Round Two of AYFL 120 lb. Division Playoff Predictions

Warriors and Wildcats Two Top Ranked Teams

It’s that time again.  Predictions for the games in the most exciting division of the American Youth Football League in Broward County, Florida.  It seems my prediction riled up some folks last week and may have fired up a few others.  What can I say?  They’re just predictions folks.  Certainly nothing personal as I have a connection with almost every team in the playoff picture.  Unfortunately,  no one wants to see me predict a tie for no other reason other than the fact that ties can’t happen!  Just my opinion and in this division,  a prediction is more about a team being really good than the other team being bad.  So, no offense should be taken.  With that being said,  I predicted three out of the four games in this division right last week.  Only Pasadena beating PPO kept me away from perfection.  There were no upsets which is not usual.  Things get hot and heavy this week with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line so here’s how I see it.

(#1 ) Weston 16   (#4)  Pasadena 6

Oh sure I could go wild here and pick Weston to lose but why?  The Warriors line up every week looking like a team that should and could be beat but for 38 out of 39 weeks that has not been the case.  Weston has perfected the little things and have allowed the big things to take care of themselves.  Running, blocking and tackling are their specialty and they do it at a level higher than anyone else.  Pasadena may be the most gritty, hard nosed team in this division and if I ever needed to go collect some money,  I would take these guys with me.  However,  we are talking football and you can’t argue with Weston’s history and ability to win the big game.

(#3)  Cooper City  20  (#2)  West Pines 14

These two teams met in week eight of the regular season with West Pines winning in overtime when an extra point attempt by Cooper City hit the uprights and fell into the end zone.  West Pines also withstood an opening drive by Cooper City that died inside the 10 yard line.   Since that game,  West Pines has not really been the same.  They struggled the next week against a bad Northeast team,  lost to Weston two weeks later and had all kinds of problems against Sunrise last week.  Cooper City will be well motivated for the rematch and with two teams so evenly matched,  I like the loser of the first matchup to get their revenge.

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Let the insults reign!  I love the passion of youth football in South Florida!

Author: Chad Wilson

Chad Wilson is a college football recruiting expert and creator of the GridironStudsApp which allows high school football players to gain exposure to college football coaches and fans. Wilson is a former college football player for the University of Miami (92-94) and Long Beach St. (’90-’91) and played briefly for the Seattle Seahawks (’95). He is also a former youth and high school football coach for over 15 years. Wilson’s older son Quincy plays in the NFL for the Indianapolis Colts and his younger son plays cornerback for the University of Florida. Email:

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