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Chaminade High School (FL) defensive back Johnathan Aiken

Northeast High School (FL) defensive end Bryant Dubose

Kathleen High School (FL) wide receiver Aaron Baysdon

Chaminade High School (FL) wide receiver Curtric Evans

Rumors and Wires: Week of March 29, 2010


Auburn University is the latest BCS School to offer standout Nature Coast Tech wide receiver Ja’Juan Story.  This bring Story’s total to 17.  This also Story’s second SEC offer as he is also holding one from Kentucky.   The Florida Gators are also looking to lure Story up to Gainesville to view a Spring practice and Story will do so when he can get time away from his busy track season.

Standout 2011 defensive back Steve Montgomery would love a Florida St. offer and the Seminoles would be an instant favorite should they request Montgomery’s services.   Montgomery is holding offers from Maryland, Western Kentucky and Central Florida at the moment.

2010 Miami Nike Camp Recap


The annual Miami Nike High School football camp can comfortably make the case for being the most talent laden event in the Nike showcase each offseason.  The 2010 event did not disappoint as what seemed to be about 300 or so prospects participated.

Often times the focus in these events are on well known prospects.  With that being the case,  it’s a joy to find the undiscovered and the diamonds in the rough.

Miami LaSalle High School’s Courtney Moshood would fall into that category.  I was warned about Moshood’s skills by South Florida recruiting guru Larry Blustein and he really hit the nail on the head.  Moshood displayed great explosion, speed and balance in the drills.  He then took those tools to the competitive drills (7-on-7 and 1-on-1) where he built a bit of a name for himself.   Moshood can get it done on both sides of the ball with great cornerback skills and wide receiver talents to boot. The 5’9″  155lb. Moshood is one to watch during the summer and this upcoming football season.

Moshood’s LaSalle teammate QB Rafi Montalvo also stood out in what was an unimpressive QB group performance at the camp.  For a 6’0″” 186 lb. QB,  Montalvo could really spin the ball out of his hand and make all the necessary throws.  He was also as accurate as any other QB in attendance.  Size will be an issue for Montalvo as he attempts to get recruited as a QB but skill will not be a knock against this prospect.

Northwestern’s Teddy Bridgewater did well to show up and solidify himself as one of if not the top QB prospect in the Country of South Florida.  Bridgewater had no problem locating open receivers in half field 3-on-3 drills and at this point,  Bridgewater can do those type drills in his sleep.  Countless reps in 7-on-7’s now means Bridgewater can now spot an ant sitting down wide open between two blades of grass.  Though slight of build,  Calvary Christian QB Javan Shashaty consistently found the open man in 3-on-3 drills displaying the skills that led to 3,200 passing yards and 38 TDs in 2009.

Florida 6-A champs Miramar H.S. had a full presence at the event as over a dozen players participated.   This included a quintet of receivers (Malcolm Lewis, Jeremiah London, Donnell Harris, Khambrel Jenkins and Devonte Mathis).  There’s no doubt that Miramar opponents will have to keep their nickel and dime coverages handy this season.

American Heritage Plantation H.S. wide receiver Marken Michel continues to impress in the camp circuit.  Michel left several DB’s in space covering air as he was by himself catching a football.  His explosiveness off of the line and ability to befuddle DB’s during his routes has left him consistently open against most trying to cover him.  Tacoi Sumler was as smooth as ever.  With word on his speed hitting the airwaves,  Sumler has used that to find himself open routinely on short to medium routes.

St. Thomas Aquinas wide receiver Rashad Greene was arguably the most impressive WR in attendance.  Green is fluid and wastes no motion going in and out of his breaks.  This makes him a tough assignment for all defensive backs.  Glades Central defensive back Jamie Wilson was also a tough draw for defensive backs trying to look good on Sunday.  Wilson had one of the best catches of the day going up high to “Moss” a defensive back in 3-on-3 drills.  Although teammate Andre Davis  is getting most of the attention,   Tampa Jefferson High School wide receiver Chris Moore may have stolen some of the spotlight with his speed, precision and fluidity running routes.  Wide receivers were in deep supply and to think that you could point out all the top performers in this group,  you would be nuts. Northwestern’s Eli Rogers could not be covered in 1-on-1’s.    North Broward Prep’s A.J. Sebastiano had more trouble than usual getting separation but it didn’t matter because he took the ball away from defenders that were glued to him on some routes.

The defensive backs were also impressive at the event.  Former McArthur high school turned Miramar Patriot Steve Montgomery showed great change of direction and explosion.  Montgomery is holding offers from Maryland, Western Kentucky and UCF.  He is looking for a Florida St. offer and the Seminoles would be a front runner if and when they do come forward with one.  Treasure Coast High School continues to show that Jeff Luc is not the only star.  Coach Aaron Shepard brought down defensive backs Keelin Smith and Lamarcus Brutus.  Both players more than held their own in all the drills.  Smith,  an oddly tall cornerback at 6’3″ neutralized many a wide receiver at the line of scrimmage with his ridiculous reach and strength.  Brutus used great instincts and awareness to find himself in throwing lanes.  Brutus had one of the best interceptions of the day going up high to take a ball out of a receiver’s hands.

