3 Things You Need to Know When Making A Quarterback Highlight Video

By Chad Wilson – Editor – GridironStuds Blog
Twitter: @GridironStuds

The time of year has come.  The majority of high school football seasons are over as the playoffs have started across the country.  This means if you got on the field this season,  you want to compile your highlights and start to get them out in the public and in front of college football scouts.  One of the most important positions on the football field is the quarterback and the competition for scholarships is fierce. Your highlight tape as a QB is everything so here are three things you must know when putting your quarterback highlight video together.

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C.J. Anderson To Undergo Surgery

Denver Broncos running back C.J. Anderson suffered a torn meniscus last week, and is expected to undergo surgery to repair the tear in his knee. While the injury won’t affect NFL betting odds, it will make the Broncos short-handed at the running back position for a while.

According to reports, the procedure will be performed by Dr. Arthur Ting in California, and could lead to Anderson missing the rest of the regular season. The Broncos however are holding out hope that he can return in time for the playoffs.

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Falcons, Vikings, Cowboys Make Gains in Super Bowl 51 Odds

The season is fast approaching the halfway mark; and with Week 7 just around the corner, some changes have emerged in the Super Bowl lines and odds. Specific teams are slowly cementing their positions as true contenders while a few favorites have begun to struggle.

The Dallas Cowboys smacked the Green Bay packers around in Lambeau Field, which isn’t something most teams can do. Dak Prescott is the quarterback that everyone is talking about.

Coming in as Tony Romo’s replacement, Prescott has proven his naysayers wrong, helping the team achieve their 5-1 start. Of course, that introduces a whole new problem for the Cowboys who must decide whether or not to go back to Romo when he recovers and makes his return.

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Map of US Shows What States NFL Players Hail From

By: Chad Wilson – Editor – GridironStuds Blog
Twitter: @GridironStuds

The NFL recent released the hometowns of all of the players on active opening day rosters and the results are in.  We are sure that the map will spark many debates as state residents bicker over which state has the best football, produces the most NFL talent and has the best athletes.

In terms of pure numbers,  the state of Florida takes the crown for 2016 as 239 NFL players come from the Sunshine State.  Coming in second was California with 220 and Texas is third at 214.  Florida, California and Texas benefit from size and excellent year round weather to help bolster their numbers.  In terms of smaller states that pack a punch, states like Louisiana (62), North Carolina (60), South Carolina (57) and Ohio (94) have some impressive numbers as well.

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Football’s First Female Official Prepares for Second Season in NFL

It is a testament to Sarah Thomas’ mettle that she didn’t dwell upon the pressures of her position as the first full-time game official in the NFL, at least until her first season on the job came to an end. People who were expecting Thomas’ presence to drastically affect the NFL spread were probably disappointed by the uneventful nature of her first season.

It was after the season ended that Thomas began to ponder on what her achievements have meant for the game. Thomas admitted that, while she didn’t feel the pressure during the actual season, upon reflecting on the season as a whole, she had to admit there was indeed some pressure to contend against.

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Major College Football Teams with the Easiest Schedules for 2016

This week, I rank the Power Five schools having the easiest rosters in major college football. To clarify, no team has an easy schedule irrespective of the conference it plays in and college football predictions indicate that challenges can arise even when playing against the “weakest” teams. Some diverse factors played a significant role in the conclusions I made, such as the 2015 records of the playing teams, the nonconference schedules, and the venues of the upcoming games. For teams playing division-based conferences, they must face all the teams within their respective divisions. The challenges come up with the teams they will have to play against from the other side, the strength of opponents at their home stadium, and the frequency of playing against them.

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