Time to Pay College Football Players? Don’t Go There.

The recent rash of NCAA violations and alleged violations at major schools like USC, Ohio St., Auburn, LSU, Oregon, etc have ramped up the talk of the need to pay college football players.  I am going to take an unpopular position on this topic and say don’t give them a dime.

It is no secret that I played major college football.  It is a lesser known fact that I also played major college football for a not so major team.  Before I played for the Miami Hurricanes,  I played for the now defunct Long Beach St. 49ers football program.  Playing for two college football programs will give anyone in that position perspective.  When you play for two programs on the opposite ends of the spectrum,  your perspective gets even greater.

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NCAA Probe into Florida Prep Recruiting May Be Just the Beginning

For years now,  many have been forced to ask how some Florida athletes have been leaving the state to attend football programs outside of the Sunshine State.  Some have speculated that the day has come where there is enough information is available to athletes and their families about other programs that they don’t need to attend the Big Three and sink into a depth chart.  Others have argued that the kids just want a change of scenery.  While those two things and other innocent factors may be true,  others think that there is something more sinister going on.

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