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5 Star NFL Draft Report: Big 10

June 5th, 2013

Mike Adams Ohio St.

Continuing my series on BCS Conferences 5 star NFL draft reports, today it’s the Big-10.  Before getting into the numbers it should be pointed out that the Big-10 has 12 teams in it’s conference (don’t ask!) and thus has less teams than the two previous conferences I have reported on, the ACC with 14 and the SEC with 16.  It should also be noted that the Big-12 conference has 10 teams in it which is high grade Tom Foolery but that’s a whole other article at another time.

Getting into the numbers, only four of the Big-10′s twelve teams landed a five star from the 2008-2010 recruiting classes and overall only 10 five stars landed at Big-10 schools during this time period.  That is four less than the ACC and 33 less than the SEC which is way out in front of everyone.  Of the 10 for the conference,  Ohio St. has six of them and has the highest performance total for the conference.

The Big-10 does come in with the highest ratio of draftees out of their 5 star recruits from 2008-2010.  50% of the Big-10 5 star recruits have been drafted compared to 46% of the SEC and 20% of the ACC recruits from the same time period.  This is a bit of a skewed stat since some teams may still have 5 stars on their roster.

Once again, here is what I have used for the performance point system:

3 points:  If 5 star recruit was drafted in rounds 1 or 2

2 points: If 5 star recruit was drafted in rounds 3 or 4

1 point: If 5 star recruit was drafted later than the 4th round

0 points: If 5 star is still on the school’s roster or if he transferred or dismissed from the team

-1 point: If 5 star recruit was a free agent or undrafted


Here is the 5 star performance chart for the Big-10

Big 10 NFL Draft Report
2008 2009 2010 Total 5s Drafted Points
Ohio St. 4 2 0 6 3 7
Michigan St. 0 0 1 1 1 2
Michigan 0 1 0 1 1 1
Nebraska 1 0 0 1 0 -1

Draft class information was compiled from 

Other Conference Reports:




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5 Star NFL Draft Report: ACC

June 3rd, 2013

Nigel Bradham FSU

By: Chad

Continuing my report on how the draft eligible 5 star recruits from each conference feared in the 2013 NFL draft,  today I move to the ACC.

The SEC was the first conference I analyzed and we will see if they set the standard.  As I mentioned in that article,  this report may shed some light on how each program develops talent.  Some may ready too much into this, others may read too little.  I maintain that it reveals something about each program.  Other reports will follow about draft classes that will give a more complete picture.  For now,  let’s just absorb what the 5 stars are telling us.

What will jump out at you if you read the report on the SEC first is how few 5 stars chose the ACC from 2008-2010 in comparison to the SEC.  While the SEC had 43 five star recruits during this time period, the ACC only signed 12.  I expected them to have less given their 12 ACC teams compared to 14 SEC teams but that not by this wide of a margin.  The other startling fact uncovered was that the ACC did not produce one first round 5 star recruit in the 2013 NFL draft.

As expected, Miami and Florida St. led the way with six 5 star recruits from 2008-2010.  Florida St. is on the only school to have produced a draft pick out of a 5 star recruit in the ACC in the 2013 NFL Draft.

As I did with the SEC,  I assigned point totals to quantify the results.  Again,  here is what I used for the point system:

3 points:  If 5 star recruit was drafted in rounds 1 or 2

2 points: If 5 star recruit was drafted in rounds 3 or 4

1 point: If 5 star recruit was drafted later than the 4th round

0 points: If 5 star is still on the school’s roster or if he transferred or  was dismissed from the team

-1 point: If 5 star recruit was a free agent or undrafted

Here is the performance table with the data from the research:

ACC 2013 NFL Draft Report
2008 2009 2010 Total 5s Drafted Points
FSU 2 2 2 6 2 3
NC State 0 0 1 1 0 0
North Carolina 0 1 0 1 0 -1
Miami 3 1 2 6 0 -3

Recruiting data was compiled from

Next 5 star draft report will be The Big 10

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5 Star 2013 NFL Draft Report: SEC

June 2nd, 2013

How much can be told about a program based on their recruits’ migration to the NFL?  Some would say a lot , others will say not that much.  I would say it says something. How much is open for debate.

I did some research and began with the Southeastern Conference, better known as the SEC.  I went back and looked at all of the draft eligible classes for this most recent NFL draft and counted up the number of 5 star recruits obtained by each school in the SEC.  Then I researched how many of them were drafted, made free agency or were not drafted at all.  To quantify the results,  I assigned point totals in a sort of a reward system.  Here’s how it went:

3 points:  If 5 star recruit was drafted in rounds 1 or 2

2 points: If 5 star recruit was drafted in rounds 3 or 4

1 point: If 5 star recruit was drafted later than the 4th round

0 points: If 5 star is still on the school’s roster or if he transferred or dismissed from the team

-1 point: If 5 star recruit was a free agent or undrafted

That data I obtained about the classes came from

I struggled with giving 0 point if recruit transferred or was kicked off the team as that could be a reflection of the health or lack of health of the program.  Ultimately, I chose zero as too many times transfers and dismissals come from situations out of the coaching staff’s control.

