’18 Freshman FS Hunter Goetz is Appropriately Named

’18 DB Hunter Goetz

By Chad Wilson – Editor – Gridiron Studs Blog
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Some times a name just fits like a young man named Colt playing for a team in Texas or a player named Gunnar being the quarterback for a major division I football team.  If you’ve watched 2018 freshman free safety Hunter Goetz patrol the deep middle of the Chaminade defense then you know the name fits the action.

To start as a freshman on varsity,  you have to be doing something right and Hunter Goetz does a whole lot of that.  Not your typical freshman,  Goetz seeks out the opposing ball carriers with intensity and puts an end to their hopes.  His highlight tape is a collage of stopped runs, fearless encounters and extinguished big plays.  Goetz takes his last line of defense responsibilities very seriously and will playa hate on a momentum turning offensive play with the best of them.  He is equally effective as the lone wolf 15 to 20 yards deep as he is at linebacker depth.  This is not a skill that many safeties have and certainly a skill rarely found in freshman competitors who are usually trying to find their mark on a JV team.

Standing 6’1″ already,  Goetz is for sure a prospect to watch going forward.  He already possesses a frame that catches the eye of college scouts to go along with the fearlessness, IQ and athleticism that top programs covet. If you are a recruiter putting together a 2018 watch list,  you would do well to put Goetz’s name near the top.  He has the pedigree (Father Chris played several years in the NFL and brother Tyler is a standout on Chaminade at multiple positions).  He has been groomed from a young age to affect football games with his skilled play and that ability has only increased with age.  It will be interesting to watch his development for the next three season as he grows physically and mentally.  There’s no doubt that as time wears on,  a free safety named Hunter will be one that the opposition can’t afford to miss.

Watch Hunter Goetz’s Freshman Highlight Video – Click Here



Author: Chad Wilson

Chad Wilson is a college football recruiting expert and creator of the GridironStudsApp which allows high school football players to gain exposure to college football coaches and fans. Wilson is a former college football player for the University of Miami (92-94) and Long Beach St. (’90-’91) and played briefly for the Seattle Seahawks (’95). He is also a former youth and high school football coach for over 15 years. Wilson’s older son Quincy plays in the NFL for the Indianapolis Colts and his younger son plays cornerback for the University of Florida. Email: cwilson@gridironstuds.com.

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