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Coaches and Programs in Trouble Becoming a Common Trend


College football teams sure are breaking the rules these days.  From one day to the next there seems to be a college football program in hot water for some rules violation.   This leaves the coach in a position where he is in front of the camera putting on his best poker face as he tries to give as much information as possible without saying anything.

The latest casualty of the situation is Ohio St.’s Jim Tressel.  Tressel arrived in Columbus over a decade ago and immediately began a plan to take the Buckeyes to the next level and he was successful.  Tressel’s plan reached it’s peak at the conclusion of the 2002 season when the Buckeyes claimed the national title after an overtime win over the Miami Hurricanes.  Some nine years later,  Tressel exits the program amidst the shame of rules violations and the lies that followed them.

Tressel was just another college football coach sweating it out after being tapped on the shoulder by the NCAA.  Last year’s two national championship game participants,  Auburn and Oregon have dealt with and continue to deal with NCAA probes into their practices.  A casual observer of college football would be left to the conclusion that you don’t raise the trophy without breaking some NCAA rules.  It seems that along with the raising of the well weighted Sears trophy each season,  the victorious program should expect a letter from the NCAA about some violations before the beginning of spring practice for the next season.   It’s a troubling trend but who’s to blame?

We could say that it’s the blood thirsty media in our country that sells publications and air time by putting out disparaging stories on those who are revered by most.  Our culture has made a sport out of building up people and companies only to tear them down when they stick their flag in the ground at the top of the mountain.  So it continues.  The 20 or so teams that have a shot at all at the 2011 title should be preparing themselves for what comes after they achieve the ultimate.   While the players are lifting weights,  team counsel should be pouring through the NCAA rule books and checking out loopholes.   Winning the the title is just beginning,  the real circus starts after that.   Don’t be surprised one year if you see the Sears Trophy filled inside with business cards from attorneys because undoubtedly,  the holder of the prize will certainly be in some kind of trouble.’s Brian Sutter Making Headlines

3 members continue to get attention across the nation.  It all started with Jeff Luc back in 2009,  moved onto guys like Chandler Kincade and now another young phenom is receiving big time attention.  8th Grade quarterback Brian Sutter has been turning heads with his performances on the field and is poised to make a splash when he enters the halls of McKinney High School in Texas.  Sutter’s smooth delivery,  advanced skills and production has people taking notice and was recently featured in an article in the Town Square Buzz a local paper in McKinney, Texas.  Check out the article by clicking here and check out Brian’s highlight video and profile by clicking here. Owner Chad Wilson featured in Palm Beach Post Article


Here is repost of Palm Beach Post article written by Jorge Milian on onwer Chad Wilson

Sixteen years later, ex-UM football player Chad Wilson earns his degree

by Jorge Milian

Among the 49 current and former UM athletes going through graduation ceremonies last week was Chad Wilson.

Nothing odd about that except that Wilson received his bachelor’s degree in business management a few days shy of turning 39.

Chad Wilson during his playing days at UM.

Chad Wilson during his playing days at UM.

“Nothing like being dressed up in your cap and gown with gray hair sitting next to some 22-year-old,” said Wilson, a cornerback from 1992-94 under the Dennis Erickson-coached Hurricanes.

Before returning to school last year, Wilson last attended a class at UM in 1995. Since then, Wilson had started a family, opened a small business and gotten into coaching.

“I already had a very busy schedule,” Wilson said. “I have three kids, I’m a dad and I’m a husband, I have a business and I’m also a football coach. It was very difficult for me to juggle those things. Adding school to it was extra difficult. It was a tremendous sacrifice.”

But Wilson thought it was well worth it because of the children – step-daughter Damianis Eusebio, 17, and sons Quincy, 14, and Marco, 12 – he shares with his wife, Carmen.

“I’m stressing education to them,” Wilson said. “I wanted to be able to say to them, ‘Hey look, I have my degree. Now you guys get to where I am and go beyond.’”

Wilson thought of returning to school to complete his degree – he was 18 credits short –five years ago. But he thought better of it after learning that each credit at UM would cost him $1,100.

“I was already getting by without the degree so laying out $20,000 wasn’t the best idea,” Wilson said.

But a former Hurricanes’ teammate, Gerard Daphnis, told Wilson about a UM program in which the school’s athletic department picks up tuition if a former athlete is close to obtaining a degree.

Wilson jumped at the chance and began classes last summer.

The first day in class Wilson starkly realized the age gap between he and his fellow students. The professor displayed a picture of an Atari video computer system, which had the computer entertainment market cornered in the 1970s and early ‘80s.

“He said, ‘I know none of you are old enough to remember what this is,’” Wilson recalled. “I raised my hand up and was like, ‘Not everybody.’”

Wilson is one of the sharpest young men I’ve met in my 17 years on the UM beat so I can assure you his falling short of a degree during his playing days wasn’t about smarts or effort. Instead, Wilson was a victim of circumstances.

Wilson, who grew up in Pembroke Pines before moving to California in high school, played his two seasons of college football at Long Beach State. When Wilson transferred following his freshman season, UM declined to accept 30 credits he earned at Long Beach. Later, Wilson lost 18 more credits when he switched majors.

“I was sitting there with 120 credits, more than enough to graduate,” said Wilson, who started 13 games in two seasons for UM and was a second-team All-Big East selection in 1994. “But I hadn’t completed all the required courses in business. I had all these classes, all these credits. It would have been silly for me not to finish.”

Not that it was easy. To graduate, Wilson had to pass a mind-bending statistics course. He took the prerequisite 15 years ago.

Being an old head, Wilson didn’t panic. In fact, he served as something of a mentor to his classmates, many who were nearly young enough to be his children.

“It felt good to offer to advice to kids who are going where I’ve already been,” Wilson said.

Wilson has plenty of experience in working with young people. He’s been the defensive coordinator at University School in Davie for four seasons. Last year, University School reached the state 2B championship game before losing 56-55 in triple overtime.

Wilson also is the owner of, a website that allows youth and high school football players to create a profile and add highlight videos that can be viewed by college recruiters.

So Wilson wears a lot of hats. Husband. Dad. Coach. Business owner. And now, college graduate.

“I had to finish what I started,” Wilson said.

AL Golden University of Miami Camps Kick off May 29th


New University of Miami head coach Al Golden is bringing his highly popular football camps to Coral Gables on the campus of The U.  Golden’s camps are unique in that they are six one day highly intensive sessions jam packed with instruction, motivation and skill building.  Along with the Hurricane staff,  the camp will be hosted and assisted by former Hurricane players and coaches from other BCS, Division I, I-AA and II programs.  It’s a great opportunity for exposure for all in attendance.   Each session is only $55 and is open to those in 6th through 12th grade.   Here are the dates of the camps:

Sunday, May 29
Sunday, June 5
Saturday, June 11
Sunday, June 12
Saturday, June 18
Saturday, June 25

For complete info on the Al Golden Camps,  please visit Member Isaac Bailey Headed to ASA College


Nature Coast Tech DB/RB Isaac Bailey who was arguably the most valuable player on the 2010 squad has signed on with ASA College in Brooklyn, New York.  ASA,  is a rising secondary school program that has acquired some strong talent over the recent years and they continue that with the signing of this very talented prospect.

You can read a full article on Bailey’s signing:  click here

You can view his profile and highlight video:  click here

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