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9-06-11: Video of the Day: Isaac McDonald – LB/WR – Champagnat HS, FL

September 6th, 2011

Does he look ridiculous standing up as a 6’6″ linebacker before the snap of the football?  Yes,  he does.  Is it intimidating?  Yes,  it is?  Does he make plays?  Yes,  he does.  To say that Isaac McDonald stands out on film would not do justice to the word obvious.  McDonald is hard to miss as he looks like Dikembe Motumbo at a Japanese night club.  However,  McDonald does not just show up because of his size.  He shows up because he’s all over the field and really likes laying his 6’6″ frame into people who are not wearing his colors.  McDonald lines up at various spots throughout out the video and wherever he is,  there’s action.  Watch him catch a ball making a defensive back look like a baby boy.  Watch him run down the sidelines with the football and truck a defender like it’s his little brother and watch him hunt down a QB and engulf him like a bad situation.  Many goods things to see on this film and as McDonald continues to rise as a prospect. Florida St., Florida, Miami, LSU and South Carolina are all on the recruiting trail for McDonald.  Click here to view Isaac McDonald’s highlight video at  video courtesy of Genron187.

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9-01-11: Video of the Day: Keldyn Ahlstedt – DB – Wilson Secondary – Ontario, CAN

September 1st, 2011

One thing running has allowed me to do is acquire respect for the way the game of football is played at high schools across the country.  It has also allowed me to gain a measure of respect for Canadian high school football.  Keldyn Ahlstedt would be an example of that.  This senior prospect presents solid defensive back play that many kids from the states could learn from.  Ahlstedt is one of those players that a defensive back coach does not have to worry about.  He’s the player in the secondary that’s going to be where he is supposed to me 99% of the time and make the play when the opportunity presents itself.  Ahlstedt also brings a physical aspect to the position and more than likely inspires his teammates with his play.  You will love his technique coming out of his back pedal and his breaks and you will also love his instincts.  He has a wealth of video on his profile and I encourage you to watch it all.  This kid is a solid player.  Click here to view Keldyn Ahlstedt’s profile on

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8-30-11: Video of the Day: Davien Payne – RB – Citrus Hill H.S. – CA

August 30th, 2011

We all know that running backs can be a dime a dozen.  However,  some are just special.  Citrus Hill’s Davien Payne falls into the “special” class.  A lovely combo of speed, strength and power gives Davien the ability to cause pain for the opposing team’s defense.  He can run through you,  around you or by you and do it with confidence.  Citrus Hill has been putting together some nice college prospects over the last couple of years and this seems to be another.  Payne is an early commit to Colorado and would be a welcomed addition to a Colorado program looking to return to their glory years.  When last that happened,  the Buffs were a team known for having good tailbacks.  Payne could lead the charge into a new era.  Check out Davien Payne’s highlight video at

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8-26-11: Video of the Day: Daniel Braverman – WR – University School, FL

August 26th, 2011

How can I reach the endzone?  Let me count the ways.  Daniel Braverman can dial up a touchdown from anywhere on the football field as you can plainly see in his highlight video.  He can return a kickoff, catch a short pass and house it.  He can also catch a long one or run back a punt.  He can also come out of the backfield or take a handoff from the tailback position.  Bottom line is,  whenever the ball is in his hands,  something electric is going to happen.  Braverman amassed over 1,000 yards of total offense in 2010 playing for the University School Suns.  He was a key factor in an offense that was record breaking in many ways.  A year ago this time,  Braverman took the opening kickoff of the 2010 season for the Suns and housed it.  Tonight, he takes the field again looking to start the 2011 season off with a bang.  Get a load of his entertainment when you watch his 2010 highlight video, click here now.

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8-5-11: Video of the Day: Devian Shelton – DB – Inglewood HS, CA

August 5th, 2011

No free releases!  Get a jam on him!  Those are some of the things you  may hear a defensive back coach instructing a player to do at the high school and college level.  Devian Shelton listens.  The moment the vid starts running,  you know this is true.  Trouble awaits you when you try to get to the other side of the line of scrimmage on this fast rising prospect.  Shelton provides what I call “busted lip coverage” on wide receivers looking to get pretty on the defense.  Pass catchers,  better bring your makeup bag because Shelton’s looking to bruise you.  His aggressive nature jumps out at you and puts him position to make plays all over the field.  The big schools out West (USC, UCLA, Oregon) are starting to take notice and Shelton’s interest could move nationwide.  It’s another Inglewood High School product.  Put a stamp on it.  Click here to view Devian Shelton’s Highlight Video.

