10/07/10 Video of the Day: Isaac Bailey – CB/RB – Nature Coast Tech, Brooksville, FL

Another year,  another group of Nature Coast Tech studs.  Ja’Juan Story has grabbed most of the headlines but it’s time to make way from another serious game breaking prospect by the name of Isaac Bailey.  Check his resume and his highlight video.  Bailey is consistently carrying the ball from coast to coast.  Big play after big play comes on the feet of Bailey as he gashes defense with his slashing runs,  destroys opponents’ field position with amazing punt returns and becomes a general menace to quarterbacks with interceptions.   All over the field,  Bailey lurks ready to ruin the other teams’ plans.  Nature Coast remains undercover but that is changing everyday with the patch of athletes they are producing and Bailey is certainly one of them.  Click here to view Isaac Bailey’s highlight video.

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