Posts from ‘April, 2012’ 2012 NFL Draft Grades

Here’s a look at my grades on each of the 32 NFL teams’ drafts.  I have a formula for draft picking and team building.  It’s very simple and I use it to grade drafts along with other factors. Here are the positions you need to draft: QB, RB, DT, WR, CB, LT, DE, MLB, WR2, […]

LSU’s Rueben Randle Becomes First Member to Be Drafted

Well I told all to watch out for Miami’s Lamar Miller as the likely first Gridiron Stud to be drafted into the NFL but lost sight of LSU’s Rueben Randle.  Low and behold Randle it was and he went to the defending Super Bowl champions,  how ironic for a Gridiron Stud.  Randle closed out the […] 2012 Draft WR Rankings

Last week I gave you my top QB rankings for this month’s NFL draft.  This week I dive in with the top WRs for this draft.  I will do this in more depth next year with rankings on more positions.  I will have running back rankings tomorrow.  I base my rankings largely on production and […]

The Most Sensible Alignment of College Football Conferences Ever Posted

What a sneaky title this is.  While the main premise of this article is to propose a more logical realignment of the current college football conferences,  it is also a sneaky way to slip in yet another Division I playoff format.  This way we can do something logical in this sport like crown a champion […] 2012 NFL Draft QB Ratings

Is there anything more analyzed than the NFL draft and it’s prospects?  If only oil and gas prices were analyzed as intensely  maybe I wouldn’t spend so much time with the low fuel light on.  With that said,  for all the analyzing going on,  it seems that most involved in the business suffer from this […]

Oklahoma Sooners Getting a Beast in Fla. RB Greg Bryant

American Heritage Delray head coach Doug Socha was asked what the Oklahoma Sooners will be getting when the sign 2013 RB commit Greg Bryant.  Socha’s comment was that the Sooners would be getting a man.  Socha was wrong.  Sooners will be getting a beast. The 5’10” 195 lb. life sized Heisman Trophy statue could grace […]

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