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Current ACC Football Commitment List


Here is a current list of football commitments for the ACC Conference.  This comes compliments of the Atlanta Journal Constitution which does a great job of covering college football recruiting.  Check out this latest list of commitments and see where your favorite ACC team is in the recruiting race.  New Miami head coach Al Golden is leading the way with seven commitments.  Virginia Tech is also up there with five commitments.  Everyone else is either sitting at one or two commitments.  These numbers will certainly change in the coming month as coaches hit spring practices at prep schools across the country.

Duke (2)

Name Pos. Ht./Wt. Stars^ High School/Junior College
Allen Jackson DE 6-5/225 -/- Owings Mills (MD) McDonogh
Erich Schneider WR 6-6/200 -/- Jacksonville (FL) Episcopal

Georgia Tech (2)

Name Pos. Ht./Wt. Stars^ High School/Junior College
Junior Gnonkonde DE 6-4/215 -/- Lakeland (GA) Lanier County
Chase Roberts OL 6-3/285 -/3 Norcross (GA) Greater Atlanta Christian

Miami (7)

Name Pos. Ht./Wt. Stars^ High School/Junior College
Willie Bailey DB 6-1/165 -/3 Hallandale (FL) High
Keith Brown LB 6-1/210 -/4 Miami (FL) Norland
Jontavious Carter WR 6-4/195 -/- Cordele (GA) Crisp County
Gray Crow QB 6’3/220 -/- Clearwater (FL) Countryside
Randy Johnson RB 5-9/175 -/3 Miami (FL) Norland
Amos Leggett DB 6-0/175 -/3 Miami (FL) Gulliver Prep
Trent Taylor DE 6-3/245 -/- Lakeland (FL) Lake Gibson

North Carolina (2)

Name Pos. Ht./Wt. Stars^ High School/Junior College
Shakeel Rashad LB 6-2/210 -/3 Jacksonville (FL) Episcopal
Christian Russell # LB 5-11/220 -/- Chatham (VA) Hargrave Military

Virginia (1)

Name Pos. Ht./Wt. Stars^ High School/Junior College
Mark Hall LB 6-2/210 -/- Virginia Beach (VA) Green Run

Virginia Tech (5)

Name Pos. Ht./Wt. Stars^ High School/Junior College
Dakota Jackson TE 6-4/245 -/- Roanoke (VA) Northside
Donaldven Manning DB 5-10/160 -/3 Miami (FL) Central
Dahman McKinnon LB 6-2/200 -/- Hope Mills (NC) South View
T.J. Millweard QB 6-4/230 -/- Fort Worth (TX) All Saints Episcopal
Davion Tookes DB 5-10/165 -/- Fairburn (GA) Creekside Member Peyton Newell Wins NUC Ultimate 100 Combine King


Only going into the 9th grade but he already has numbers that would put many high school seniors to shame.  With that, Peyton Newell walked away with National Underclassman Combine Ultimate 100 Combine King honors.  Newell,  standing at 6’2″ 221 lbs. ,  was the strongest 8th grader ever at the event after cranking out 31 reps at 135 lbs.  In addition,  he ran a 4.81 in the shuttle and 5.24 in the 40 yard dash.  To quote the folks and NUC “Newell has major potential”.   He has plenty of time to improve on those gaudy number since he won’t be graduating until 2014.  Congratulations to Peyton Newell.   Click here to view Peyton Newell’s highlight videoClick here to view his NUC 100 Combine highlight video.

Doug Rigg Commits to West Virginia


Another day and another member going D-I. The latest commitment comes from hard nose, hard hitting New Jersey linebacker Doug Rigg. Rigg hails from Bergen Catholic high school in Bloomfield, New Jersey.

The 6’1″ 210 lb. senior saw contributed heavily on both sides of the ball. On offense, Rigg put up 500 yards on the ground as a running back and found the end zone nine times. From his defensive end spot, Rigg totaled 65 tackles and had seven sacks. In the weight room, he puts up 325 lbs. on the bench press and squats 435 lbs. He is the fourth linebacker commit for the Mountaineers in their 2010 class and the first commit from the state of New Jersey for the Mountaineers.

Rigg was also considering offers from Rutgers, Wisconsin, Iowa and Maryland.

Check out Doug Rigg’s highlight video at Click here now.

IN the PIT: OL – Brandon Linder v. DL – Josh Shirley


IN The PIT – 2009 Third Edition:

In the RED CORNER: Brandon Linder – OT – St. Thomas Aquinas H.S. (Florida)

IN THE BLUE CORNER: Josh Shirley – DE – Kaiser High School (California)

In our two previous IN the PIT segments we had a running back go up against a linebacker. Then we had a wide receiver take on a defensive back. It seems only fitting now that we let the big boys have some fun. Afterall, this is called “IN the PIT” which means you have to get some big boys in this thing.

