Wilson’s ACC & Big Ten 2012 Predictions

by: Chad Wilson – Editor in Chief Gridironstuds.com Blog

As laid out on the Gridiron Studs Show on August 23rd, here are Chad Wilson’s ACC and Big-10 Predictions.  Some of the teams listed below may have more games than the record indicates.  The record indicated is a general prediction on roughly what I predict will be final records and place in the standings for the individual teams in the conferences.

ACC Big-10
Atlantic Legends
Florida St. 10-2 Michigan 10-2
NC State 9-3 Nebraska 8-4
Clemson 8-5 Michigan St. 7-5
Boston College 6-6 Iowa 7-5
Wake Forest 5-7 Northwestern 6-6
Maryland 4-8 Minnesota 4-8
Coastal Leaders
Virginia Tech 8-4 Wisconsin 10-2
Miami 7-5 Ohio St. 9-3
Georgia Tech 6-6 Purdue 5-7
North Carolina 6-6 Illinois 5-7
Virginia 5-7 Indiana 5-7
Duke 3-9 Penn St. 4-8

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