Posts from ‘November, 2010’

11/16/10: Video of the Day: Dylon Leslie – Spalding Academy – Splading, NE

Football is a physical game and Dylon Leslie subscribes to this theory.  It won’t take you long to figure that out watching his video.  42 seconds into the flick,  we have a headless horseman compliments of Leslie who’s hit fires the ball carrier’s cap some 10 yards away from the scene of the crime.  It […]

11/02/10: Video of the Day: Christian Kahler – QB – Enochs H.S. (California)

If you are into prototypes,  Christian Kahler is your kind of QB.  He’s Bradyedque in the pocket and passes the ball around to all players like a good offense is supposed to.  Kahler stands tall in the pocket, delivers the ball with precision and confidence.  He also has awareness and is nifty enough to side […]

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