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9-06-11: Video of the Day: Isaac McDonald – LB/WR – Champagnat HS, FL


Does he look ridiculous standing up as a 6’6″ linebacker before the snap of the football?  Yes,  he does.  Is it intimidating?  Yes,  it is?  Does he make plays?  Yes,  he does.  To say that Isaac McDonald stands out on film would not do justice to the word obvious.  McDonald is hard to miss as he looks like Dikembe Motumbo at a Japanese night club.  However,  McDonald does not just show up because of his size.  He shows up because he’s all over the field and really likes laying his 6’6″ frame into people who are not wearing his colors.  McDonald lines up at various spots throughout out the video and wherever he is,  there’s action.  Watch him catch a ball making a defensive back look like a baby boy.  Watch him run down the sidelines with the football and truck a defender like it’s his little brother and watch him hunt down a QB and engulf him like a bad situation.  Many goods things to see on this film and as McDonald continues to rise as a prospect. Florida St., Florida, Miami, LSU and South Carolina are all on the recruiting trail for McDonald.  Click here to view Isaac McDonald’s highlight video at  video courtesy of Genron187.

9-01-11: Video of the Day: Keldyn Ahlstedt – DB – Wilson Secondary – Ontario, CAN


One thing running has allowed me to do is acquire respect for the way the game of football is played at high schools across the country.  It has also allowed me to gain a measure of respect for Canadian high school football.  Keldyn Ahlstedt would be an example of that.  This senior prospect presents solid defensive back play that many kids from the states could learn from.  Ahlstedt is one of those players that a defensive back coach does not have to worry about.  He’s the player in the secondary that’s going to be where he is supposed to me 99% of the time and make the play when the opportunity presents itself.  Ahlstedt also brings a physical aspect to the position and more than likely inspires his teammates with his play.  You will love his technique coming out of his back pedal and his breaks and you will also love his instincts.  He has a wealth of video on his profile and I encourage you to watch it all.  This kid is a solid player.  Click here to view Keldyn Ahlstedt’s profile on

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