10 Moves the Miami Dolphins Need to Make in the 2012 Draft

By: Chad Wilson – CEO – Gridironstuds.com
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I will be expanding more on the points I am making below about the Dolphins 2012 draft in upcoming articles but I want to throw the ideas out there first so people can argue them, attempt to ridicule them etc.

1.  Don’t draft another offensive lineman with their first pick or in the 1st round again.  PLEASE DON’T!

2.  Deal both Reggie Bush and Brandon Marshall to gain an extra high pick in the 1st round

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Get in Order with Your Football Highlight Video

By: Chad Wilson – Owner Gridironstuds.com
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In my previous article about highlight videos I discussed the need to eliminate routine plays from your highlight video and opt to make the video shorter.  In this edition, I will discuss the order of your clips in your video and how that should not be taken for granted.

Before I launch into the discussion on the order of the clips,  I will touch on the need for players to place too much emphasis on the length in terms of minutes of their video.  Many athletes feel that if their video is too short or under three minutes then it will be frowned upon by those viewing.  This is not true.  What is frowned upon is making a scout watch two or three minutes of plays that scream mediocrity.  You are better off with 1:30 of the best of you than four minutes of something that no one wants to see once let alone twice.  Don’t be nervous about the length of your video.  Most recruiters will watch one or two minutes of your film anyway.  By then,  they know if they think you can play or not.  Again,  they have 100’s of videos to watch.

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Top Unofficial DB 40 Yard Dash Times at NFL Combine 2012

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Here are the top unofficial times for the first group of defensive backs at the NFL Combine.

J. Robinson (UCF) 4.29
R. Brooks (LSU) 4.35
D. Bentley (ULL) 4.37
C. Sensabaugh (CLEM) 4.37
J. Hosley (VT) 4.38

J. McMilian (ME) 4.42
Dre Kirkpatrick (ALA) 4.43
J. Fleming (Okla) 4.43
S. Gilmore (Scar) 4.44

J. Hosley (VT) 4.44
J. Jenkins (UNA) 4.44
R. Brooks (LSU) 4.45
M. Claiborne (LSU) 4.47
M. Pellerin (HAMP) 4.47
S. Richardson (VAN) 4.47
C. Thompson (SCar) 4.47
C. White (SAMF) 4.47

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Rumors and Wires: Week of February 19, 2012

Friday February 24, 2012

Nature Coast Tech (Florida) 2013 running back and Gridironstuds.com member Matthew Breida was offered by Akron, Toledo and U.Mass.

Ohio St. has offered 2013 Vista Murrieta (California) linebacker Su’a Cravens.

Thursday February 23, 2012

University of Louisville has offered Champagnat Lions (Hialeah, FL) Class of 2013 standouts Charlie Williams ATH and Isaac McDonald OLB

West Virginia has offered Gridironstuds.com member Nick Internicola – 2013 – DE/LB from University School (Ft. Lauderdale, FL).

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When It Comes to Recruiting: Like the Rock Says “Know Your Role”

By: Chad Wilson
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One of the most important things that recruits can do for themselves in the recruiting process is understand what level they are on.  This is one of the hardest things for a recruit to do.  It involves being honest with yourself.  It also involves parents being honest about their child’s talent level.  I am not going to bore you with the mathematics of available scholarships vs. those wanting them but I will make this general statement,  there are well over 10 times the amount of prospects wanting to go division I vs. those who will actually achieve that.

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Football Highlight Videos Are Not Routine

By: Chad Wilson
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It’s that time of year where 100’s and 1,000’s of high school football players will make or have made,  highlight videos of their 2011 season exploits.  Many of the highlight videos will be made in a fashion that will adequately market the player’s talents to college coaches but many more videos will fail to hit the mark.

Making highlight videos is a time consuming task that require some knowledge of what coaches want to see for them to be done right.  The majority of the highlight videos I watch are done wrong or at the very least,  have room for improvement.  Two of the most common mistakes I see made with highlight video production are the inordinate amount of routine plays added to a highlight video and putting the most exciting plays to the middle or end of the video.

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