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7-26: Video of the Day: Eli Jenkins – Parker HS – Birmingham, AL


Tucked away in Alabama is a school with a wealth of talent.  Running that whole show is poised ring leader named Eli Jenkins.  The young signal caller is smooth in the pocket,  quick on his feet and can launch the pigskin with the best of them.  You’ll have fun watching him befuddle pursuing defensive linemen,  whizzing balls past unprepared defensive backs and moving his team down the field.  Jenkins can do it to you slow or bomb you for 80.  Jenkins pieces it all together with his talent,  skill and poise under pressure. He and his mates will be ones to watch this season.   Click here to view Eli Jenkins’ highlight video.

Video of the Day: Peyton Newell – Hiawatha H.S. – Hiawatha, KS


The are phenoms and there are phenoms.  Peyton Newell fits in either one of those categories.  Newell is a physical freak with a 300 plus pound bench press and 500 plus pound squat.  These would be great numbers for a senior but Newell has just completed his freshman year.  The best part about is that Newell is not just a weight room warrior,  he happens to be a very good football player as well.  Newell owns a wicked get off from the line of scrimmage when the ball is hiked.  This makes him a frequent visitors to the opponent’s backfield where he can wrap them up and get them down to the ground with the best of them.  Newell also does a great job shedding blockers and taking on double teams.  The misfortune for Hiawatha’s opponents is that they have three more years of this.  Newell has also hit quite a few camps in his early career and as you can imagine,  he has walked away with awards and MVP honors with regularity.  He’s one to keep an eye on this season and for several more to come.  Click here to view Peyton Newell’s Highlight Video at

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