Reasons Why Film Study Is Important for Your Football Team

By: Kevin Moritis – Contributor – GridironStuds
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For coaches the use of film is a valuable resource for both correcting your players and preparing for the upcoming opponent. If you are a HUDL team you have one of the best tools to help your team get better. HUDL allows you to see and correct errors by both players and coaches. It allows you to leave notes for your players on what they need to work on and how to avoid the same mistakes. Then you can take multiple films of your upcoming opponent, make your plan, print out it to use at practice.  Another tool is the ability to film your practice and critique your players from that day and week. That’s how coaches benefit from the use of film.

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Power Up Your Rushing Attack with the Short Back I Formation

ishortrightiiBy: Chad Wilson – Editor – GridironStuds Blog
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It’s football season again. Many youth football programs are in full swing, high schools have already started district play and college football’s quest for the playoffs is off and running. For all of you youth and high school football coaches that are trying to establish a run game and it’s just not happening or to you coaches that have established a run game but would like to see a little more umph, I have just the thing for you.

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By: Charlie Coiner – CEOFirst Down Playbook

Anyone who has taught or coached this play knows that there really is no playside or backside to it. The weak side zone play or Blunt as it is commonly referred can hit anywhere. In fact if you charted this play the ball hits back over to the Tight Ends’ side much more than it ever hits to the open end side. The play is designed to start weak and get the defense running before the ball carrier normally cuts and runs the ball directly over the original alignment of the Center. As the defense reacts to the initial footwork of the back and the defensive front fights to maintain their gap control the critical blocks often fall on the two Tight Ends cutting off the Defensive End and Sam LB.

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GridironStuds Play of the Week sponsored by FirstDown Playbook Play of the Week: Sponsored by FirstDown Playbook by: Charlie Coiner – CEO Developer First Down Playbook App 942 China H Swing This 3×1 high low passing play was one of my favorites when I was coaching the Tight Ends with the Buffalo Bills. We ran it a lot with two Tight Ends in the game. One of the main reasons was that Derek Schouman ran it so well from the F position. The slot Tight End has to have a feel for the route to run it correctly. Derek was very good at detecting man or zone coverage based on the pre-snap alignment of the defense and also at reading how the Mike and Will LB’s reacted after the ball was snapped.

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FirstDown PlayBookCoaching Points:
by: Charlie Coiner – CEO FirstDown Playbook 

-This is a 5 step our progression read for the QB.

-He should read this Y to X to F to H (If his protection is suspect I would tell him Y to X to H)

-Vs MOF Open/Zone: (2 or 1/4’s coverage)

-The QB should look to get the ball to the Tight End on the 5th step of his drop.
-The Tight End should outside release and sell a vertical route early.
-The Tight End should turn outside and sit in the hole away from the leverage of the LB.
-If the SLB expands past the Y and the MLB expands or gets depth then the QB should get to the X who is sitting down in that hole.
-If the SLB and the MLB match the Y and the X the QB can:

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