Lower Your 40 Yard Dash Time


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Much has been written in this blog about 40 yard dash times. We have seen the times run by guys across the country, 4.4, 4.3, 4.2. How do guys run that fast? The guys at completespeedtraining.com can show you how. Many people get all caught up in the workouts that you need to do to run faster but few people spend time examining the technical aspects of running fast. This is where more time should be spent. Many athletes think they know how to run and figure all they need to do is lift more weights and run more sprints and they will magically run a 4.3 forty. This is not the case.

There’s a technical aspect to running fast. How the arms should move, where the foot should land. The angles you need to come out at in your sprints, etc. The guys at completespeedtraining.com can help you with that. They have plenty of manuals with great information that will make you a faster athlete. Before you invest $100’s and $1,000’s in equipment and training, check them out and make an investment into their information. It may be all you need. Visit them today and get a copy of their speed manual. As it says, it’s all you need to know about speed and running a faster 40 yard dash.

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  1. What about the Vertimax? Does it help with 40 times?

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