High School Football Players Broadcast Their Accomplishments on GridironStuds App

IMG_0376By: Chad Wilson – Editor – GridironStuds Blog
Twitter: @GridironStuds

The 2016 high school football season is finally here.  Some schools have already played two games and some take to the field for the first time this week.  By Monday morning,  every high school football team in the country would have gotten at least one football game under their belt for the new season.

Amidst the shuffle of all the wins and losses in the on field battles,  the battle still remains in another area and that is recruiting.  There’s no way around it,  recruiting is becoming a bigger and bigger part of the high school football game with each passing calendar year.  The word “exposure” has become a part of every young high schoolers vocabulary.  Now,  more than ever,  there are many ways for an athlete to get exposure.   However,  there is a catch-22 to the increase in ways to broadcast your talent.  The more ways to get exposure,  the harder it is to be seen.  Now,  virtually everyone can get their highlights on social media outlets where some coaches may have the opportunity to see it but the more videos that are available for coaches to see on social media,  the less of a chance they have to see yours.

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GridironStuds Show Predicts 4 Teams In 2016 College Football Playoff

By: GridironStuds Staff
Twitter: @GridironStuds

As they do every year,  the GridironStuds Show released their college football conference by conference predictions along with predictions on which teams will make the college football playoff and win the championship.

Co-hosts of the GridironStuds Show,  Chad Wilson and Emil Calomino have been pretty adept in years past picking the playoff participants and while there weren’t a ton of surprises in this year’s show,  each host had a bit of a surprise finisher in their top 4.  Both hosts also agreed on which school would be hold up the trophy at year’s end.  It should be noted that neither host discuss their selections prior to doing the show making their unanimous decision as to who would be champion a bit  unusual.

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4 Star 2017 Cornerback Marco Wilson Commits to Florida on GridironStuds Show

By: Chad Wilson – Editor – GridironStuds Blog
Twitter: @GridironStuds

In a much anticipated decision,  4-star cornerback Marco Wilson from American Heritage High School in Plantation, Florida committed to the Florida Gators on his father’s radio show (Gridiron Studs Show) on Monday.

Wilson’s final five schools were Georgia, Miami, Ohio St., USC and Florida.  Wilson is currently in the top rankings at all the major recruiting companies despite missing his entire junior season recovering from a torn ACL.  Wilson’s brother Quincy Wilson is currently a starting cornerback for the Gators having signed with Florida out of high school in 2014.

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Football’s First Female Official Prepares for Second Season in NFL

It is a testament to Sarah Thomas’ mettle that she didn’t dwell upon the pressures of her position as the first full-time game official in the NFL, at least until her first season on the job came to an end. People who were expecting Thomas’ presence to drastically affect the NFL spread were probably disappointed by the uneventful nature of her first season.

It was after the season ended that Thomas began to ponder on what her achievements have meant for the game. Thomas admitted that, while she didn’t feel the pressure during the actual season, upon reflecting on the season as a whole, she had to admit there was indeed some pressure to contend against.

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Major College Football Teams with the Easiest Schedules for 2016

This week, I rank the Power Five schools having the easiest rosters in major college football. To clarify, no team has an easy schedule irrespective of the conference it plays in and college football predictions indicate that challenges can arise even when playing against the “weakest” teams. Some diverse factors played a significant role in the conclusions I made, such as the 2015 records of the playing teams, the nonconference schedules, and the venues of the upcoming games. For teams playing division-based conferences, they must face all the teams within their respective divisions. The challenges come up with the teams they will have to play against from the other side, the strength of opponents at their home stadium, and the frequency of playing against them.

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2016’s Most Unenviable College Football Schedules

To make accurate college football predictions, experts understand the importance of familiarizing oneself with those factors that ensure success on the field, this not only including players that exceed expectations but a whole lot of luck when it comes to scheduling.

The right schedule can make all the difference in the world, one that is not merely favorable but which provides enough of a challenge for selection committees and pollsters to take a team seriously.

Many a team has been felled by schedules that put them into too many rough spots, allowing them to take too many beatings to compete favorably over the next several months.

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