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AYFL – 120 lb. Division Playoff Predictions

This is perhaps the most competitive division this year in the American Youth Football League in Broward County, Florida.  You have a division where as many as five teams have an equal chance of standing on top of the mountain at end of the season.  Here is how I think things will shake out in […]

Bomb ‘Em for 90! Jordy Nelson, Devin Hester Take it to the House on Sunday

There’s nothing more exciting than a football player taking a football and weaving through defenders to go the length of the field.  In celebration of that and to give a shameless plus for an awesome Dri-Fit T-shirt,  I am going to be holding the weekly/monthly “Bomb ‘ Em for 90″ segment on  This week […]

Freshman QB Breaks Florida State Record with 10 TD passes in One Game

There are good games and there are games like the one freshman QB Tucker Israel had on Thursday Night.  The signal caller surpassed the Florida state record of eight touchdown passes in a game when he went out and rained down 10 TD passes on Celebration High School in a 68-10 win for Lake Nona. […]

Desean Jackson Has Been Doing It Big For A While Now

We all see him on Sunday’s giving the other team fits and making opposing fans say words they should not be saying on Sunday.  However,  Desean Jackson is not new to this.  Jackson was a phenom in high school playing for popular California High School Long Beach Poly.  Jackson was groomed for greatness… literally.   […]

Cane on Cane Violence: Hester and Shields Slap Boxing on a Sunday

 Yes,  I know it’s old news but there are still those of you out there who have not seen it.  So this is for you.  A couple of weeks back, the Packers were out doing their thing which of late is beating the back out of the Chicago Bears (sorry windy city fans). During the […]

Internet Recruiting Bringing Parity to College Football

I have been paying attention and I hope you have been too.  Top tier college football programs are finding it difficult to polish off those teams they have historically demolished by half time.  This year, more than ever, it seems that the meek are beginning to rise.  Just this past week I watched Utah St. […]

Youth Football Player Held in Check by Rule to Limit Touchdowns

There are rules and then there are rules.  Fed up with Demias Jimerson’s dominance of the youth league in Malvern, Arkansas,  the league has dusted off an old rule in brought it back in. Jimerson is now subjected to the Madre Hill rule named after current Oakland Raider and former Wilson Intermediate Football League competitor […]

He Did What? Lebron James Practices in Full Pads with High School Football Team

Proof that NBA players are getting bored during the lockout,  NBA superstar Lebron James took to the high school gridiron and practiced in full gear for the St. Vincent, St. Mary football team on Tuesday.  James wore it all down to the visor and mouthpiece however,  tackling James was off limits (duh!).  James borrowed equipment […]

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