What stood out to me was the number 5 stars that were hauled in over the time period I researched. 43 five star recruits is a big number and I fully expect that to be the highest of all the conferences I will study. What also stood out for me was the failure rate of 5 stars.  Of those 5 star recruits, less than half (20) were drafted.  Now, mind you, some are still on the rosters of the college teams that recruited but not that many.  Many of those recruits transferred or were dismissed from the team and many other flamed out quickly.

Florida led the way with 11 five star recruits from 2008-2010.  Despite that,  they ended up fourth overall in my point system.  It should be noted that the Gators do have two very highly thought of 5 stars still on the roster in Ronald Powell and Dominque Easley and they did produce a pair of 1st rounders in the 2013 draft with DT Shariff Floyd and S Matt Elam.

Alabama blew away the field in my point system with 15.  Not only has Alabama had the most players drafted (6) over this period of time, they have also had the most 1st round picks with five.  The fact that they lead should come as no surprise but the distance of that lead was a bit of a surprise.  It seems 5 stars become first rounders in Tuscaloosa.

The best hit rate goes to Missouri. From 2008-2010, the Tigers have had two 5 star recruits (Blaine Gabbert and Sheldon Richardson).  The Tigers hit home runs with both you could say as both players were 1st round picks in the NFL draft.

Below is the table with the data I found from the SEC schools eligible draft classes from 2008, 2009 and 2010.

SEC 2013 NFL Draft Report
2008 2009 2010 Total 5s Drafted Points
Alabama 3 4 1 8 6 15
Missouri 1 1 0 2 2 6
LSU 2 4 1 7 3 5
Florida 4 3 4 11 3 4
Texas A&M 0 1 0 1 1 3
Auburn 1 0 3 4 1 2
Mississippi 1 1 0 2 1 2
South Carolina 0 0 1 1 1 2
Georgia 2 1 0 3 1 1
Tennessee 0 2 1 3 1 -1
Arkansas 0 1 0 1 0 -1

Draft class data compiled from  

Tomorrow, I will have information posted on the ACC 5 star draft classes.




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SEC Florida Football Signees in 2013

May 23rd, 2013

For those of you who care, the state of Florida has been called the hotbed of recruiting in college football and the SEC is widely regarded as the top conference in the game.  So draw your own conclusions from the following information.  The SEC had a total of 359 signees for the class of 2013.  Of those 359, 64 of them were from the state of Florida.  That’s roughly 18% of the SEC signees coming from the Sunshine State.  Obviously, the Gators led the way with 19 of their 30 signees coming from the state of Florida.  Behind the Gators was Kentucky with 10 of their 23 signees coming from Florida.  Remove Florida from the equation and 13.6% of the SEC signees were from Florida.  A complete table of each schools’ total signees and Florida signees is included below:

SEC State of Florida Signees
School Fla. Signees Total
Florida 19 30
kentucky 10 23
Georgia 6 33
Auburn 5 23
South Carolina 4 22
Vanderbilt 4 27
Tennessee 3 23
LSU 3 27
Alabama 2 25
Mississippi 2 28
Missouri 1 20
Mississippi St. 1 23
Texas A&M 0 32

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For College Football Players, Meals Are Just One More Advantage

March 21st, 2013

What’s in a meal? Some college coaches would say everything.  In this fast moving world of college football, the championships and the glory seem to go where the money is and one of the increasing places where money is spent is in training table.

For those of you new to the game, training table is the dining service provided for the athletes at major universities.  With football being the sport on campus that contains the largest amount of participants, training table gains most of it’s exposure through it’s assistance with the football team.

Through the years, training tables have evolved into a dining experience that would put P.F. Chang’s or Ruth Chris Steakhouse to shame.  Players at the major college football programs are enjoying well cooked meals to delight the palate but it’s more than that.  Most teams employ a nutritionist to carefully plan meals for all of the members of a team.  It is typical for players on a team to be separated into three categories: gainers, maintainers and weight losers.  Player’s meals are constructed for them based on the categories they fit in and they are provided with a number of choices based on those goals.

The meals they enjoy will far surpass what most of them experienced while in high school.  It is yet another tool in player development that is being used by schools to gain a competitive advantage over their opponent on the field.  It is also a factor not to be overlooked by potential recruits as they make their college choice.  The end game for prospects is to choose an institution that will allow them to grow and improve the most four to five years from now.  Training table is a part of that equation.

