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10/29/10: Video of the Day: Doug Cook – QB – University School (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

They’ve been described as fun to watch and QB Doug Cook is the emcee of the University School Football party that rides into town and puts up points on the scoreboard like Vanna White turns consonants on the Wheel of Fortune.  Cook can do it all from throw the deep ball to the comeback, to […]

10/28/10: Video of the Day: Quinton Sullivan -WR- Harrisburg H.S. (Pennsylvania)

Well you know we are all about prospects and Quinton Sullivan is certainly one to take a look at.  Sullivan is a 6’0″ 180 lb. wide receiver with good speed,  solid instincts and great play making ability.  You will be entertained watching this prospect do his thing on the gridiron hauling in passes and turning […]

10/26/10: Video of the Day: Justin Cooper – LB – University School – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Guys like Justin Cooper is why coaches and referees tell you to buckle up your chin strap.  From the word go,  Cooper’s film is a journey through the land of violence that is tackle football.  Cooper roams around the field looking for someone to hit and usually satisfies that goal.  Clip after clip shows Cooper […]

Primetime’s son

Deion Sanders Jr. is playing quarterback in Texas for Marcus High. Deion’s son is already catching the attention of many recruiters across the nation with his speed and quickness. Primetime Jr. is a 5’9 170 pound multisport athlete much like his father was. At 16 years old Deion Jr. is already running a 4.5 in […]

10/07/10 Video of the Day: Isaac Bailey – CB/RB – Nature Coast Tech, Brooksville, FL

Another year,  another group of Nature Coast Tech studs.  Ja’Juan Story has grabbed most of the headlines but it’s time to make way from another serious game breaking prospect by the name of Isaac Bailey.  Check his resume and his highlight video.  Bailey is consistently carrying the ball from coast to coast.  Big play after […]

10/05/10: Video of the Day: Steve Finley OT – Harrisburg H.S., Harrisburg, PA

It’s moving day in Harrisburg, PA whether you like it or not if you are a Harrisburg H.S. opponent.  Your destination if you are lined up in front of Steve Finley is wherever he feels like leaving you after the ball is snapped.  It starts in the trenches as they say and Finley owns his […]

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