First Member to Be Drafted set for 2012

I have long waited for this day to come. was launched in 2009 and our initial 2009 class was a great one sure to produce some NFL talent.  Names like Tavon Austin (WVU),  Rueben Randle (LSU),  Russell Sheppard (LSU),  Jamaal Berry (OSU) and William Gholston (MSU) stacked our initial class and left many of our visitors excited about their futures.  However,  with his early declaration for the NFL draft,  former Miami Killian High School product and now former Miami Hurricane Lamar Miller is poised to be the first member drafted into the NFL.  After redshirting in 2009,  Miller turned some heads in the 2010 season rushing for 646 yards and 6 TDs while averaging an unusual 6.0 yards per carry.  Miller followed that up with a 2011 redshirt sophomore year that saw him gain 1,272 yards average 5.6 yards per carry and hit the end zone nine times.  With that,  Miller has declared for the NFL draft and will take his talents to the NFL come April.   There’s always the chance that someone else from our 2009 class will declare early but until then,  it seems that Lamar Miller will be the first member to be drafted.  Click here to view Lamar Miller’s profile on

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Most Viewed Videos on in 2011

2011 was a great year for  Over a quarter million people visited our site during the year and watched a ton of videos and read a boat load of articles in our blog.  What were the most viewed videos during the on rush of visitors.  We have listed them below: (1) Griffin Elbert – Indianapolis, IN (2) Allan Cui III – Honolulu, HI (3) Jonathan Rush – Cibolo, TX (4) Johnny Sullivan – Clinton, IA (5) Dylon Leslie – Spalding, NE

Nation Building: What Should the Colts Do?

So much talk about the Indianapolis Colts and what they should do.  Whether it’s lose their last game intentionally to whether or not they should trade Peyton Manning and draft Andrew Luck.

In my next life,  I would want to be a NFL general manager.  Hell,  if I weren’t running up on 40,  I would make a run at that career right now. I guess I need someone to encourage me to go after it anyway despite my advancing years.  However,  I digress.

In Peyton Manning,  the Colts have a proven winner, hard worker,  team motivator, etc.  It would be ludicrous to part ways with Manning in favor of an unproven rookie no matter what you feel his potential may be.  I don’t even believe that the Colts should draft Luck and have him sit behind Manning until Manning retires or proves that he can no longer get it done.  After all,  we have no idea when that might be.  Also,  if Luck is all that people believe that he will be then he probably needs to be on the field sooner rather than later ala Matthew Stafford.

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2012 Underrated DE / LB looking for Offers

Attention Division I, I-AA and even division II programs. If you are looking for a talented, athletic, physically gifted DE/LB type to fill out your 2012 class then we have one for you. Tristan Humbles (Notre Dame, Chicago, IL) is new to the organized football game but you wouldn’t entirely know that watching him on film. Humbles is well put together and that’s obvious when you look at the video. He also knows how to get after the quarterback, be relentless and put the pressure on the person assigned to block him play after play. One of the best attributes a defender can bring to the table is a great motor. As Ray Lewis is often quoted as saying before his unit takes to the field “let’s go hunt!”. Humbles goes hunting on Friday Nights and there’s no doubt that his hunting should continue on Saturday for an upper echelon college football program. The tape doesn’t lie on this prospect. View Tristan Humbles 2011 senior year highlight video.

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Importance of Standardized Combine Testing

Combine season is fast approaching and there will be athletic testing popping up on every open stretch of grass in the major cities across the country.  With so many combines to choose from,  how do you determine which ones are a worthy endeavor and which ones are a waste of time and hamstring energy.  One major aspect that can separate the real from the unreal is the presence of standardized testing at the combine event.  By standardized I mean digital time of the 40 yard dash and other agility drills.  It’s the best way to legitimately gauge one athlete against another either at the local combine or another combine taking place at another location.  I see the implementation of standardized testing being the wave of the future on the high school level if no other reason other than the fact that so many athletes participate in these combines annually.   Zybek Sports out of Boulder, Colorado is taking a leadership role in bringing standardized athletic testing to the high school level.  Here is a recent article written by them on the importance of standardized testing at combine events.

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