IN THE PIT: WR – Chris Dunkley vs. CB – Latwan Anderson

Chris Dunkley – WR – Royal Palm Bay, FL

VS. Latwan Anderson – CB – Lakewood, Oh

In our second edition of “IN THE PIT” we have matched up two of the best athletes in our Database.

In one corner we have the highly recruited Chris Dunkley out of Royal Palm Bay High School in Royal Palm Bay, FL. There are no small plays with Dunkley. The routine play suddenly turns into a crowd on their feet and women screaming as Dunkley eats up the yardage. Blessed with game breaking speed and a thirst for the end zone, Dunkley found pay dirt 13 times last year and opened up a business where he was contracted to make defenders look stupid for free. At 5’11 169 he plays bigger than those numbers and runs a 4.43 forty but will that be enough…. View Chris Dunkley’s highlight video.

In the other corner…..

We have safety who could certainly play cornerback, Latwan Anderson. The recent transfer from St. Edwards High School to Glenville High School in Ohio, has made a name for himself. He boasts a 4.29 in the 40 and while we all hold high school 40 times with a degree of skepticism, Anderson makes a good case for it in his video. There are plenty of clips of him getting his hands on the ball and beating everyone to the endzone. He also shows some solid aggression. At 5’11” 190 lbs., he’s bigger than Dunkley but is he quick enough to handle Dunkley’s shakes in a 1-on-1 situation?   Watch Latwan Anderson’s highlight video.

So, on a dark mid October Friday night in the Fall, if Anderson was assigned to follow wide receiver Dunkley around for 4 quarters from his cornerback spot, who would get the best of that battle? “In the Pit” wants to know.  Tell us now, CLICK HERE.

As an interesting side note,  The University of Miami has offers on the table for both of these athletes so there is the small chance that this battle could play out on a daily basis in practice on the Hurricanes” campus in the future.

9 thoughts on “IN THE PIT: WR – Chris Dunkley vs. CB – Latwan Anderson

  1. Latwan Anderson would win he very fast, very strong, has a nose for the ball, he has good cover skills and hitting ability..Ive witnessed all of this

  2. Latwan has all those tools, Kory, but Dunkley is on another level. And Latwan has some maturity issues to work out.

  3. Maturity issues? What does that have to do with them being matched up on the field? I’m not questioning that he may have some off field issues i just don’t see what it has to do with them matching up on the field. I think latwan is more physical and ultimately it gives him the upper hand.

  4. hey kory thanx for lookin out for your boy these florida kids kill me thinking they are better than everyone cause they can run fast…but you know i handles my business on and OFF the field ill blow this lil dude he he might be fast and quick but im just as fast btu he cant handle the heat im bringing big hts is what i do…OHIO FOOTBALL

  5. No Problem, they’ll see when we go on tour and show how them Raw Talent boys do.

  6. Uh oh. Ohio boys talking strong. This could get interesting.

  7. Latwan, you need to tell these fools that you and C Dunk will be battling on the practice fields up in Morgantown.

  8. uhmm does anybody dont ohio now just go ask your florida boys what i came down there and dropped on em UHM MVP….I AM THE BEST IF YOU DONT AGREE COME PROVE ME WRONG!!!!VILLLEEEE

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