NFL Teams Searching for Success With A Return to Rushing

By Chad Wilson – Editor GridironStuds Blog
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We all know that the NFL is a quarterback driven league right?  The QBs get the endorsements, they get the limelight, the press and a majority of the accolades.  They also get protected by most of the new rules being put together and there has also been a push to up their production through the way the game is played.  Despite all that,  the trend in 2017 in the NFL is to recapture the ground game.

For the last decade,  the NFL has fueled its high point, passing fancy agenda but what has withstood the test of time is that a good ground game can get you through the rigors of the late season, playoffs and win you a Super Bowl.  Throwing the ball around the yard may excite fans and make fantasy geeks giddy.  However, it has not been lost on many a NFL team that the Dallas Cowboys dominated the 2016 regular season by unleashing the most prolific ground attack in the league. It seems Zeke Elliott and the boys were what finally made the league, at large,  open their eyes.

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A Primer On Speed, the 40 Yard Dash and Why We Often Get it Wrong

By: Chad Wilson – Editor – GridironStuds Blog
Twitter: @GridironStuds

The 2017 NFL combine just passed a week ago and for the last seven days, NFL football fans and the media personnel that play up to them have discussed the 40 yard dash times of the prospects ad nauseam.  Yes, we all know the obsession over 40 yard dash times can reach epic proportions but can something talked about so much be very misunderstood?  The answer is yes.

Training and 3 Point Stances

I’ve had the pleasure of watching the greatest wide receiver of all time,  Jerry Rice and the greatest cornerback of all time, Deion Sanders play their entire careers.  I mention these two positions because these are the times that most fans and media obsess over. The time during which wide receivers lined up in three point stances has long passed.  The practice of lining up in a 3 point stance as a wide receiver had made it’s way out of the NFL game by the time Jerry Rice stepped on the scene in 1984.  As part of his audition for the NFL in ’84,  Jerry Rice,  like all other prospects, was asked to run a 40 yard dash and come out of a three point stance. As we all know by now,  Rice’s time (4.7) was not ideal and people questioned his ability to be an elite NFL wide receiver.  In a short sprint like the 40 yard dash, technique is of the utmost importance.  Negotiating your way out of a three point stance and into proper running form while making maximum use of your push forces is just about everything.  Choose the wrong stance or make some false steps and your time will look like a retired busy street prostitute without her make up on.

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Map of US Shows What States NFL Players Hail From

By: Chad Wilson – Editor – GridironStuds Blog
Twitter: @GridironStuds

The NFL recent released the hometowns of all of the players on active opening day rosters and the results are in.  We are sure that the map will spark many debates as state residents bicker over which state has the best football, produces the most NFL talent and has the best athletes.

In terms of pure numbers,  the state of Florida takes the crown for 2016 as 239 NFL players come from the Sunshine State.  Coming in second was California with 220 and Texas is third at 214.  Florida, California and Texas benefit from size and excellent year round weather to help bolster their numbers.  In terms of smaller states that pack a punch, states like Louisiana (62), North Carolina (60), South Carolina (57) and Ohio (94) have some impressive numbers as well.

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By: Chad Wilson – Editor GridironStuds Blog
Twitter: @GridironStuds

I recently tweeted my Top 5 Quarterbacks in the NFL and as with any ranking of anything, especially in the World of sports,  controversy ensues.  The biggest bone that people chose to pick with me was concerning the fact that Andrew Luck failed to make my top 5.  With all of the discussion that has arisen around this list,  I thought it best to write an article with my explanation of my Top 5 and also added a couple of notes on some of the guys that did not make it.

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By: Chad Wilson – Editor GridironStuds Blog

There have been mock drafts, draft shows, draft analysis, draft previews and draft insight.  Doesn’t matter where you go,  the NFL draft is in your face.  Well here’s one more draft article.  Over the years there have been a fair amount of draft busts and some superstars that have come out of the first round which will be spotlighted tonight.  This 2015 draft will once again produce busts and perhaps some guys that will end up in Canton.  In my opinion,  here are the Top 5 players in this year’s NFL draft.  I base the list on ability, production and risk.

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Week 5 Gridironstuds Show Football Picks

Host Chad Wilson issued his college and nfl picks for week #5 along with co-host Emil Calomino’s picks.  Calomino was unable to do today’s show.  Here are the hosts picks

Chad Wilson’s College Football Picks
Current Record: 5-7
Minnesota (+7) over IOWA
Clemson (-7) over BOSTON COLLEGE
OKLAHOMA ST. (+2.5) over Texas
Emil Calomino’s College Football Picks
Current Record:  4-8
ucla (-20) over COLORADO
OKLAHOMA ST. (+2.5) over Texas
CALIFORNIA (+1) over Arizona St.
Chad Wilson’s NFL Picks
Current Record: 3-6
BUFFALO (+4.5) over New England
Oakland (+7) over DENVER
TAMPA BAY (-2.5) over Washington
Emil Calomino’s NFL Picks
Current Record: 3-5-1
New England (-4.5) over BUFFALO
DETROIT (-4.5) over Minnesota
PHILADELPHIA (-1) over NY Giants