Johnathan Aiken was another defensive back that stood out showing great quickness and technique to foil several plays in the 3-on-3 sessions.   Miramar’s Tracey Howard continues to build on the momentum he built up during Miramar’s state championship run.  Howard has an eye for the ball and a nose for the big play.  Howard will team up with Montgomery this season to give Miramar a defensive backfield that people will notice.

8th Grader Sony Michel continues to hang with the big boys turning in a solid performance against some of the top talent on hand.  Mikail McCall traveled all the way from Illinois to participate in the event and he made the most of it.  The 2011 running back has an impressive build to go along with great athletic ability.  The individual who traveled the furthest for the camp,  Harvey Langi was also the camp’s running back MVP.  Langi came from Binghamton, Utah to take part in the camp.

There was also an impressive group of offensive and defensive linemen on hand.  University School’s Abraham Garcia, a mountain of a prospect, standing at 6’4″ 339 lbs.  The 2012 offensive lineman showed great technique,  feet and balance in 1-on-1 drills.   Zach Debell from Tarpon Springs stands 6’7″ 260 lbs. and showed why schools from coast to coast are interested.  DeBell moves his frame well and looks like he can add quite a bit more weight.  No discussion of prep offensive linemen is complete without mentioning Giorgio Newberry of Ft. Pierce Central.  Newberry was in attendance and did his thing.

The defensive linemen were talented as well.   Avery Young (Palm Beach Gardens) was as athletic and strong as any defensive lineman out there and the offensive line had their hands full dealing with him in 1-on-1’s.   Giovani Francois from Bradenton Southeast looks like a star in the making.  He showed a lot of heart, grit and determination in competitive drills, not to mention quickness and strength.  Homestead’s Ricardo Williams is a specimen that will continue to rise this recruiting season.  The 6’5″ 210 lb. product was a load in competitive drills.  Willie Paisley,  who played with Carol City in 2009 and is headed to Miramar next season is a prospect to keep your eyes on. Paisley was a MVP at the Schuman’s Underclassman combine last month.  At 6’1″ 328,  he’s a bad matchup for most offensive linemen in front of him.   St. Thomas Aquinas’ Jelani Hamilton (2012) showed his worth.  Hamilton is a strong prospect with good size speed and determination.  Hamilton likes to compete and once he irons out some technical flaws he will spend a lot of time in opponent’s backfields.  There were just too many impressive offensive and defensive linemen to name them all.

Overall,  the talent at the camp was deep and many sure fire Division-I prospects displayed their talent.

3/25/10: Video of the Day: Jerrard Randall – Chaminade H.S. (Florida)


This one was easy.  I don’t know if my words here can do this film justice but from the first play you can see that Jerrard Randall does not play around.  If you want a team beat through the air,  Randall is going to get it done with his cannon arm and solid reads of the defense.  Randall can fit it in tight passing windows or drop it in with a touch pass.  Need a big first down,  Randall can pull it down and get out there like nobody’s business.  Blessed with 4.4 speed,  Randall is a threat to take off in a true sense of the word.  His ability to beat you badly both ways makes defending his team very tough.  There are dual threat QBs out there that can get you first downs when they make a big play.  Randall gets you to the end zone when he makes a big play.  Chaminade H.S. was laying dormant for a few years until Randall showed up and led them to the Florida State Class 2B Semi-Finals.  Watching the film you can see exactly how that could have happened.  Thanks to Genron187 for the highlight video.  View Jerrard Randall’s highlight video,  click here.

Rumors and Wires: March 22, 2010


Brockton H.S. (Massachusetts) defensive back Albert Louis Jean has committed to the University of Miami.

Rumors and Wires: Week of March 15, 2010


The recruiting trail continues to heat up for Nature Coast Tech (Fla) WR Ja’Juan Story.  After being promised one last week,  Story received an official offer from Ohio St. yesterday.  This comes one week after receiving one from Georgia Tech.  Story now holds 14 offers from major division I schools across the country including all conferences accept the Big 12.  Click here to view Ja’Juan Story’s highlight video. member Bubba Starling has received an offer from the defending national champion Alabama Crimson Tide.

