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Rumors and Wires: Week of April 26, 2010

Wednesday April 28th Illinois has offered El Camino J.C. Defensive back Herzel Glashen. St. Thomas Aquinas (Ft. Lauderdale) Jake Ruddock has been offered by The University of Iowa. External Related Linksgridironstuds

University School Cornerback Devin Gaulden Ready To Set Up an Island of His Own

Offensive football has been all the rage over the last few years.  Football has turned from a competitive game of smash mouth and breaking wills  into a science of point compilation and quarterback accuracy.   No where is that more true than in South Florida high school  football. To combat the point totals that look like […]

4/27/10: Video of the Day: Cole Naone – TE – Lake Oswego H.S. (OR)

Admittedly,  we don’t get a lot of tight end submissions to so forgive me for getting really excited about this one.  However,  I have been around football long enough to know a good player when I see one and Cole Naone is a solid football player.  A tight end can be a quarterback’s best […]

1st Round Pick Berry May Be First in A String of Berry Good Top Picks

There’s no doubt that the Kansas City Chiefs got themselves a great one in the first round last night when they snapped up Tennessee safety Eric Berry.   Berry’s athleticism and skill have been well documented in the myriad of draft analysis that has taken place already.  However,  there is something that may not be known […]

Ten Bold Predictions About the 1st Round of 2010 NFL Draft

10.   Jermaine Gresham Will a Major Impact for the Bengals No one ever gets excited about fullbacks or tight ends but few do more work behind the scenes than those two positions.  Want to have an explosive passing attack, get a tight end that can dominate in the middle of the field.  Having one changes […]

4/22/10: Video of the Day: Austin Heath – OL – Clay High School (FL)

OG: Austin Heath c/o 2011:  6’2″  270 lbs I don’t know if Austin Heath has a part time job at IHOP but I do know that he’s serving pancakes and they are coming in a heaping serving.  If you are a Clay High School opponent and you play on the defensive line,  chances are your […]

For Top Recruits, Choosing to Go Out of State Can Incur the Wrath of Fans

So, I’m on Facebook last night and come across a comment made by top recruit Jeremy Cash in which he asked why everyone is so interested in his life.  Apparently and this is an assumption on my part,  Cash has been getting a little heat from University of Miami, Florida and possibly Florida St.  fans […]

Rumors and Wires: Week of April 19th

April 21st member James Wilder Jr. has narrowed his college choices down to Alabama, Florida, Florida St.,  Georgia and Georgia Tech. April 19th Hagerty High School (FL) quarterback Jeff Driskell has committed to the Florida Gators. Tarpon Springs H.S. offensive lineman Zach DeBell has received offers from UCLA and Memphis. Plantation H.S. (Florida) safety […]

4/20/10: Video of the Day: DeAnthony Thomas Crenshaw H.S. (CA)

Have you ever felt a sudden,  unexpected breeze in your face?  If you are in the Los Angeles area on  a Friday night when it happened then chances are it was Crenshaw High School’s DeAnthony Thomas going by on his way to another touchdown.  Thomas is what happens when speed meets smooth and they take […]

Sebastiano Getting Attention and Looking for A Buckeye Offer

There’s something to be said for doing things right and when it comes to running routes, few do it better than North Broward Prep (Florida) wide receiver A.J. Sebastiano. We are headlong into the camp and combine season for high school football and the talent has been plentiful at the events.  It would be easy […]

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