By now most of you have heard about it.  Jacory Harris,  on top of having to deal with a poor performance and a loss to Ohio St.,  had to deal with a racist tweeter this past week.

Now it has been revealed as to who the racist tweeter is and he is making no real attempt to hide.  His Twitter account says his name is Doug Diaz and he goes by the handle Motown305 on Twitter.   Diaz made national news when he sent the following message to Harris following the Ohio St. game:

@JacoryHarris12 u fukn suck Thanks for We dnt need u or your shitty coach Go back to the ghetto Blk QB’s suk we need wipples kid ur a choker”

Now fans can take things hard and only a certain kind of person can handle adversity and pressure.  That’s why there are heck of a lot more people in the stands than there are on the field.  Diaz clearly would not be a candidate to be a college football player even if he had the physical attributes.  There’s no doubt he lacks the mental strength to play the game.   He appears as someone who either drank heavily during the game and or bet on the game.  Or it was a a lot of both.

Diaz’ comments are truly unfortunate but they seem almost schizophrenic when you combine them with the tweets he sent to Harris before the game:

“@JacoryHarris12 Aye yall go out to columbus and make them see that aint no horse shoe. Thats a U!!!!

That’s not even the best one.   Check out the one he sent Harris at11:41 A.M. the day of the game:

“@JacoryHarris12 i just heard todd mcshay. Say that u dnt got no pocket presence….. Child please.”

We can’t even be sure that Diaz is a person with sanity intact.  He claims to own several Taco Bell restaurants.  I have my doubts but nevertheless,  when you sign up to play quarterback,  you have to be strong and I would caution Harris against developing a reaction to anything fans have to say,  good or bad.

For more entertainment from Motown305 and there is more,  check out his Twitter page at:

Yeah, yeah,  I know,  I shouldn’t be giving this guy any publicity but I just can’t help it.