8-31-11: Video of the Day: Connor Moore – OL – Vero Beach HS, FL

I wonder if Connor Moore brings syrup to his games. If he doesn’t, then I’m going to have to recommend that he does.  Moore is doing nothing but serving up pancakes from his offensive tackle spot and sticking to defenders like the good stuff from Aunt Jemima.  Once this relentless beast sets his sights on you,  pack your things because you’re moving.  It’s hilarious to watch Moore turn defensive tackles into defensive backs when they find themselves deep in the secondary at the end of the play.  Moore is not massive in size like a lot of tackles today but what he may lack in girth,  he more than makes up for in quickness, determination and pure 100% desire.  Only the whistle can save the man in front of him.  It’s a joy to watch this kind of tenacity on the football field.  You can expect a host of scouts to be on this prospect’s trail come the end of the 2011 season.  Check out Connor Moore’s highlight video at Gridironstuds.com,  click here.

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8-30-11: Video of the Day: Davien Payne – RB – Citrus Hill H.S. – CA

We all know that running backs can be a dime a dozen.  However,  some are just special.  Citrus Hill’s Davien Payne falls into the “special” class.  A lovely combo of speed, strength and power gives Davien the ability to cause pain for the opposing team’s defense.  He can run through you,  around you or by you and do it with confidence.  Citrus Hill has been putting together some nice college prospects over the last couple of years and this seems to be another.  Payne is an early commit to Colorado and would be a welcomed addition to a Colorado program looking to return to their glory years.  When last that happened,  the Buffs were a team known for having good tailbacks.  Payne could lead the charge into a new era.  Check out Davien Payne’s highlight video at Gridironstuds.com.

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8-26-11: Video of the Day: Daniel Braverman – WR – University School, FL

How can I reach the endzone?  Let me count the ways.  Daniel Braverman can dial up a touchdown from anywhere on the football field as you can plainly see in his highlight video.  He can return a kickoff, catch a short pass and house it.  He can also catch a long one or run back a punt.  He can also come out of the backfield or take a handoff from the tailback position.  Bottom line is,  whenever the ball is in his hands,  something electric is going to happen.  Braverman amassed over 1,000 yards of total offense in 2010 playing for the University School Suns.  He was a key factor in an offense that was record breaking in many ways.  A year ago this time,  Braverman took the opening kickoff of the 2010 season for the Suns and housed it.  Tonight, he takes the field again looking to start the 2011 season off with a bang.  Get a load of his entertainment when you watch his 2010 highlight video, click here now.

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Careless High School Coaches Allow Street Agents to Flourish

GISlogo452You ask any of the top college football programs in the country about recruiting and they will tell you in a heartbeat that they would much rather deal with the high school coach or the parents of a prospect than the street agent, 7-on-7 coach or the “uncle” who really isn’t the uncle.

There was a time when a college football coach looking to recruit a prospect would call or visit the high school coach for information on the recruit.  More and more these days,  the first call to get info is going to a 3rd party who may not always have the best intentions.   Third party operations have been existence for quite some time.  When I was coming up there was the magazine called Super Preps that would rank recruits.  There was also Parade Magazine, Blue Chips, etc.  Those publications would provide pertinent information on recruits and tell you where they were located.  However,  the college coach looking to recruit the player still needed to call the high school coach to recruit the kid.  Nowadays,  your “street agent” will work it where they are the only contact if you want to get to the kid and some of them will bill you like a law firm.   It’s a money making venture for the 3rd party and the player is sold off to the highest bidder.  This is not a good look for college football recruiting.

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Prime Time Made it Ok to Play Cornerback

“Chad I think you should play cornerback.”  Those words from a childhood friend of mine in 1986 brought fire to my belly.  “Man I’m a running back,” I fired back.  I was going to be the next Eric Dickerson.  I had my neck roll,  my upright running style and if they wouldn’t have given me a headache,  I would have worn the Rec Specs goggles too.

I couldn’t really name any cornerbacks back them.  I knew Leroy Irvin because he played for my favorite team,  the Los Angeles Rams.  Of course everyone knew Lester Hayes because he was one part good, one part half crazy.  Other than that,  there was no one inspiring me to stand real close to the sidelines and chase a receiver around the field for an entire game.  Runningbacks got the ball,  were able to make sweet moves and they scored touchdowns.  They get their face on TV.    Cornerbacks,  in 1986, weren’t doing that.

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8-5-11: Video of the Day: Devian Shelton – DB – Inglewood HS, CA

No free releases!  Get a jam on him!  Those are some of the things you  may hear a defensive back coach instructing a player to do at the high school and college level.  Devian Shelton listens.  The moment the vid starts running,  you know this is true.  Trouble awaits you when you try to get to the other side of the line of scrimmage on this fast rising prospect.  Shelton provides what I call “busted lip coverage” on wide receivers looking to get pretty on the defense.  Pass catchers,  better bring your makeup bag because Shelton’s looking to bruise you.  His aggressive nature jumps out at you and puts him position to make plays all over the field.  The big schools out West (USC, UCLA, Oregon) are starting to take notice and Shelton’s interest could move nationwide.  It’s another Inglewood High School product.  Put a stamp on it.  Click here to view Devian Shelton’s Highlight Video.

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