The Fastest 40 Yard Dash Ever

What Research Found Out On This Very Important Topic
By: Chad Wilson   @Gridironstuds

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Football fans across America continue to obsess over the most simple drill in the game of football. Is there anything more discussed than the 40 yard dash? Every Spring, this drill takes center stage and undoubtedly the question is asked 1,o00’s of times. What’s the fastest 40 yard dash?

Just as sure as you get the question asked 1,000 times, you will get dozens of ridiculous answers. For starters, let’s find out why the 40 yard dash? When and why did 40 yards become so significant? It started in the 1960’s with the NFL team that had the most developed and comprehensive scouting department and that was the Dallas Cowboys. Prior to this time period, NFL coaches chose the 50 yard dash as the mark of measure to determine a player speed worthiness. In 1960, Gil Brandt, the director scouting for the Cowboys along with his department came up with the 40/20/10 measurement. The 40 was used for all players. The 20 yard split time of the 40 was of great significance for linemen since the thought was that they rarely run 40 yards in a game. The 10 yard split was important for wide receivers as a measure of their burst off of the line of scrimmage. With this, a drill was born and almost 50 years later, it has become the center piece of info on a prospective high school, college or professional football player.

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Cane on Cane Violence: Hester and Shields Slap Boxing on a Sunday

 Yes,  I know it’s old news but there are still those of you out there who have not seen it.  So this is for you.  A couple of weeks back, the Packers were out doing their thing which of late is beating the back out of the Chicago Bears (sorry windy city fans).

During the course of another Packers victory,  Sam Shields found himself going down field with Hester on a pass route and things got a little testy.  Don’t know who shoved who first and what may have led up to this but what I do know is that Hester and Shields started to go “All Andre Rison vs. Deion” on each other.  Luckily the referee and cooler heads prevailed before it go full scale but this is the first I can recall two Hurricane teammates getting into it with each other on the field.  Now, this would not have been unusual on the Hurricane practice field but to see it when they are on separate pro teams is unusual.   For those wondering,  Shields and Hester were not at Miami at the same time.  Shields came right after Hester’s departure. If anyone can name another instance in which this would have happened,  please comment.  If anyone can think of an instance in which players from the same school got into on the NFL field,  please comment.

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