Chad Wilson’s Real College Football Rankings

By: Chad Wilson – Editor Blog

If I had my way, this is what the current Top 20 in college football would like. Rewards to those who play ranked opponents. Rewards to those who blow out ranked opponents. Penalties for losing to unranked opponents and for getting blown out vs. ranked opponents. Talk about it tomorrow on the Gridironstuds Show :

1 Oregon 2 Florida 3 Kansas St. 4 Notre Dame 5 Texas Tech 6 LSU 7 Alabama 8 Oregon St. 9 Texas A&M 10 South Carolina 11 Oklahoma 12 Stanford 13 Boise St. 14 USC 15 West Virginia 16 Michigan 17 Texas 18 Clemson 19 Georgia 20 FSU

Big Mac in the Drive Thru

When you run a website devoted to viewing high school and youth football players across the country,  you will run into players that really stand out.  Mac Redmond is one of those players.

The 6’1″ 185 lb. 13 year old would be big in the trenches of any middle school football game but that’s not the story.  Redmond is a 6’1″ 185 lb. running back that will make you miss and make you wish you had when he doesn’t.  Redmond displays a great deal of athleticism on the football field as he leads the charge for his South Forsyth Middle School team.  Redmond can do a number of things.  Watch him take the handoff and bust through the middle of the defense and slide by the safety that has sold out to trying and bring the big man down.  Watch him plow through the linebacker that’s uncertain whether Redmond will put a move on him or give him the Mac treatment.  Redmond’s film will also show him slipping out of the backfield and hauling in a pass with the ease of a polished wide receiver.  Once he’s in the flat with the ball,  defensive backs reconsider their will to play the sport.

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