Posts under ‘Football strategy’ Play of the Week 9/09/13: Sponsored by FirstDown Playbook

BLUNT PLAY ZONE IT By: Charlie Coiner – CEO – First Down Playbook Anyone who has taught or coached this play knows that there really is no playside or backside to it. The weak side zone play or Blunt as it is commonly referred can hit anywhere. In fact if you charted this play the […]

GridironStuds Play of the Week sponsored by FirstDown Playbook Play of the Week: Sponsored by FirstDown Playbook by: Charlie Coiner – CEO Developer First Down Playbook App 942 China H Swing This 3×1 high low passing play was one of my favorites when I was coaching the Tight Ends with the Buffalo Bills. We ran it a lot with two Tight Ends in […] Play of the Week by FirstDown Playbook

Visit FirstDown Playbook – The fastest growing playbook software on the Web  Coaching Points: by: Charlie Coiner – CEO FirstDown Playbook  -This is a 5 step our progression read for the QB. -He should read this Y to X to F to H (If his protection is suspect I would tell him Y to X […]

Power Up Your Run Game with the Short Back

It’s football season again. Many youth football programs are in full swing, high schools have already started and college football will kick things off this weekend. For all of you youth and high school football coaches that are trying establish a run game and it’s just not happening or to you coaches that have established […]

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