This time we have some East Coast vs. West Coast action. St. Thomas Aquinas’ Brandon Linder is the anchor of the offense for the #1 team in the country, Ft. Lauderdale’s St. Thomas Aquinas. Linder swats defensive linemen like flies. Don’t believe me, check the eye in the sky. A big part of the success enjoyed by St. Thomas’ offense that seemed to put up 45 points every game was Linder opening holes for the backs and keeping the QB upright. Linder will be a 3 year starter this fall and is on his way to whatever school he wants come signing day. However, the question is, for 48 minutes on a hot Friday Night, can Linder keep the Beast Josh Shirley off of his quarterback? Can he stop him from penetrating in the backfield and smashing the running back?

Fontana’s Kaiser High School has a one man wrecking crew. If you are a thirty something, you remember Tecmo Bowl and all the curse words you used when Lawerence Taylor kept jumping on your QB’s back and ruining your plays. That’s Josh Shirley. Few, if any players at the defensive end position are as explosive as Shirley. He shoots off the line like water out of fireman’s hose and runs down quarterbacks like special presentations on the National Geographic channel. Shirley recorded 17 sacks in 2008 playing against some good California talent. Shirley has the speed to play linebacker but he would much rather terrorize the front line with his array of moves and skilled position speed.

So, the question is, if we put them IN the PIT, could Brandon Linder keep Josh Shirley off his quarterback? Would he dominate Shirley like he has so many other defensive linemen? Would Shirley’s quickness be a nightmare for Linder or would Shirley be neutralized by Linder strength and technique?

Watch Brandon Linder’s Video ……………… Watch Josh Shirley’s Video

Who would win this matchup? Brandon Linder or Josh Shirley. We want to know. Tell us here…..

IN THE PIT: WR – Chris Dunkley vs. CB – Latwan Anderson


Chris Dunkley – WR – Royal Palm Bay, FL

VS. Latwan Anderson – CB – Lakewood, Oh

In our second edition of “IN THE PIT” we have matched up two of the best athletes in our Database.

In one corner we have the highly recruited Chris Dunkley out of Royal Palm Bay High School in Royal Palm Bay, FL. There are no small plays with Dunkley. The routine play suddenly turns into a crowd on their feet and women screaming as Dunkley eats up the yardage. Blessed with game breaking speed and a thirst for the end zone, Dunkley found pay dirt 13 times last year and opened up a business where he was contracted to make defenders look stupid for free. At 5’11 169 he plays bigger than those numbers and runs a 4.43 forty but will that be enough…. View Chris Dunkley’s highlight video.

In the other corner…..

We have safety who could certainly play cornerback, Latwan Anderson. The recent transfer from St. Edwards High School to Glenville High School in Ohio, has made a name for himself. He boasts a 4.29 in the 40 and while we all hold high school 40 times with a degree of skepticism, Anderson makes a good case for it in his video. There are plenty of clips of him getting his hands on the ball and beating everyone to the endzone. He also shows some solid aggression. At 5’11” 190 lbs., he’s bigger than Dunkley but is he quick enough to handle Dunkley’s shakes in a 1-on-1 situation?   Watch Latwan Anderson’s highlight video.

So, on a dark mid October Friday night in the Fall, if Anderson was assigned to follow wide receiver Dunkley around for 4 quarters from his cornerback spot, who would get the best of that battle? “In the Pit” wants to know.  Tell us now, CLICK HERE.

As an interesting side note,  The University of Miami has offers on the table for both of these athletes so there is the small chance that this battle could play out on a daily basis in practice on the Hurricanes” campus in the future.

IN THE PIT: LB – Jeff Luc vs. RB – Tyrrell Willis


Jeff Luc – LB – Port St. Lucie, FL

VS. Tyrrell Willis – RB – Murray Kentucky

In our first edition of “IN THE PIT” we have matched up two of the most physical players on the entire website.

In one corner we have Jeff Luc out of Treasure Coast High School. Since landing on in January, Luc has become legendary. His penchant for the big hit has made his video a must see on this site. Football fans from coast to coast have been stunned by his level of violence on the football field. His hits have been so hard that some have speculated that they may be fake (don’t know how you would do that but…). Nevertheless,  let it be known, Jeff Luc will hit you and at 6’1″ 235 lbs, he is equipped to bring the pain. If somehow you were under a rock, locked up in prison or shipwrecked on the high seas and have not yet seen Luc’s film, you can look at it here: Jeff Luc’s highlight video.

In the other corner….

Tyrrell Willis may not be as well known as Jeff Luc but he brings the pain just the same. Rumor has it that defensive backs from schools slated to face Willis this season have transferred out of the area for what appears to be no apparent reason. At 6’2″ 255 lbs, Willis is a load. It’s not just Willis’ size that causes a defense problems it’s the way he carries it. Willis moves well for a guy his size (reported 4.65 forty yard dash) and like Luc, plays with an attitude. When Willis has the ball, Newton’s Laws of motion are in full effect. Watch Tyrrell Willis’ highlight video.

So, what would happen if the unstoppable force (Jeff Luc) faced the immovable object (Tyrrell Willis) full speed at the line of scrimmage? Who would win that matchup? “In the Pit” wants to know. Tell us now, CLICK HERE.

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