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Rumors and Wires: Week of May 24th


May 29th

Shiloh Christian (AR) quarterback and member Kiehl Frazier has committed to the Auburn Tigers.  Frazier was also considering Notre Dame, Arkansas, Kansas St. and Miami.

Rumors and Wires: Week of May 17, 2010


May 21st

The University of Minnesota is the latest school to extend an offer to St. Thomas Aquinas (Florida) quarterback Jake Rudock.

May 20th member DeAnthony Thomas from Crenshaw High School has committed to the USC Trojans.

May 17th

University School (Florida) cornerback Devin Gaulden continues to add to his list of offers.  Gaulden has picked up an offer from Marshall to go along with offers from Wisconsin and Buffalo.

Mastrole Passing Academy: Building QB Fundamentals from the Ground Up


Offense has taken over the game of football over the last 5 to 10 years and the share numbers that quarterbacks can put up seems to have no bounds.  This occurrence has placed even greater emphasis on the position of signal caller in the game and there has developed a need for quality quarterback instruction.  That’s where a guy like Ken Mastrole comes in.

Mastrole runs a Quarterback Instruction Academy based out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where he aims to return fundamentals to the quarterback position.

“I’ve seen with more and more teams going to the shotgun, combined with limited practice time during the season to teach fundamentals, the quarterbacks that were trained in proper throwing mechanics, weight transfer, and footwork have excelled over those that have not,”  said Mastrole.

Being a quarterback coach was not in the plans for Mastrole who starred as a quarterback at Cardinal Gibbons High School in Ft. Lauderdale.  He was highly recruited his senior year receiving interest from the likes of Miami, Virginia Tech, Clemson and Maryland,  the school he chose to attend.   After some up and down years at Maryland,  Mastrole transferred to The University of Rhode Island after Maryland switched to an option attack.  At Rhode Island, Mastrole passed for over 2,000 yards and 10 TDs his senior year.

A couple of seasons in NFL Europe and an audition with the Chicago Bears followed but it was in Arena Football where Mastrole had his most success.   One season,  as a member of the Arena league’s Florida Firecats,  Mastrole threw an amazing 55 TDs and only 11 interceptions.  In a subsequent year,  he led the Firecats to the Arena Cup Championship.   Following his playing career,  Mastrole excelled as an offensive coordinator for the Firecats where he directed the leagues’ number one offense,  number one quarterback and a trio of 1,000 yard receivers during his four year tenure.

Having been well traveled in the game of football,  Mastrole knew he had something valuable he could offer to young quarterbacks and decided to help out a few kids that he knew.  His work became highly regarded,  his services well sought after and before he knew it,  Mastrole had a full fledged business on his hands.

“I have a passion for not only teaching but mentoring as well,”  Mastrole said.

Quarterback coaches, camps and academies are multiplying daily like Drew Brees’ passing yards.   A young quarterback has a lot of choices when looking to get instruction on playing the position but not every QB instructor will help you reach your goals.

“What separates me from others is the ability to really understand how each individual quarterback processes the information given,”  Masrtole explains.  “I combine this with teaching not only fundamentals but mental toughness and confidence.”

Mastrole works with athletes as young as 10 years old and offers instruction to individuals through high school and even some college and pro ready QBs as well.

The first quarterback he worked with,  Tony Paoli,  earned a full scholarship to Buffalo University.  Currently his academy works with some 125 QBs from inside and outside the state of Florida.   He holds camps and sessions at his alma mater Cardinal Gibbons High School as well as Ft. Myers,  Boca Raton and Lake Worth.

He also offers evaluations for quarterbacks and contacts college football coaches on behalf of his hard working pupils that display solid talent.    Seeing his students mature into college ready athletes is very rewarding for Mastrole.

“Seeing guys like Jake Rudock (St. Thomas H.S.), Kenny Mouton (Golden Gate H.S.), Tony Paoli (Buffalo U.), Rafi Montalvo (LaSalle H.S.) and other young quarterbacks making names for themselves.   I’ve watched Jake (Rudock) grow into an elite quarterback who is now receiving offers from multiple schools,” Mastrole said.  “The rewarding part is seeing them excel on the field and in the classroom,” he added.

Mastrole’s camp sessions take a total approach to developing quarterbacks.  He leaves no stone unturned as he tries to develop them into a complete player at the position.

“I teach from the ground up.  Technique based training.  We also incorporate the classroom side giving each athlete the entire package,”  Mastrole explains.

He believes that fundamentals are most important to young QBs both in the running game and the passing game.   He also feels that confidence must be high.

“Quarterback is a unique position and takes a long time to master,”  said Mastrole.