Florida State’s Training Table Program:

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Off Season Work Has Transformed Chris James into a BCS Type Talent

July 23rd, 2012

They say championships are won in the offseason and if that’s true then Notre Dame Dons High School (Niles, IL) running back Chris James is ready for big things.

James was already a talented performer for the Dons as a sophomore in 2011 but was not a featured player in their offense.  However, that could change. Working with rising local athletic trainer Jack Casico of,  James has packed on close to 20 lbs. of muscle and shaved more than a tenth off of his already solid 40 time.  James can only be described as tightly compacted ball of explosion standing at 5’10″ 200 lbs and clocking a 4.40 in the forty.   If those numbers are not impressive enough,  then add to that James’ 290 lb. bench press and 505 lb. squat.

“I’ve been working twice as hard and its going to pay off come game day,”  said James

That’s good news for James and his Dons teammates and bad news for opponents.  Notre Dame featured a wide open passing attack in 2011 run by talented senior QB Nick Pieruccini who will be playing for Minnesota State this season.  This year,  they will have little choice other than to give James a ton of touches.

“The coaches have been telling me we are going to run the a lot  more, so im pretty excited for the season,” James stated.

With the strong offseason work and physical maturity that James has experienced this season, the 2014 running back has evolved into a Division-I prospect.  He was impressive at a number of summer college camps including Illinois and has recently received strong interest from West Virginia University.  Along with that, he has heard from schools like Arkansas and several other quality D-I programs.

“I grew up a Buckeye fan but I had a unofficial visit at Arkansas last summer and loved it,” said James when asked what school stands out the most at this point.

It’s still early in the process for James who,  barring injury, promises to make a huge impact on the field and garner a huge amount of college interest.  James has set his sights on rushing for 1,800 yards and 25 TDs this season but that takes a back seat to some even loftier team goals he has had on his mind.

“We want to get to states this year.  I think we have a good chance.”

A lot of that will ride on the health and performance of James and he has packed on the armor for this upcoming season.  Casico has put a lot of sweat into James as he sees a lot of determination and potential.

James says he is partial to a pro-style offense so teams that run that style will catch his eye.  With that in mind,  James has listed Arkansas, Michigan, Ohio State, Wisconsin and Oklahoma as his dream schools.  He will also likely take a bigger interest in West Virginia as they have taken a liking to him. has added Chris James to our 2014 Recruit Watch List and we are quite anxious to see how James blossoms on the field this season for the Notre Dame Dons.

Click here to view Chris James highlight video and profile,  click here.


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Boeing Brown Set to Take Flight in the College Recruiting Scene

July 17th, 2012

Recruiting high school quarterbacks is never easy.  The most important position for any program always has it’s challenged when it comes to recruiting and sorting through the hype can be a difficult task for coaches.

When it comes to Boeing Brown,  there’s no hype,  just substance.  Cut the tape on and you will see Brown looking off defenders, fitting balls into tight windows,  making touch passes, commanding the offense and scrambling for first downs and more.  The 2013 QB out of Brookfield, Connecticut has been finding holes in defenses since his sophomore year and has continued to improve with each season.  The most amazing thing about Brown is not his football IQ, his arm strength or his production,  it’s that he does not yet have a division I offer.

The recruiting game is a puzzle, to say the least but this one is a real head scratcher.  A look at the tape and you think that he was walking around with 10, 15 even 20 division I offers but that’s just not the case. It’s not like he is lacking the physical attributes either.  Brown is 6’4″, weighing 215 lbs.  He also runs a 4.65 forty.  Despite all that, the offers are yet to come despite fielding interest from several top notched programs.

“I have developed very good relationships with Coach Canada at Wisconsin, Coach Bible at NC State, Coach Taaffe at UCF and Coach Werner at Ole Miss. I also communicate still with Coach Mangus at South Carolina for advice and Coach Elrod at Wake Forest to keep in touch,” Brown said.

He has also made his way around the camp circuit in an almost unheard of manner.

“I did Northwestern, Wisconsin, NC State, Wake Forest, Duke, Florida, UCF, Maryland, UMASS, Kentucky, Ole Miss, Indiana, Tennessee, UCONN, Yale, and ELON,” replied Brown when asked what camps he has attended this offseason.

He has shown that he is not afraid to lace em up and compete any time, any place.

The biggest obstacle for Brown seems to be the fact that he plays football in Connecticut which is not regarded as a hotbed for high school football. Brown still feels that Connecticut football is highly underrated.

“I feel I face great talent, underestimated talent and when reporters and coaches compare CT to FL, IL, TX, NJ, ETC, it is assumptions, but we play good football here.”

Brown does have a pedigree for college football as his dad played for Central Florida in the 80′s.  This, along with other things, makes UCF one of the teams he would like to play for.  Along with the Knights,  Brown has his sights set on a couple of other schools.

