4-29: Video of the Day: Josh Shirley LB – Fontana, CA

Today’s video of the Day comes from Fontana, California and Kaiser High School.  If you are a quarterback and you have played against Josh Shirley you got your ass sacked in the game.  Mr. Shirley will find you the way those people kept finding Will Smith in the movie “Enemy of the State”.  Shirley bursts off the line on the snap and seems rather unblockable.   If you aren’t going to get the ball off fast then get ready to give a weather report because you will be flat on your back.  The 6’3″ 225 lb. linebacker racked up 17 sacks and 123 tackles in 2008.    The entire Pac-10 is on his trail and he has received interest from as far away as Tennessee.  There will be more coming his way,  that’s for sure.  The video is another find production by Stephen Thomas of Under the Radar Productions.  He does great work.  If you are in the Southern California area and you are looking to have a football highlight video made,  that’s the man to reach.  Contact me if you are need of his services.  Watch Josh Shirley’s highlight video.

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What’s In a Wonderlich?

By: Chad Wilson – editor – Gridironstuds.com

When it comes to the NFL draft, obviously the 40 yard dash is the test that gets talked about the most. However, in recent years, there has been much discussion about another test and it’s the Wonderlich test.

In 2006, the big discussion was about a reported score of six on the Wonderlich test turned in by then University of Texas draft hopeful Vince Young. In the end, it turned out that Young had a score of 16 on the test. Some have tried to draw parallels to quarterback performance and intelligence. There’s still more data needed to come to a conclusion on that topic.

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Wires and Rumors

From the Rumor and Wires….

April 25, 2009

Nick Montana not attending Ohio St. spring game.  Looks like Notre Dame front runner for Joe’s kid.

Gridironstuds.com member Cody Riggs will be attending Ohio St. Spring Game today along with his mate in the defensive backfield and Gridironstuds.com member Lamarcus Joyner.

Gridironstuds.com member Lynden Trail has been offered by USC.

Wayzata H.S. (Minnesota) LB A.J. Tarpley is in California this weekend visiting UCLA and Stanford.

Pleasant Grove H.S. (Utah) QB, Dallas Lloyd has been offered a scholarship by the University of Miami. Check out his highlight video.

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Gridironstuds.com Motivates Kentucky’s Tyrrell Willis

By: Chad Wilson – Editor – Gridironstuds.com

Whoops. It seems we got someone fired up. Murray, Kentucky running back, defensive lineman and all everything GRIDIRONSTUD Tyrrell Willis was just moving along,  minding his business. That is until he came across our March 23 “IN THE PIT” segment.

Willis was placed IN THE PIT against #1 linebacker and head cracka in the nation Jeff Luc. It seems that Willis read the first comment posted on the segment which said that Willis would be the loser. According to a MurrayLedger.com story printed today, Willis didn’t take too kindly to it and has resorted to getting up at 5:30 A.M. in the morning to lift weights and get ….. GULP even bigger! As if 6’2″ 255 lbs. moving at 4.65 speed is not enough of a destructive force, Gridironstuds.com has probably contributed to some kind of felony being committed against some innocent Calloway County High School opponent this year. Willis is now on a mission and he will take it out on some linebacker or defensive back who foolishly decides to get in his way. From watching the film, I can compare stopping Willis to impeding the momentum of a grand piano on a decent down a boulevard in the city of San Francisco.

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IN THE PIT: WR – Chris Dunkley vs. CB – Latwan Anderson

Chris Dunkley – WR – Royal Palm Bay, FL

VS. Latwan Anderson – CB – Lakewood, Oh

In our second edition of “IN THE PIT” we have matched up two of the best athletes in our Gridironstuds.com Database.

In one corner we have the highly recruited Chris Dunkley out of Royal Palm Bay High School in Royal Palm Bay, FL. There are no small plays with Dunkley. The routine play suddenly turns into a crowd on their feet and women screaming as Dunkley eats up the yardage. Blessed with game breaking speed and a thirst for the end zone, Dunkley found pay dirt 13 times last year and opened up a business where he was contracted to make defenders look stupid for free. At 5’11 169 he plays bigger than those numbers and runs a 4.43 forty but will that be enough…. View Chris Dunkley’s highlight video.

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Penn St. Video Really Sticks it to their Detractors

If you comb the web, you will find many college football team tribute videos. Some are entertaining. Others are loaded with graphics and great tracks. Of all the ones I have had the pleasure of watching, this video is one of the best. I found it on YouTube posted by an individual that goes by the moniker Vinnymckee. He’s an obvious Penn St. football fan and apparently a pretty good producer too if he’s the one that put this video together.

The video takes Penn St.’s doubters to task with printed words and then video evidence to the contrary. Ron Mussleman, a writer for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette will probably throw up watching it as he was the #1 target in this video. Enjoy this…

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