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10/29/10: Video of the Day: Doug Cook – QB – University School (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)


They’ve been described as fun to watch and QB Doug Cook is the emcee of the University School Football party that rides into town and puts up points on the scoreboard like Vanna White turns consonants on the Wheel of Fortune.  Cook can do it all from throw the deep ball to the comeback, to the screen pass to pull it down and run for the first down.  Cook manages the #1 rated offense in Broward County, Florida and he does so with precision and efficiency.  Check out his mid season highlight video and watch him cut up defense after defense trying to put the brakes on their high octane offense.  Click here to view his highlight video.

10/28/10: Video of the Day: Quinton Sullivan -WR- Harrisburg H.S. (Pennsylvania)


Well you know we are all about prospects and Quinton Sullivan is certainly one to take a look at.  Sullivan is a 6’0″ 180 lb. wide receiver with good speed,  solid instincts and great play making ability.  You will be entertained watching this prospect do his thing on the gridiron hauling in passes and turning them into six.  He can make the catch in traffic and he can also take the short one and turn it into a 50,60,70 yard touchdown.  Sullivan can also go get the deep ball which makes him a threat to do damage all over the field.  Check this one out and get ready to see attention coming his way.  Click here to view Quinton Sullivan’s highlight video.

10/26/10: Video of the Day: Justin Cooper – LB – University School – Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Guys like Justin Cooper is why coaches and referees tell you to buckle up your chin strap.  From the word go,  Cooper’s film is a journey through the land of violence that is tackle football.  Cooper roams around the field looking for someone to hit and usually satisfies that goal.  Clip after clip shows Cooper getting into someone and bringing the pain.  He also makes plays in coverage too and blows up lead blockers as well.  It’s linebacking 101 for the young players out there that want to play the position.  Enjoy watching this one.  Click here to view Justin Cooper’s highlight video.

Primetime’s son


Deion Sanders Jr. is playing quarterback in Texas for Marcus High. Deion’s son is already catching the attention of many recruiters across the nation with his speed and quickness. Primetime Jr. is a 5’9 170 pound multisport athlete much like his father was. At 16 years old Deion Jr. is already running a 4.5 in the forty.

Before becoming “Primetime” at Florida State University Deion Sanders started off as a quarterback in Fort Myers also. Deion is training with his son in the offseason and providing him with all of the same tips he’s shared in the past with Noel Devine, Devin Hester and many other players. Deion Jr. lives with his mother, but his father attends many practices, and all of his games.

Apparently Deion is putting no pressure on his son to sign with any particular school, and he he’s letting his son make that decision for himself. Could Deion Sanders Jr. be a member of the Miami Hurricanes 2012 signing class?We will just have to wait and see.

10/07/10 Video of the Day: Isaac Bailey – CB/RB – Nature Coast Tech, Brooksville, FL


Another year,  another group of Nature Coast Tech studs.  Ja’Juan Story has grabbed most of the headlines but it’s time to make way from another serious game breaking prospect by the name of Isaac Bailey.  Check his resume and his highlight video.  Bailey is consistently carrying the ball from coast to coast.  Big play after big play comes on the feet of Bailey as he gashes defense with his slashing runs,  destroys opponents’ field position with amazing punt returns and becomes a general menace to quarterbacks with interceptions.   All over the field,  Bailey lurks ready to ruin the other teams’ plans.  Nature Coast remains undercover but that is changing everyday with the patch of athletes they are producing and Bailey is certainly one of them.  Click here to view Isaac Bailey’s highlight video.

10/05/10: Video of the Day: Steve Finley OT – Harrisburg H.S., Harrisburg, PA


It’s moving day in Harrisburg, PA whether you like it or not if you are a Harrisburg H.S. opponent.  Your destination if you are lined up in front of Steve Finley is wherever he feels like leaving you after the ball is snapped.  It starts in the trenches as they say and Finley owns his side of the line.  Defensive ends and blitzing linebackers get to see the quarterback but they don’t get to touch him if they are trying to enter through the left side of the Harrisburg line.  Finley is like a locked door and opponents are crowding the hallway trying to get in.  Finley is a major reason why the Cougars are 4-1 on the season and looking to great things.  He’s flying under the radar at the moment but that won’t be for long.  6’3″ 280 lb. vicious linemen are like batteries during a hurricane,  they don’t stay on the shelves long.  Click here to view Steve Finley’s highlight video courtesy of

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