“I would say Wisconsin, UCF and NC State in that order and all dream schools for me,” said Brown when asked what are his top schools.

For now he is finishing up the summer camp circuit and getting ready for his senior year.  His Bobcat football team is looking to improve on last year’s 5-5 finish.  Brown remains patient and feels like he will end up at the right school for him in the end.

“I am confident the right school will come, they all know me and they are watching me.”

“If Wisconsin, NC State or UCF offer soon I would lock it down with them as I have visited, I am communicating with the coaches and so it would make sense, but I am open to options and looking forward to a really good season.”

Click here to view Boeing Brown’s highlight video on

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Florida WR looking for Some Michigan Wolverines Attention

July 12th, 2012

When you are a high school football player holding 21 offers from Division I schools it’s tough to say that you are in need.  However,  2013 wide receiver Dionte Taylor out of University School (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)  is looking for some attention from up North.

Specifically,  Taylor has his eyes on the Michigan Wolverines.

“They have a strong academic reputation, a huge fan base and tradition in football,”  Taylor said.  ”I made a checklist of all the things I want in a school and Michigan has them all,” he continued.

Along with reputation, fan base and tradition in football,  Taylor is drawn to the fact that Michigan is one of the top teams in their conference,  they run an offense he can excel in and the school is located not too far from a major city.

The biggest problem with Michigan for Taylor is that he does not yet have an offer from them.  Of the 21 offers that Taylor currently has,  Boston College, Wake Forest, Nebraska, Houston, Cincinnati and UCF stand out for him.  With that said,  Michigan is still a program that Taylor has his eyes on.

“I have a really strong interest in their program and school. I will be a major asset to their team and family and that If given then opportunity, I will be a committed and dedicated player to their program,”  Taylor said about Michigan.

For now,  Taylor will continue to polish the skills that have made him a highly touted recruit with offers from across the country.  His University School team kicks off their 2012 season in Ohio against state power Trotwood Madison.  Look for him to put his skills on display and hopefully catch the eye of the Wolverines in the near future.

Check out Dionte Taylor’s highlight video,  click here now

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New UMass Commit Plans to Bring Speed and Excitement to Minutemen

July 6th, 2012

There’s a ton of excitement building around the University of Massachusetts campus and it’s about football.  The Minutemen begin their transition into to FBS football and will be competing in the Mid American Conference more commonly known as The Mac Conference.  Such a move dictates that the Minutemen will need to continue to add dynamic players to their roster and the did that today by securing a commitment from 2013 Athlete Donnice Woods out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida’s University School.

Woods has provided excitement on the field since his days as a youth football player.  He was the master of exciting long runs while at Douglas High School as a sophomore and then took his talents to University School his junior year.  It was at University School that Woods made his mark as a dynamic player that can make things happen in all three phases of the game.  Woods’ highlight video is loaded with nifty punt returns and improbable runs after the catch.  It’s this element of play that the UMass coaching staff is looking to bring by signing Woods.

“They want to use me as a speed guy,” said Woods. “Line me up in the slot, outside some times. Run jets sweeps, quick passes and also as a deep threat,”  he added.

Early playing time was a key factor in Woods decision along with a good feeling about the coaching staff for UMass.

“They are great people up there and it’s a great school.  The coaching staff is great and they said they could really use me,”  Wood said.

The Minutemen’s move to an offensive happy MAC Conference means that they will need more players like Woods sooner rather than later.  Woods relationship with current Minutemen Marken Michel and Antoine Tharp assisted in getting him to Massachusetts as both players spoke of highly of the school and the staff.

Woods plans on majoring in business at UMass and plans to visit the campus on September 1st.  His opportunity to make an early impact help Woods choose UMass over Kentucky, Indiana and a few other offers that he had on the table.  He is now focused on the upcoming 2012 season in which his University School team is poised to make a run at a Florida state championship.  Woods is one of 15 players on the roster with offers from Division-I schools.

When asked what he will bring to the table to UMass,  Woods’ answer was simple.

“Speed, swag and leadership”


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Miami Pace DB Logan Oce holding offer from Western Michigan and Bowling Green

June 19th, 2012
Miami Pace H.S. has had a reputation of putting out D-I talent over the years and that tradition continues with a number of top notched players in the class of 2013.  One player starting to receive attention is defensive back Logan Oce.  Here’s his evaluation.
2013 DB – LOGAN OCE – MONSIGNOR PACE: Fluid athlete with textbook defensive back sills. A solid 1-on-1 defender with great eye discipline. Flexible in the hips with solid footwork to keep him in the hip pocket of the WR. Outstanding strength to bodyweight ratio combine with good speed. Has solid football IQ and hustle to the ball. A great run supporter who will stick his nose in there and make a tackle. A nice frame that will continue to grow perhaps into his college years. Check out his Profile:

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