FSU Commit Marvin Bracy Runs Fastest 55 Meters in High School History

There’s fast and there’s what the hell Marvin Bracy is.  Bracy has developed a reputation more so for his speed than his football prowess over the last year or so.  Bracy ran a 10.05 last summer in the 100 meters and made people watching it curse in amazement.   Just when you say to yourself,  the kid has probably maxed out his potential,  Bracy opens up this track season with what he did the other day.

Bracy lined up for a 55 meter dash for a Youth (hilarious) indoor track meet on Sunday January 29th and stunned the crowd with Mazerati type acceleration out of the blocks.  Before anyone knew what happened,  Bracy blistered through the finish line and into the safety pads in a time of 6.08 seconds.   This is the fastest time of the year thus far.  It’s early in the track season folks.  It sure seems to me like Bracy is on his way of surpassing the junior record of 10.01 set by Florida’s Jeff Demps.

Video of the 55 meter race is below.  Bracy is damn near half way done with the race before you hear the sound of the gun and he’s out of those blocks before the smoke is visible.  The second place finisher came in at 6.48.   That’s a full four tenths of a second behind.  There’s no doubt that Bracy will be on this 40 yard dash list very soon.  View the video below:

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