NFL Was Right to Ban Players from Charity Poker Tournament

With all of the talk of the NFL Labor situation other stories involving the NFL can fly under the radar. One such story of significance to visitors of this site is that the NFL pulled the plug on players attending a charity poker tournament back in February. The proceeds from the tournament were to go to Raise Your Hands Africa via the Starkey Hearing Foundation. While both the foundation and the charity are worthy entities, I support the NFL’s decision to keep the players out of the tournament. While this tournament was harmless, allowing the players to participate could have opened a door that would have been difficult to close down the road. Future tournaments could have used players’ participation in this tournament as precedence to players involving themselves in poker events that were not charitable in nature. The best way to avoid a problem is to stop it before it becomes one. For that reason, I back the NFL brass for putting the breaks on this tournament. Poker is a great game and enjoyed by many but the NFL can not turn their heads the other way on something like this.

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