3/17/10: Video of the Day: Phillip Dorsett – St. Thomas Aquinas (Florida)


Can you say deep threat?  Click on this video if you like long touchdowns from the wide receiver position.  Long TDs are Phillip Dorsett’s specialty.  If you need the ball delivered to the end zone from 50 yards out or more,  Dorsett Delivers like UPS and he’s more exciting than a brown truck with yellow lettering.  Opponent after opponent is left munching on Dorsett’s dust in his highlight video as he and his Aquinas buddies routinely ran it up on their opponents.  If he wasn’t catching a bomb,  he was catching a short pass and making his way through traffic to the endzone.  When he wasn’t doing that,  he was taking reverses and turning the gridiron into his personal playground.  Having 4.36 speed in the 40 yard dash certainly helps and Dorsett shows you how that is done.  No real reason to wonder why Florida, Nebraska, Notre Dame, North Carolina, Ohio St., Rutgers, Tennessee and Wisconsin have all put their bids in already.  View Phillip Dorsett’s highlight video,  click here.

For the Lovers of the Return Game


Came across this video while I was surfing YouTube.  If you love the special teams return game like I do,  you will truly enjoy this compilation of the best kickoff and punt returns for the year of 2007.  A bunch of spectacular returns and quite a few that will make you ask “how the hell did he do that.”   Devin Hester was magical that year as was Leon Washington who has a couple of returns on the video.  Enjoy:


3/15/10: Video of the Day: Justyn Eddins – Hart H.S. (California)


Nothing can blur the pretty lines in an offensive playbook quicker than a defensive lineman that refuses to get blocked.  Enter Hart High’s defensive end Justyn Eddins.  Eddins will make an offensive coordinator drop an F-bomb in a minute when he defeats the block and makes a mess in the backfield.  Clip after clip on his highlight reel shows him beating a tackle or a tight end like a drum and marching into the middle of what was going to be a good play.  It seems that Eddins makes a habit of this and college football scouts should take notice.  Look for Eddins to make more trouble for opposing offenses in what will be his senior year in 2010.  View Justyn Eddins highlight video, click here now.

Tacoi Sumler Is No Ordinary Guy


In any given year there are thousands of college football recruits itching for a chance at a scholarship. It’s easy to mix up names, schools and forget guys but not Miami Columbus High School’s newest addition.

Tacoi Sumler is no ordinary guy and no ordinary wide receiver.  Even the name is out of the ordinary.  Have you met any Tacoi’s lately?  So when it’s time to perform,  Sumler’s stays consistent and does things that no ordinary football player can do.  I witnessed this first hand at last month’s Under Armour Combine at the Miami Dolphin’s training facility.  With many of the athletes on hand putting up average 40 yard times,  in steps Sumler to heat up the field turf in a blistering 4.33 laser time.   Sumler didn’t stop there putting up strong numbers in the 3-cone, vertical and standing broad jump.

When you perform like Sumler does at combines and produce the way he produces on the field (over 1,400 yards and 27 TDs last two years),  college football programs come calling.  Sumler has fielded more scholarship offers than you can shake a stick at with notable programs like Florida St., Oregon, West Virginia, Tennessee and Auburn laying their cards on the table.  With that said,  Sumler wants more.  When asked what offers he’s looking forward to,  Sumler quickly responded.

“Florida and Cal,”  then adding “Cal is a come up type of program that should definitely be watched.  I like the way they used Desean Jackson when he was there.”

The common concern for West Coast programs when recruiting in the Sunshine State is the distance away from family and the possibility of home sickness.  Sumler,  once again displays his failure to be ordinary.

“Distance is not an issue for me.  I’ll go wherever is best for me,”  Sumler says. “I have family out there and usually take trips out there and stay with them.  I love it out there.”

Despite being on the look out for those two schools,  Sumler states that there is no leader in his mind and he will have a top 5 to 10 list after the Spring. Sumler also likes the local college in Coral Gables,  the Miami Hurricanes.  Once a Gulliver Prep Raider,  Sumler was within a stone’s throw from the University of Miami campus every day.

“Growing up a Miami boy,  I’ve always admired the program but  I am still being recruited by them and have yet to been offered.”

Sumler’s exploits and skills landed him a spot on the South Florida Express 7-on-7 team,  a high profile 7-on-7 team consisting of the best of the best in South Florida area high school talent.  The team,  run by local sports enthusiast Brett Goetz,  features some of the top players in the class of 2011 of which Sumler is one of them.  The team travels to Tampa this weekend to do battle in the annual University of South Florida 7-on-7 tournament.   It’s a chance for Sumler to give fans, opposing players and scouts a preview of what he will do in 2010.

Sumler’s transfer from Gulliver Prep to Columbus means no more spread attack which is very friendly for wide outs.  However,  Sumler see’s this as a great opportunity.

“That’ll just make me a complete receiver,” Sumler said.  “I’ll just have to make plays when I do get the ball and I get to show my blocking skills.”

How’s that for an unordinary response from a wide receiver?

View Tacoi Sumler’s highlight video at,  click here.

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