There’s nothing more exciting than a football player taking a football and weaving through defenders to go the length of the field.  In celebration of that and to give a shameless plus for an awesome Dri-Fit T-shirt,  I am going to be holding the weekly/monthly “Bomb ‘ Em for 90″ segment on  This week we are going to take a look at two plays from the NFL yesterday and both were accomplished by players from the NFC North Division.

First up was Green Bay’s Jordy Nelson.  The much maligned receiver operating in the finest receiving corps in the league hauled in a slant and go (slugo) route from Aaron Rogers and raced 93 yards to the end zone vs. St. Louis yesterday.  It was just another big play for this offense enroute to another victory to move them to 6-0 on the season.   Here’s a view of that exciting play:

Next up, we have a man who is no stranger to the end zone and to traveling the length of the field at high speeds.  You may have missed it last night and who could blame you as the Bears were busying beating Minnesota’s back out in a snoozer.  With the Bears up 26-10,  the Vikings just scored a touchdown and came up with the brilliant idea of kicking the ball to Devin Hester.   You can only guess what happened next.  Hester tap danced on the Vikings’ beard and their hopes as he ripped it down the sidelines for a 98 yard kickoff return.  Now the Bomb ‘Em for 90 Committee usually reserves the highlights for touchdown passes of 90 yards or more but we will make occasional exceptions for extraordinary plays and players.  Hester and his deed falls under those categories.  Check out his dazzling return and entry into the Bomb ‘Em for 90 Hall of Fame:

From the high school edition,  which is what I really want this to be,  you have to take a look at the man who coined the phrase,  taking a kickoff back 90 yards for a touchdown earlier this season versus Goose Creek High School and that’s University School’s MacGarrett Kings.  Take a look:

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Did you Bomb someone for 90?  If you had a touchdown play for 90 yards or more and have the video,  let us know.  Send an email now with the description and link to the video to: