The Fastest 40 Yard Dash Ever

What Research Found Out On This Very Important Topic Please follow me on Twitter @Gridironstuds Football fans across America continue to obsess over the most simple drill in the game of football. Is there anything more discussed than the 40 yard dash? Every Spring, this drill takes center stage and undoubtedly the question is asked […]

Top Unofficial DB 40 Yard Dash Times at NFL Combine 2012

Follow us on Twitter: @Gridironstuds email: Here are the top unofficial times for the first group of defensive backs at the NFL Combine. J. Robinson (UCF) 4.29 R. Brooks (LSU) 4.35 D. Bentley (ULL) 4.37 C. Sensabaugh (CLEM) 4.37 J. Hosley (VT) 4.38 J. McMilian (ME) 4.42 Dre Kirkpatrick (ALA) 4.43 J. Fleming (Okla) […]

Importance of Standardized Combine Testing

Combine season is fast approaching and there will be athletic testing popping up on every open stretch of grass in the major cities across the country.  With so many combines to choose from,  how do you determine which ones are a worthy endeavor and which ones are a waste of time and hamstring energy.  One […]

5 Tips to Improve Your 40 Yard Dash NOW!!

By: Chad Wilson – Blog So you have to run a 40 yard dash in less than a week and you’re not sure that you are ready to run a fast time. You don’t have eight to 12 weeks to go through the weight lifting, plyometrics and sprint program that involves the parachutes, weighted […]

Lower Your 40 Yard Dash Time

[youtube][/youtube] Visit for More Information on Increasing your Speed and Lowering your 40 Yard Dash Time. Much has been written in this blog about 40 yard dash times. We have seen the times run by guys across the country, 4.4, 4.3, 4.2. How do guys run that fast? The guys at can show […]