University School Cornerback Devin Gaulden Ready To Set Up an Island of His Own

gaulenstancecropeedOffensive football has been all the rage over the last few years.  Football has turned from a competitive game of smash mouth and breaking wills  into a science of point compilation and quarterback accuracy.   No where is that more true than in South Florida high school  football.

To combat the point totals that look like basketball final scores,  teams need to be armed with cornerbacks that can cover receivers.  That’s where a player like Devin Gaulden comes in.  Gaulden does not have much experience playing high school football but he’s long on the tools needed to be a shutdown corner.  Speed, quickness and tenacity are just a few of the traits Gaulden employs when rubbing out wide receivers from game plans like a wrong answer on a math test.

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4/27/10: Video of the Day: Cole Naone – TE – Lake Oswego H.S. (OR)

Admittedly,  we don’t get a lot of tight end submissions to so forgive me for getting really excited about this one.  However,  I have been around football long enough to know a good player when I see one and Cole Naone is a solid football player.  A tight end can be a quarterback’s best friend but Naone is the best friend of the running backs and wide receivers too.  Along with his great pass catching ability,  Naone shows his worth as blocker on his highlight video.  Not only does he provide great pass protection when called on to do so but Naone has done well to implement the techniques he has been taught in blocking the run game.  Football junkies will see the value in how Naone positions himself, runs his feet and gains leverage on his opponent to make an effective block.  He also displays the tenacity to dole out some knock out blocks too.  Naone is a complete package and this includes making plays from the defensive end spot on defense.  He packs all of this into a 6’3″ 210 lb. frame with good strength and speed numbers.  There’s little wonder why Oregon, Oregon St., Air Force and Idaho are coming after him.  Certainly more will follow.  View Cole Naone’s highlight video, click here.

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1st Round Pick Berry May Be First in A String of Berry Good Top Picks

There’s no doubt that the Kansas City Chiefs got themselves a great one in the first round last night when they snapped up Tennessee safety Eric Berry.   Berry’s athleticism and skill have been well documented in the myriad of draft analysis that has taken place already.  However,  there is something that may not be known to many about this first rounder. He  has two younger brothers that appear headed to putting their feet in big brother’s shoes and popping right out the front of them.

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Ten Bold Predictions About the 1st Round of 2010 NFL Draft

10.   Jermaine Gresham Will a Major Impact for the Bengals

No one ever gets excited about fullbacks or tight ends but few do more work behind the scenes than those two positions.  Want to have an explosive passing attack, get a tight end that can dominate in the middle of the field.  Having one changes a lot of what the secondary has to do.  It can dictate what coverages are called in certain situations and can really open up things for wide outs.  Suddenly,  the safeties are coming off the hash a little later because the tight end is not the guy they want to deal with the ball in their hands.  Gresham is dominant and has a great opportunity to fill that role for Carson Palmer and the Bengals.  The Bengals got 410 receiving yards from the tight end spot in 2009.  Watch that number double this year. At this point in his career,  this is just what Chad Johnson needed to keep his gums flapping and balls coming his way.

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4/22/10: Video of the Day: Austin Heath – OL – Clay High School (FL)

OG: Austin Heath c/o 2011:  6’2″  270 lbs

I don’t know if Austin Heath has a part time job at IHOP but I do know that he’s serving pancakes and they are coming in a heaping serving.  If you are a Clay High School opponent and you play on the defensive line,  chances are your back will be dirty when the game is over.  Austin Heath plays the right guard position for Clay High and he goes about his work with technique, precision and tenacity.  It’s entertaining to watch him fire out and put a defender on his back.  It is equally impressive to watch him climb to the second level and take out a line backer or pull down the line and kick out a defensive end in brutal fashion.  There are some plays where Heath will put a player down not once, not twice but three times.  If you are a lover of offensive line play,  you will love the way he goes about his craft.   View Austin Heath’s Pancake Riddle Highlight Video,  click here now.

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