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Calvary’s Tristan Peyton Is Not on The Radar but He Should Be

If you’ve coached young linebackers then you know how hard it is to get them to read their keys, fill the hole and hustle to the football.  Some never get it, some pick it up quick and some just seem born to do it.  The last category describes 2015 LB Tristan Peyton out of Calvary […]

Rio Rancho’s Easton Bruere Trying to Pass His Way Into Recruiting Consciousness

What if I told you I had a high school quarterback that has thrown for over 8,000 yard in his high school career?  What if I told you he has thrown for 90 TDs since he first got under center?  What if I told you he has thrown for 31 TDs with 0 INTs in […]

2015 Maryland DB Prospect Antoine Means Looking for Action

Football is the ultimate team game as we all know.  This means that for most positions on the field,  your success can be totally dependent on others.  Two positions where that is the case are wide receiver and defensive back.  In the high school football game, being an intimidating cornerback can result in a lot […]

2015 DB Nick Peart Making a Strong Impact at American Heritage

For every high school senior,  entering your senior year is filled with a ton of emotions.  They can range from anxiety to sadness to joy.  Whatever emotions are running through 2015 DB Nick Peart they are being used to his utmost benefit.  The senior safety for American Heritage Plantation has come up big in three […]

5 Star NFL Draft Report: Big 10

Continuing my series on BCS Conferences 5 star NFL draft reports, today it’s the Big-10.  Before getting into the numbers it should be pointed out that the Big-10 has 12 teams in it’s conference (don’t ask!) and thus has less teams than the two previous conferences I have reported on, the ACC with 14 and […]

5 Star NFL Draft Report: ACC

By: Chad Wilson – Continuing my report on how the draft eligible 5 star recruits from each conference feared in the 2013 NFL draft,  today I move to the ACC. The SEC was the first conference I analyzed and we will see if they set the standard.  As I mentioned in that article,  this […]

5 Star 2013 NFL Draft Report: SEC

How much can be told about a program based on their recruits’ migration to the NFL?  Some would say a lot , others will say not that much.  I would say it says something. How much is open for debate. I did some research and began with the Southeastern Conference, better known as the SEC. […]

SEC Florida Football Signees in 2013

For those of you who care, the state of Florida has been called the hotbed of recruiting in college football and the SEC is widely regarded as the top conference in the game.  So draw your own conclusions from the following information.  The SEC had a total of 359 signees for the class of 2013. […]

For College Football Players, Meals Are Just One More Advantage

What’s in a meal? Some college coaches would say everything.  In this fast moving world of college football, the championships and the glory seem to go where the money is and one of the increasing places where money is spent is in training table. For those of you new to the game, training table is […]

Off Season Work Has Transformed Chris James into a BCS Type Talent

They say championships are won in the offseason and if that’s true then Notre Dame Dons High School (Niles, IL) running back Chris James is ready for big things. James was already a talented performer for the Dons as a sophomore in 2011 but was not a featured player in their offense.  However, that could […]

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