Servite High School’s Travis Waller Looking to Be the Next Marcus Mariota

By Chad Wilson – Editor in Chief – Blog
Twitter: @GridironStuds

There’s no doubt that the Oregon Ducks are taking high school quarterbacks and turning them into college football stars.  I detailed in a previous article how current Ducks quarterback Marcus Mariota came from Hawaii to the front pages of all sporting publications around the country.  Down in California,  there’s another high schooler looking to follow in his foot steps.

Servite is a nationally recognized football power hailing from Southern California.  They have certainly had a long line of college prospects file through the hallways and through campus.  This season, their signal caller Travis Waller is looking to go out and show the country why he is so highly rated.  Waller is the #4 ranked dual threat quarterback according to and in July he committed to the Oregon Ducks.  No other program makes a dual threat quarterback look better than Oregon.  So it seems Waller and Oregon are a great fit.

You can be the judge of Waller’s exploits and fit for Oregon yourself by taking a look at his highlight tape created by our friends at Under the Radar Sports Media.  They did an outstanding job of capturing the essence of what makes Waller so exciting.  As always,  Under the Radar drops the hard hitting beat that makes it all that more an exciting viewing experience.  Check out Travis Waller’s highlight video click on it below:

Travis Waller Junior Year Highlights

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