.  Kaaya was an All American his senior season and threw for 3,855 yards.

We can’t show you all of those 3,800 plus yards Kaaya threw for his senior year but our friends at captured the best of Brad Kaaya’s on field exploits and put it in this great highlight video we have posted below:

Brad Kaaya High School Highlight Video – Click on Video Below


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