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8-3-11: Video of the Day: Dwight Davis – WR – Hallandale HS, FL

August 3rd, 2011

Hallandale High School completed one of the biggest year by year turnarounds in 2010 going from 0-10 to the playoffs.  Head coach Dameon Jones took home coach of the year honors and the Chargers are back to being relevant in Broward County football.   One of the reasons,  the Chargers were able to make that rise was talent like Dwight Davis.  The reigning 400 meter champion for his class in the State of Florida gave folks just a taste in 2010 of what will come this season.  Exceptional hands and athleticism makes this prospect a threat to destroy you if you aren’t paying attention.  Watch him go to work in this highlight video on team after team by running crisp routes,  make great catches and doing what good wide receivers should do.  Click here to view Dwight Davis’ highlight video.

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8-2-11: Video of the Day: Matthew Breida – ATH – Nature Coast Tech, FL

August 2nd, 2011

A pocket of power.  Matthew Breida,  Nature Coast Tech High School in Brooksville, Florida can hurt you on both sides of the ball.  Lights out speed with a 4.31 clocking in the 40 makes him one big caution sign when he steps on the field.  His running style at the running back position conjures up visions of Frank Gore in his high school days.  It’s a whole lot of now you see him,  now you don’t when he’s running the rock.  He will embarrass a defender or two.  On defense,  Breida mans the cornerback position like a champion.  He keeps the ball away from receivers like a Capitol Hill security guard keeps intruders out of Congress.  An exciting player to watch.  You will enjoy this one.  Click here to view Matthew Breida’s highlight video.

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8-1-11: Video of the Day: Chauntez Jackson – DL – Inglewood HS, California

August 1st, 2011

If there’s a hell on Earth then you are in it when you have to spend a Friday night blocking this freak of nature.  Get your popcorn ready because Chauntez Jackson’s highlight video will feature the Inglewood H.S. (California) prospect pushing over bulky offensive linemen like empty garbage cans,  running by defensive backs like they are statues and covering pass catchers like he’s a mongoose.  To say that Jackson is versatile would be a face slapping understatement.  He’s a nightmare and looks to be the second coming of Jevon Kearse.  The sky is the limit for this prospect who hails from a high school that cranks out prospects like McDonalds cranks out french fries.  Click here to view Chauntez Jackson’s highlight video.

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7-26: Video of the Day: Eli Jenkins – Parker HS – Birmingham, AL

July 26th, 2011

Tucked away in Alabama is a school with a wealth of talent.  Running that whole show is poised ring leader named Eli Jenkins.  The young signal caller is smooth in the pocket,  quick on his feet and can launch the pigskin with the best of them.  You’ll have fun watching him befuddle pursuing defensive linemen,  whizzing balls past unprepared defensive backs and moving his team down the field.  Jenkins can do it to you slow or bomb you for 80.  Jenkins pieces it all together with his talent,  skill and poise under pressure. He and his mates will be ones to watch this season.   Click here to view Eli Jenkins’ highlight video.

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Video of the Day: Peyton Newell – Hiawatha H.S. – Hiawatha, KS

July 19th, 2011

The are phenoms and there are phenoms.  Peyton Newell fits in either one of those categories.  Newell is a physical freak with a 300 plus pound bench press and 500 plus pound squat.  These would be great numbers for a senior but Newell has just completed his freshman year.  The best part about is that Newell is not just a weight room warrior,  he happens to be a very good football player as well.  Newell owns a wicked get off from the line of scrimmage when the ball is hiked.  This makes him a frequent visitors to the opponent’s backfield where he can wrap them up and get them down to the ground with the best of them.  Newell also does a great job shedding blockers and taking on double teams.  The misfortune for Hiawatha’s opponents is that they have three more years of this.  Newell has also hit quite a few camps in his early career and as you can imagine,  he has walked away with awards and MVP honors with regularity.  He’s one to keep an eye on this season and for several more to come.  Click here to view Peyton Newell’s Highlight Video at

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