Fit-Speed Looking to Make Impact in Athletic Performance

Athletics is big business nowadays and football is a big slice of the pie.  With more and more at stake with each season, workout and performance,  athletes are taking their training extremely serious these days.  Seizing on this newfound level of concern about athletic performance,  a number of sports specific training facilities are opening up across the country with a great deal of them making their home in South Florida.

Not to be outdone by any other establishment is Fit-Speed Athletic Performance in Weston, Florida started by Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall and former F.A.S.T. employee and trainer Matt Gates. Gates and Marshall hooked up during Marshall’s college football days at Central Florida.  Marshall was looking to up his athletic profile.  He had God given size but wanted to increase his speed to become a total threat.  Marshall ran a 4.75 forty going into his senior season at Central Florida and was looking to shave that time down when he met Gates at Chris Carter’s F.A.S.T program.  After just one month of working with Gates,  Marshall lowered his time to a 4.47.   The two have been partners in success ever since.

Marshall’s career has taken off in the NFL and a lot of it is due to his athletic training with Gates.  With that in mind,  the two partnered in a business venture called Fit-Speed Athletic Performance and set up shop in Weston, Florida.  Fit-Speed started off as a facility where Brandon and some of his teammates came and got in quality work with Matt and the staff.  Over time,  college, high school and now even youth athletes have discovered the excellence going on at Fit-Speed.  Former Bengals, Patriots and Dolphins wide receiver Chad Ocho Cinco works out at the facility as he tries to stay in shape for a possible return to the NFL.

Marshall also spends time mentoring some of the younger athletes during the off-season to make sure they don’t collide with some of the pitfalls of being a potential professional athlete.  So athletes working with Fit-Speed not only getting quality athletic training they get some important life lessons as well.  With all of this available it seems that any athlete looking seriously to raise their game to the next level would do well to contact Fit-Speed today by either visiting their website or giving them a call right now at (954) 656-4047

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