Mastrole takes a personal approach with his clients.  He’s always available by phone.  He visits his students practices and games and he also assists in getting them exposure.

“I go above and beyond when someone decides to invest their time, money and energy into my program,”  said Mastrole.

With Mastrole’s emphasis on teaching from the ground up,  it seems that the sky’s the limit for any prospective quarterback taking part in his program.

For more information on Mastrole Passing Camps including session dates, times, costs, etc.  You can visit their website at or call Ken Mastrole at (239) 919-4325.

5/11/10 Video of the Day: Tommy Padavick – DL – Geneva H.S. (Ohio)


Tommy Padavick is not your ideal size for a defensive lineman but he brings more than your ideal production.  Talk about hard to block!  Padavick is what F-bombs from offensive coordinators are made of.  One minute he’s swimming your best lineman and dancing into your backfield,  the next minute he’s standing up a double team and clogging up the middle.  A great get off, lightning quickness and good technique make Tommy a major pain in the arse.  You’ll have fun watching him ruin play after play if you are into that kind of thing.  If you are offensive minded,  you won’t enjoy this film and Padavick breaks down play after play.  He’s a valuable asset to the defensive unit and a person that requires a double team.   Padavick used his skills to earn all District,  All County and State of Ohio special mention honors in 2009.   He came away with 63 tackles, seven sacks and one safety.  On offense he reacked up 1,002 yards rushing with 15 TDs while averaging 5.7 yards per carry.  View Tommy Padavick’s highlight video, click here now.

5/10/10: Video of the Day: Ronnie Daniels – RB – La Cueva H.S. (NM)


College football talent typically is not nested in the state of New Mexico but there’s an outstanding talent in this corner of the U.S. that everyone’s been talking about.  In all fairness,  La Cueva High School running back Ronnie Daniels is originally from Texas but it doesn’t matter what part of the Earth he’s from,  the kid can tote the football.  From the first few clips,  you will be instantly reminded of Vikings running back Adrian Peterson.  Daniels runs with that same kind of wreckless abandon and disregard for body.   Daniels hits the hole hard and grabs yards in a hurry.  You will love the way he breaks tackles,  keeps the play alive and makes something out of nothing.   California, Minnesota, New Mexico and New Mexico St. all agree and have offered Daniels scholarships already.   More are sure to follow.  View Ronnie Daniels’ highlight video, click here.

5/07/10: Video of the Day: Lance Baretz – QB – Franklin H.S. (Wisconsin)


Spread offenses are all the craze now not only in college football but in high school and youth football as well.   Not all spread option QB’s are the same and not all spread offense quarterbacks should be spread offense QBs.   You can’t say that about Franklin High School’s Lance Baretz.  Milwaukee is not known as a hotbed for college football talent but there are some players in this area and Baretz is one of them.  Early on in his highlight video,  you will notice his athleticism.  He runs the shotgun option plays with precision and is a dangerous ball carrier.  He also has a live arm and throws the deep ball very well.   Along with that, Baretz is pretty good throwing on the run which makes him difficult to defend.  Baretz can throw from the pocket,  throw on the run and can certainly pull the ball down for big yardage.  If you are a high school defensive coordinator dealing with that,  you will stay up late every night the week you are playing Franklin H.S.  Baretz reminds me a lot of Northwestern quarterback Mike Kafka who who had a very successful senior season for the Wildcats in 2009.  Baretz passed for 2,339 yards and 21 TDs last season along with rushing for 784 yards and 11 TDs.   Click here to view Lance Baretz’s highlight video.

Video of the Day: Cedric Walker – RB – Gulliver Prep H.S. (FL)


Explosive is a word used often to describe  some of the top skilled position talent in a recruiting classin any given year.  Perhaps it’s a word that is overused a bit but not in this case.  The first word that will come out of your mouth when you click play on Cedric Walker’s video is that often used word “explosive”.  Put the ball in his hands and watch the yards get gobbled up quick fast and in a hurry.  Whether it’s taking a hand off on the zone read play,  taking a swing pass out of the backfield, making an interception or returning a kick,  Cedric Walker is going to hurt the opposition and do it so fast it will make your head spin.  Walker is listed at 4.4 in the 4o yard dash and it’s one of those times you can certainly believe.  Walker shows the ability to play as fast or even faster than stopwatch says.  His video is one you will enjoy watching and it’s likely to be one that you watch more than once.  He is,  in my opinion,  one of the most underrated backs in the State of Florida for 2011.  In 2009 he put up over 1,200 total yards.  Here’s to hoping that things do not stay that way.  Click here to view Cedric Walker’s highlight video.

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