3/04/10: Video of the Day: Dwayne Brown – Kaiser H.S. (California)

Now this is a highlight video.  From the word go,  Kasier High School’s Dwayne Brown is making plays.  From the 102 yard interception return to start the video to the big hits and crafty runs,  Brown keeps you entertained.  It’s one of those videos where you sit there wondering,  what’s he going to do next?  He’s electric and can fly.  He has the kind of speed that shows up well on the football field.  Brown uses his speed to make plays from his safety position,  at wide receiver, on special teams and in from the backfield in special formations.  He’s a jack of all trades that will jack you up if you are in his path.  Brown will be a hot topic this upcoming recruiting season.  You can see him first at Gridironstuds.com.   View Dwayne Brown’s highlight video.

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