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Week 5 Gridironstuds Show Football Picks

Host Chad Wilson issued his college and nfl picks for week #5 along with co-host Emil Calomino’s picks.  Calomino was unable to do today’s show.  Here are the hosts picks Chad Wilson’s College Football Picks Current Record: 5-7 Minnesota (+7) over IOWA Clemson (-7) over BOSTON COLLEGE OKLAHOMA ST. (+2.5) over Texas Emil Calomino’s College […]

AFC Divisional Picks from GridironStuds Show Hosts

Here are the AFC Divisional Predictions from The Gridiron Studs Show hosts Chad Wilson and Emil Calomino from August 29th’s show as heard here:–82912-afc-division-predictions Chad Wilson & Emil Calomino AFC Picks Chad Emil AFC EAST AFC EAST 1 New England 11-5 New England 12-4 2 Buffalo 8-8 NY Jets 9-7 3 NY Jets 7-9 Buffalo […] 2012 NFL Draft Grades

Here’s a look at my grades on each of the 32 NFL teams’ drafts.  I have a formula for draft picking and team building.  It’s very simple and I use it to grade drafts along with other factors. Here are the positions you need to draft: QB, RB, DT, WR, CB, LT, DE, MLB, WR2, […]

LSU’s Rueben Randle Becomes First Member to Be Drafted

Well I told all to watch out for Miami’s Lamar Miller as the likely first Gridiron Stud to be drafted into the NFL but lost sight of LSU’s Rueben Randle.  Low and behold Randle it was and he went to the defending Super Bowl champions,  how ironic for a Gridiron Stud.  Randle closed out the […] 2012 Draft WR Rankings

Last week I gave you my top QB rankings for this month’s NFL draft.  This week I dive in with the top WRs for this draft.  I will do this in more depth next year with rankings on more positions.  I will have running back rankings tomorrow.  I base my rankings largely on production and […] 2012 NFL Draft QB Ratings

Is there anything more analyzed than the NFL draft and it’s prospects?  If only oil and gas prices were analyzed as intensely  maybe I wouldn’t spend so much time with the low fuel light on.  With that said,  for all the analyzing going on,  it seems that most involved in the business suffer from this […]

The #1 Thing the Dolphins Need to Do in the 2012 Draft: Don’t Draft Another Offensive Lineman in the 1st Round

By: Chad Wilson email: Follow on Twitter: @Gridironstuds I think we have all established that the NFL draft is somewhat of a crap shoot.  I think it has also been established that if you can do well in the NFL draft you can set your organization up for success for future seasons to come. […]

10 Moves the Miami Dolphins Need to Make in the 2012 Draft

By: Chad Wilson – CEO – Follow on Twitter: email: I will be expanding more on the points I am making below about the Dolphins 2012 draft in upcoming articles but I want to throw the ideas out there first so people can argue them, attempt to ridicule them etc. 1.  Don’t […]

Top Unofficial DB 40 Yard Dash Times at NFL Combine 2012

Follow us on Twitter: @Gridironstuds email: Here are the top unofficial times for the first group of defensive backs at the NFL Combine. J. Robinson (UCF) 4.29 R. Brooks (LSU) 4.35 D. Bentley (ULL) 4.37 C. Sensabaugh (CLEM) 4.37 J. Hosley (VT) 4.38 J. McMilian (ME) 4.42 Dre Kirkpatrick (ALA) 4.43 J. Fleming (Okla) […]

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