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First Member to Be Drafted set for 2012

I have long waited for this day to come. was launched in 2009 and our initial 2009 class was a great one sure to produce some NFL talent.  Names like Tavon Austin (WVU),  Rueben Randle (LSU),  Russell Sheppard (LSU),  Jamaal Berry (OSU) and William Gholston (MSU) stacked our initial class and left many of […]

Most Viewed Videos on in 2011

2011 was a great year for  Over a quarter million people visited our site during the year and watched a ton of videos and read a boat load of articles in our blog.  What were the most viewed videos during the on rush of visitors.  We have listed them below: (1) Griffin Elbert – Indianapolis, […]

Nation Building: What Should the Colts Do?

So much talk about the Indianapolis Colts and what they should do.  Whether it’s lose their last game intentionally to whether or not they should trade Peyton Manning and draft Andrew Luck. In my next life,  I would want to be a NFL general manager.  Hell,  if I weren’t running up on 40,  I would […]

2012 Underrated DE / LB looking for Offers

Attention Division I, I-AA and even division II programs. If you are looking for a talented, athletic, physically gifted DE/LB type to fill out your 2012 class then we have one for you. Tristan Humbles (Notre Dame, Chicago, IL)  is new to the organized football game but you wouldn’t entirely know that watching him on […]

Importance of Standardized Combine Testing

Combine season is fast approaching and there will be athletic testing popping up on every open stretch of grass in the major cities across the country.  With so many combines to choose from,  how do you determine which ones are a worthy endeavor and which ones are a waste of time and hamstring energy.  One […]

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