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Complete Speed- UTR Highlight Vids


  • Giovanni - Nebraska, Omaha

    RB - Giovanni Mainor

    Omaha, Nebraska

    Finishing his last year of youth football in 2014 before he enters H.S. in 2015. Jr. Burke Bulldogs trying to win the MYFL Championship this year.

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  • Jason - Washington, Renton

    RB - Jason Brown

    Renton, Washington

    8 year old Jason is very fast and agile with quick feet , he has the awareness to find the hole and the top end speed to finish the play. He has great football spirit and is great in class and will work very hard for anything he wants to achieve.

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  • Vinny  - Hawaii, Kaneohe

    LB - Vinny Gerona

    Kaneohe, Hawaii

    He's a man child a beast on the foothball field,but very young and very talented..He played every position both ways and never comes out of the game... He loves and plays the game with heart and soul...

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  • Quaide - Florida, Pace

    RB - Quaide Weimerskirch

    Pace, Florida

    quaideweimerskirch23gmail.com - A LEADING RUSHER IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA. FLORIDA ALL-STATE 1ST TEAM 6A - PENSACOLA NEWS JOURNAL OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR - Junior - 6' - 200 lbs: Strong and tough player with vision. 2013: 2308 yds - 27 TDs.

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  • Kellen - Missouri, Hamilton

    RB - Kellen Overstreet

    Hamilton, Missouri

    Kellen has great speed and agility. He is quick to the hole and can expand the field. He has great hands and is a smart young man. He is a proven leader in and outside of the classroom. He is a definite game changer when the ball is in his hands.

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  • keanu - Hawaii, wahiawa

    LB - keanu kelly

    wahiawa, Hawaii

    MLB/OLB high school freshmen unlimited potential

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  •  - Hawaii,

    LB -

    , Hawaii

    high school freshmen mlb/olb

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